Cup of Life

Cup of Life His existence would mean nothing without her New Adult Fantasy Novella Novella k words between book and told on Micah s POV

  • Title: Cup of Life
  • Author: Juliana Haygert
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  • Page: 462
  • Format: ebook
  • His existence would mean nothing without her.New Adult Fantasy Novella Novella 17k words between book 2 and 3, told on Micah s POV.

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  • Absolutely wonderful! Cup of Life was a fantastic novella, featuring the POV of the swoon-worthy Micah. It was just lovely and it has me very excited for the next book in the series. Loved it!I already adored Micah, but seeing inside his head made me adore him even more. He was so sweet and so clearly devoted to Nadine. He was so perfect and I absolutely loved him.This novella was a great segue to book 3. It set up another part of the conflict and gave a hint of what's coming up next. It definit [...]

  • I love Micah! From the very beginning of the series, he is who I wanted Nadine to be with. Well, maybe not the VERY first, I had to figure out he wasn't the bad guy first, but then, I was all for him over Victor. I love the dark haired guys best, especially the cocky ones with tattoos. Micah is just perfect! I have to admit, I was a little frustrated with Micah in the second book because it doesn't seem in his nature to not go for what he wants be upfront about how he feels about something or so [...]

  • I loved Micah in Destiny Gift and even more in Soul Oath, which I just read earlier this week. Reading from his POV made me like him even more. And my heart was breaking for him through most of it, particularly the end. I read this in about an hour and now I can't wait for the next book to come out.

  • MIIIIIIICCCCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.How do I insert a gif into ? I want to let everyone know my body is ready via Snape. Because I am totally ready for this one. That is allDE NOTE: MICAH MY BABY. I LOVE YOU.

  • *Received a copy in exchange for an honest review*The reformed bad boy who leaves your heart pumping and a craving for more. I give you After reading Soul Oath, I was definitely having some Micah withdrawals. I'm so glad we finally got his POV! I was dying to get inside that sexy, cocky, and stubborn head of his. I loved him before reading his novella and now I love him even more. We get to know more of Micah more in depth through small glimpses of significant moments in his life; both as Mitrus [...]

  • “I tried…to stay away from her, not to touch her, not to hug her, not to kiss her. So far, I was failing.”—MicahThe gods have their scepters and are ready to fix what chaos has brought to the mortal realm. But first, one of the gods must go and search for the Cup of Life, an artifact that could grant immortality to any human who drinks from it. To have his heart’s desire, the price may be the world…“She deserved to be with a man who was as perfect as she was.”—MicahThis is a pe [...]

  • Disclosure: I have not read this series so I cannot say how well it fits or expands on it.Cup of Life was a short and quick story of Micah's love for Nadine. Throughout the story there are many ways that we can see just how much Micah loves her and what lengths he would go to in order to keep her by his side forever. The flashbacks, while normally annoying to me, were done beautifully - in a way that they became more than just another look at the past. They actually seemed to expand upon it and [...]

  • This was an interesting read. I love Micah and was thrilled to see this novella was from his point of view. This book allowed you to see how he really feels about things, people and how much he has changed. The only thing I didn't like about this book was that it was too short, I can't wait for the next book. Hurry Juliana, I'm anxiously awaiting the next book in the trilogy!!

  • I couldn't help but fangirl at the end of Soul Oath and saw the words "NOVELLA TOLD IN MICAH'S POV." I get to pry into another corner of the love triangle without really having to pry. Hashtag YAY.It kind of makes me giddy as well. I may have squealed a little (hey, I have those moments).Micah's a fun character; I'm sort of wishing Destiny Gift and Soul Oath had more of Micah, and it's a lot of fun seeing things from the another corner.Though I still found it funny Nadine slammed the door in his [...]

  • Rating: 4.5 starsMicah has lived life both as a god and a human. Being human has taught him a new appreciation for life and love. Now he has a soul indebted to him--the soul of the girl he loves. Unfortunately her heart is broken after a traumatic loss. Her desperate request has left Micah torn. To do as she wishes means losing her forever. The cup of life is his only hope. Will he succeed? Is Nadine, his love, lost to him?Since book one, I have been Team Micah, so I was thrilled to discover tha [...]

  • My Review: 4.5 Stars our of 5 *****By the Everlast, I really enjoyed this Novella. From the tantalizing synopsis to the cover (and maybe a little that Micah is a dreamy, sexy book boyfriend) I was excited to read his POV.I was very surprised to find the story is actually a continuation of where it left off in Soul Oath, and not a re-telling of what we already knew from another perspective. Yay, way to go Juliana.So we have a Micah, and a small matter of the Soul Oath that Nadine practically blac [...]

  • A very good novella,that continues from where the last one left off.Nadine had to move again,but nadine doesn't want to go they were in hiding,the area was still cluttered with debri,and cars.They all worked together with there powers to cleanj and make it somewhat normal.Nadine ,and the others were in the apartment,she considered the place a prison,it felt like the soul oath.Nadine still faces nightmares .Morgan tries to comfort her.Her nightmares tell her it is her fault,she is still dealing w [...]

  • First and foremost I would like to thank the author for providing me with a free copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.Cup of Life is a novella From Micah's POV set after the book 2 Soul Oath.Those who have read Soul Oath will know that Nadine (view spoiler)[made a Soul Oath with Micah and her soul will be his when she dies.But Micah doesn't want her to die. (hide spoiler)].So in this novella Micah sets off to find a way to break the Soul Oath.For this he has to undertake a serie [...]

  • Full Review at: What's Beyond Forks?Cup of Life is told completely from Micah/Mitrus's pont of view. When I first found out about this book I did a giddy little happy dance. Okay, so I was at work at the time, but I definitely did that giddy little happy dance in my head. Even thought Micah is my favorite, sometimes I still wondered what was going on in his head. This book gave me that, and I love him that much more now. Being a novella, this book was obviously pretty short, but it gave me to un [...]

  • I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this book.Well I'm a huge Micah fan and when I got my hands on this novella I just couldn't resist my curiosity and plunged into Micah's mind and I loved the experience.This book set the plot for the 3rd installment and the ending really made me very anxious and I want book 3 right now but I'll have to wait fo [...]

  • First, I would like to thank the author Juliana Haygert for giving me this book for an honest review. Second, I have to say I have been missing out since I have not read the first two books yet. This book was a very good read. The characters are well developed and the story flows nicely. This story is told from Michah's point of view. The only downer for me, is that it was a novella (short read) and so it was over way to fast, I prefer novels. I will be working on getting the first two books and [...]

  • This book was a great addition to a trilogy that I am loving so far. I can't believe the next installment isn't out yet. I can't wait to sink my teeth into more of Micah. I have become completely obsessed with this character. This novella is told from his view point which I knew I'd devour in one sitting. Although very short, this novella tells Micah's point of view perfectly and within the allotted time. Come on book 3 where are you??

  • I received this book for an honest reviewI loved the fact that this picked up right where the last book left off and we got to learn more about Mitrus and how he really feels. The fact that this with deeper into Mitrus made me love him even more. I can't wait to the next part of this story and see where it goes

  • Cup of Life is a great novella on Micah's point of view between the 2nd and 3rd book. It was great to see his inner thoughts about Nadine and see him as a redeemed character and hero. I was shocked on how it ended but it makes me more excited for book #3. Loved seeing the flashbacks with Nadine too.

  • Fabulous story. This is Micah's story of love and loss. But, it leaves me wanting. I hope that the next story will fill the hole.I was provided this book as an ARC by the author; however, the review is my honest opinion.

  • Great SeriesOverall this series does not disappoint. It had some slow moments, but it was mostly action packed and angsty enough to keep you hooked.

  • Original review at Gabic Reads. Review copy received from author via Xpresso Tours in exchange for an honest review -- Thank you.Summary according to Gabi:Micah loves Nadine and would do anything to keep her safe and in his life. In this novella, his limits are pushed and we learn just how much he loves her. Since this was a short novella, I'll just share a quick review. It was nice to get away from Nadine, who tends to wallow in self pity, and get into Micah's head. I'm definitely Team Micah. T [...]

  • Was originally posted on Paranormal Sisters: paranormalsisters*Was given a copy from the author in exchange for my honest opinions*In Destiny Gift Micah was a bit of a bad boy, luring, and charming. In Soul Oath he was still charming and luring, but he cared and changed from the first book. Yes, I became smitten by him and when I found out this novella was told in his point of view I couldn’t wait!! Cup of Life was a short enjoyable read that helps furthers this series and give us a chance to [...]

  • 2,5 starsThis Novella just didn’t work for meI read the 2 first books and believed the second book improved a lot! Now I kind of left back to uncomfortable.I do like Micah but I still can see this “pull” they have… This amazing felling you get when you read a good romance that you just know they belong together? I just don´t see this in this book / series.I think I expected more from Micah, come on he is a God! Should start owning the God status!Also, I said this before in other reviews [...]

  • I loved getting this little insight into whats going on with Micah. I loved that there was a brief moment where the readers get to enjoy Micahs character a bit more when there was backflashes of what the readers already seen but with his POV. Now that I've gotten his POV I'm more curious of whats going to happen in the next book.

  • So happy because I can read the story in Micah's pov, and can understand what is inside his head. I am in love more and more to him ♡ I just hope everything will turn out right and Micah will take a right decisionCan't wait to read book 3!

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