Be Good

Be Good The Bad Girl and the Boy Next Door After getting completely wasted at a wedding reception bridesmaid Anna Hart wakes up in a strange bed and can t remember what she did or who she did it with The str

  • Title: Be Good
  • Author: Dakota Madison
  • ISBN: 9781483987439
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Bad Girl and the Boy Next Door After getting completely wasted at a wedding reception, bridesmaid Anna Hart wakes up in a strange bed and can t remember what she did or who she did it with The stranger in bed with Anna is Brett Conner, a nerdy guy who she vaguely remembers from college, but only because everyone called him Clown Hair Only Brett isn t quite as nerdThe Bad Girl and the Boy Next Door After getting completely wasted at a wedding reception, bridesmaid Anna Hart wakes up in a strange bed and can t remember what she did or who she did it with The stranger in bed with Anna is Brett Conner, a nerdy guy who she vaguely remembers from college, but only because everyone called him Clown Hair Only Brett isn t quite as nerdy as Anna remembers His clown hair is long gone and Brett is almost cute and kind of sexy Over the course of four weddings, in four cities, in one crazy summer, Brett and Anna start a mismatched relationship But is there a future for the bad girl and the boy next door

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    • Be Good BY Dakota Madison
      488 Dakota Madison
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  • Dakota Madison

    USA TODAY Bestselling author Dakota Madison is known for writing new adult, love in midlife, and contemporary romance with a little spice and lots of heart Dakota is a winner of the prestigious RONE Award for Excellence in the Indie and Small Publishing Industry When she s not at her computer creating spicy stories Dakota likes to spend time with her husband and their bloodhounds Dakota also writes under the pen names SAVANNAH YOUNG, SIERRA AVALON and REN MONTERREY.


  • So This was a cute betweenie-weenie read & then *BOOM* I hit the 80% mark. I was immediately p*ssed off. It's hard to even type about it now. I mean, I liked Brett in the beginning of the book. He was the geeky, sweet guy who falls in love with sleeps-around Anna. Cue instantaneous love connection (which is not necessarily bad)! Brett could be seen as a bit obsessive- he does fly Anna out to his place a couple days after "reconnecting with her & dotes on her every move while she's there [...]

  • "You can't fix another person, Brett. People have to fix themselves." Be Good is about a girl name Anna. Blonde-haired blue-eyed babe with a killer body. The girl every guy wanted. She's hot and popular in college and sleeps around with guys all the time. One word: slut.She has this list since she was young- called ANNA'S FLAW LIST. Everyone envy her but deep down, she's broken and flawed.Okay, on to Brett ohh where can I find a guy like him?! He's not your typical alpha-flawed Hero I'm used to [...]

  • The blurb was interesting so I took the plunge. It is nice to read a story wherein the nerd guy gets the girl. I love the romance and all the drama behind the story. I guess Anna and Brett were believable characters. I could have given it 5 stars but the end just felt rushed. An epilogue would have been nice. All in all, this was worth the time.

  • I really enjoyed this book - it was a quick read but I really felt drawn to the main character. It is interesting to me when there is such a connection with a character that it stays with you long after you finish.

  • ***Received from Story Cartel for an honest review***An interesting twist on a classic love story scenario. Instead of a bad boy, we have a bad girl. Instead of the awkward girl now a beautiful woman, we have the awkward boy now a gorgeous man.I liked watching Anna's transformation throughout this story. And it did happen throughout the entire book and not just overnight. The length of time made it more realistic. I also liked her flaws, that she was aware of them. But I loved that Brett loved h [...]

  • I love this book! It actually made me cry. I was rooting for the heroine the entire time, and even though the hero angered me, I was still rooting for him, too. The ending was a little rushed, but I enjoyed getting there, and it was more than satisfying. Terrific shorter story.

  • 2.5 Stars. Ok, was refreshing to have a role reversal romance, however did he need to be such a sap. I wanted him to 'man up'. However, great to find a romance not in high school/college!

  • I am glad I read this one. I was looking for a shy hero read and found one with a lovely role reversal where the heroine is the tortured soul and player. There is a great deal to like about this love story. However, this story is more possibility than delivery. The foundation for a really excellent, real, and complex romance is here but instead we get a way too quick HEA. The book was really at a mid point when it ends. The real romance should have began after Brett has seen his errors and we ea [...]

  • Another one of those fun readsrta. Well, we've all probably done things we aren't proud of and this book definitely highlights the life of a party girl. Meet Annaout of college one year, in a job she doesn't love, no aspirations for anything better, and sleeps around. A lot. She is heavy into drinking. The ultimate party girl who goes home with whomever she lays her sights on. She had a reputation in school that carried over to her post-college life, and gets a wake up call when she finds hersel [...]

  • LikeSeriously?!? This guy is unbelievable! Did he just do that? And did she just say OK and didn't punch him in the face? He totally treated her like shit! He was a coward dickhead! At that stupid wedding I'd have gladly introduced Brett's balls to my kneecap. And introduced Becca's nose with my knuckles. Or her eyes with my nails. Reading this, was almost as bad as reading Seth Mortensen dumping Georgina Kincaid after having slept with what's-her-name (Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead). [...]

  • Overall the book was good,the characters were especially good, both believable and fun. Don't get me wrong there were definitely times I wanted to hit both of them, Brett was verging on too emotional and forgiving, I get we women like men to show there emotions but as my mother would say, he was a bit quick with the crocodile tears, literally repeated crying!! Him with rebecca at the end was the nail in his coffin for me, it is never right to do that to a girl, especially with you traitorous evi [...]

  • I have a love/hate relationship with this book. when I started reading and got into the story and couldn't put it down. But then sometimes I just wanted to throw my kindle across the room and yell and scream. It starts out with a girl who is emotionally damaged, and a major party addict and one night she has a one night stand with the nerd from college. But the thing is he is different from any other guy she has ever been with and he makes her feel things she's never felt before. So the start to [...]

  • This book starts with a bang but unfortunately for Anna, she can't remember much about it. What's even worse is that it's not the first time. I was wondering what sort of book I was reading when it contains a nerd and a self-confessed slut but I was actually immensely impressed with how Dakota Madison got this story down. The characters are human and you find it very easy to relate to them, even if it's not the extent as in this story. They are both flawed which just means you understand even mo [...]

  • Anna is a 20 something party girl who finds life changing things happen fast. At a college friends wedding, she does what she always does and party's too hard. She finds herself the next morning in bed with someone from school, Brett. Brett was the clas nerd, but no longer. He shows Anna tenderness, kindness, and sincereity in a short period of time. She finds out that she now has found someone who may really be good to her and good for her. She spends time with him and discovers a new life and [...]

  • I'm really not sure about this book. I didn't like Brett. He was an asshole more than he wasn't, if you know what I mean. He was suppose to be the good guy in the story and he hurt Anna A LOT. Maybe you'll say "ah, but he made Anna learn to value herself". Yeah, he did, and that's a point to him because nobody seemed to care about her AT ALL, but she actually saved herself. That's probably the reason I gave the book a 3 stars rating.He was a lot worse than all the other guys around. So about the [...]

  • I thought this book was an easy read. It wasn't a literary masterpiece and it doesn't require a lot of focus and effort, but it was entertaining. I thought the ending was really rushed and wish there would have been more details about Anna's life after she became a party planner. I felt like she could have been developed into a very interesting person on her own and should have been given the opportunity to find her way and become successful without a man in her life. Overall, it is a fun beach [...]

  • I sort of felt like the issue of addiction was glossed over in this book. It's a light read for sure and that's not the focus but it seems implausible that this girl, who seems like a person with a major self esteem problem and alcoholism, would miraculously come around thanks to,a few visits to an arboretum with a guy. Who by the way ends up being kind of a douche (I won't spoil it for you). However, it kept my attention at the pool. It was a fun read, a vast departure from what I've been readi [...]

  • i can't give this a good or bad rating i liked the idea of the story and the romance but my big problem was the that the character development was not good? no guy is that perfect and sensitive and no woman is going to call herself a whore slut and the end was sucky. he dumps her for sweater vest but almost right after he crushes her decides that he really is in love with her and wants her back and what man cries that much? and then she takes him back after he treated her so horribly? and she to [...]

  • I was surprised by this book. I got it free off amazon. Once I started ready I really enjoyed the story, I love the characters. I loved Anna and how she was able to find herself through out the book. Brett was a great match for her even though he messed up. I was happy how the story ended, I do wish there would have been one more chapter along the lines of a year or so later to see where they went from there.

  • What a reader's delight to be privy to the heroine Anna's inner dialogue and her Flaw list, as her life changes, perhaps blossoms, after an unexpected reunion at what she thought would be just another in a series of cookie-cutter styled weddings.Author Madison shows great insight into what it takes to create a multiple-dimensional character and into how to give those characters distinctive voices.Love, sex, fun, tears, weddings -- BE GOOD has it all, wrapped up in a classy bow!

  • Struggled over how to rate it. It really made me think & feel but I was so ticked off by the main characters actions. Wanted to smack the guy for being an idiot at one point & got sick of his love of gardens. Also wanted to smack the girl for a few nasty words she said but then again, she was pretty justified.

  • I loved the story. Your really get involved with the characters,made me cry but then the ending came and was so rushed and just didn't fit the story. Anna should have told Brett to take a flying leap at the end. She tells him they are going to take it slow, but it just wasn't the right ending for every emotion the book takes you through

  • What did I think? I enjoyed it. Be Good was just what I was looking for. Lighthearted, romantic with a bit of drama and conflict, but a happy ending. Nothing extraordinary, but a very easy, pleasant read.Personable, relatable characters and a clear plot. A nice way to spend a few hours.

  • 3.5 stars for me. I liked the story, but the girl kept making REALLY dumb choices! I love a good HEA ending, but I felt like this one just wrapped up very quickly. Like the writer got bored at the end and just decided to give us the cliff notes version. Not a terrible read overall

  • Loved the story line and the character development. Not a long book but I was so drawn that I read it in one sitting. I did feel the ending was a bit rushed which is the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars - it could have been finished with more impact. Recommend for a good quick read.

  • i loved the story and brett was really cute and in so many ways perfect! i would love to date a guy like him.s I didn't like: there a quite a few spelling mistakes and that there wasn't a list with all her flaws.

  • Eh. Just okay. I'm glad it was a free book. Both of lead characters took turns annoying me and the whole plot was extremely predictable, like a typical Rom-Com movie. The only upside for me was that it took place mainly in Phoenix and a little bit in California.

  • This was a pretty good book, even though the h was really screwed up, I couldn't help but like her, the H was a good character too, I m glad when it came down to it the h actually fixed herself for herself not for him. sex scenes were okay.

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