Celtic Moon

Celtic Moon Like father like son Sophie Thibodeau has been on the run from the father of her son for than fifteen years Now her son Joshua is changing and her greatest fears are about to be realized He s goin

  • Title: Celtic Moon
  • Author: Jan DeLima
  • ISBN: 9780425266205
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Like father, like son Sophie Thibodeau has been on the run from the father of her son for than fifteen years Now her son, Joshua, is changing, and her greatest fears are about to be realized He s going to end up being just like his father a man who can change into a wolf.Dylan Black has been hunting for Sophie since the night she ran from him an obsession he cannotLike father, like son Sophie Thibodeau has been on the run from the father of her son for than fifteen years Now her son, Joshua, is changing, and her greatest fears are about to be realized He s going to end up being just like his father a man who can change into a wolf.Dylan Black has been hunting for Sophie since the night she ran from him an obsession he cannot afford in the midst of an impending war Dylan controls Rhuddin Village, an isolated town in Maine where he lives with an ancient Celtic tribe One of the few of his clan who can still shift into a wolf, he must protect his people from the Guardians, vicious warriors who seek to destroy them.When Sophie and Dylan come together for the sake of their son, their reunion reignites the fierce passion they once shared For the first time in years, Dylan s lost family is within his grasp But will he lose them all over again Are Joshua and Sophie strong enough to fight alongside Dylan in battle Nothing less than the fate of his tribe depends on it

    • Celtic Moon By Jan DeLima
      390 Jan DeLima
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    Jan lives in central Maine with her husband and their two teenage sons In the spring and summer months, when she s not tucked away in her office with two English bulldogs, she can be found in her garden.


  • I really liked this book. The writer took an original starting point to becoming a werewolf. Apparently they were made by a goddess to protect Guardians. But the Guardians were misnamed because they don’t guard anything but themselves and their evil doings.Enter a fresh young naive girl. She falls in love with the werewolf leader and becomes pregnant. When she discovers the truth of her true love she runs in terror. 16 years later she stops running.This is a good story and beginning of what lo [...]

  • I am not usually a fan of secret baby stories, and while Celtic Moon isn’t necessarily that, it’s a close second. It would be easy to dislike a heroine that left her baby’s father and deprived him of his child, but in this case, I admired Sophie for doing that. Fear of the unknown could have ruled her, and she could have stayed simply because she knew nothing of his world. Instead of cowering to his threats, she went on the run to remove her son from what she perceived to be a bad situatio [...]

  • A lucky random pick. At last a good new werewolf world. The world building here was stellar. This was a well thought out complex world. There were a lot of different elements suck as only those who were born equally wolf/man being acceptable to the ruling class. All the others those born human who could shift to wolf and those born wolf who couldn't shift to human being either killed or enslaved by the rulers called Guardians. In this world you have to be born a werewolf not changed and there ha [...]

  • I stand by Wyrdness' review:/review/showI'm less generous with rating as I expected (read wanted) more grovelling from the hero and, well, given past and present lies I did really wish the heroine stood strong a little longer :)

  • I can't freaking believe! Finally! Finally, after I don't even know how many crappy books, one that is totally awesome! :DI loved Celtic Moon!I loved the fact Sophie Thibodeaux, the heroine, was such a strong woman, who wasn't afraid of kicking ass and taking names, and who did everything for her son Joshua.I understood her position, why she ran away from Dylan, the hero, and why she spent 15 years on the run from him. In fact, I think I would have done just the same thing.Dylan wasn't really my [...]

  • Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsI’m not sure if this is a new trend in Paranormal Romance but more and more titles have been featuring “older” heroines and Celtic Moon falls into that category with Sophie, a 36 year old protagonist. Thibodeau doesn’t just stand out because of her age, she also brings to the table something that a lot of female characters lack: experience. You can’t help but admire a woman that’s willing to put her fears aside in order to do right by her child; even if it mea [...]

  • 4.75stars actuallyWho says you can't teach an alpha wolf new tricks? When Sophie Thibodeaux ran away from Dylan Black fifteen years ago, she was frightened, pregnant and injured. Sophie didn't understand Dylan's overprotective actions and she didn't know he was keeping a secret from her. When he showed her he was a shape-shifter and their child should be raised with him it was too much for her and she left, getting injured in the process. Dylan now knows he could have handled things better to en [...]

  • It's been a long time since I've been so captivated with a paranormal romance. Starting with a bang, Celtic Moon offers readers a unique take on the werewolf mythology coupled with an engrossing storyline. Relying heavily on Celtic origins, the story integrates shifters, malevolent Guardians, and even gods. But now I’m getting ahead of myself Celtic Moon is simply a good story and wonderful romance. Having discovered the true nature of her lover and father of her unborn child, Sophie ran from [...]

  • Enjoyable though I would have liked a little more background and world building and a better build up to the second chance romance. The first half was really good then it all sort of leveled off and the romance fizzled a bit. I enjoyed Sophie, her obvious dedication to their son, and to not ever being a victim again. I did have issues with Dylan not knowing his pack was abusing Sophie. There were signs and he chose to ignore them. I do have book two and have heard the romance is more prevalent s [...]

  • Welcome to Ruddlin Maine, a town of 500 people? 16 years ago there were two people with guards wandering around the woods. Sophie a human pregnant gets the scare of her life. Her husband Dylan the alpha of this town of misfits changes before her eyes. Is this why she ran? Nope, that she can handle. What she couldn't was Dylan's threat that she can leave but she would have to leave their son behind. Sophie claims that she loves Dylan always has and always will. She just felt like a prisoner. Coul [...]

  • Let's talk about the gay.(There will be no spoilers, don't worry).For the most part, I think what DeLima was trying to do was break some of the urban fantasy stereotypes - we have an older-than-usual heroine who can handle herself, and an overprotective male love interest whose over-protectiveness is explained and accepted as rational and reasonable. I can accept all of that, that's perfectly fine.What is really NOT fine with me is that the only instance of an LGBT character is a villain. Look, [...]

  • I absolutely loved this book. I loved the world building, I loved the characters, I loved the whole thing. I could not put the book down, and it goes straight to my faves shelf.I've fallen in love with Ms DeLima's writing and world building. Her characters are strong and you can't help but connect with them. There were a lot of "awwww" moments, some incredibly sad moments, and the pace of the plot was strong. I've smiled, I've laughed, I've been at the edge of my seat and I've cried. This book h [...]

  • 4.5 Stars!!!I am always in search of a good shifters series and I have to say, I really liked this first book of this series.I read an interview by this debut author where she was asked what the hardest (most emotional) part of the story that really stuck with her. She responded, the part where Sophie brings Joshua (her son) back and meets her husband after being on the run for the first time in 16 years. She said it was very intense and she enjoyed writing that.I have to agree with her a reader [...]

  • I LOVED THIS BOOK.I expected to hate this book! It has a theme I HATE. For some reason I decided to try it anyway because I'm crazy. I AM SO GLAD I LOST MY MIND AND TRIED THIS BOOK! This review is gonna be all over the place because I suck at collecting my thoughts on books I love! (view spoiler)[So. I hate, HATE books where a heroine has a child with the hero and keeps it from him, either by not telling him the child even exists or by running away with the child. I think women who think just be [...]

  • My full review: coffeecookiesandchilipeppers.bThe first thing that struck me about Celtic Moon was the choice of protagonist. Sophie is rather unusual for the Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance that I have read because she is already a relatively mature woman. I say ‘relatively’ because she is quite a bit younger than me and I do not like thinking of myself as ‘older’ or ‘mature’! Not only is she in her mid to late thirties, but also she has already found the love of her life and had [...]

  • How do I say this nicely? This book is not for me.I hate reading romances where the hero and/or heroine are parents. Most books where that happens lack sexual tension and fun, and this book was no different. I had reservations going in about that, due to my preferences, but I was ready to ignore because the beginning didn't have that parent vibe that typically turns me away.Good start. Terribly boring middle. No desire to read the last 25%. Why? Because the parents are back together. There was n [...]

  • This was a great start to a new series. I really loved all the characters in this. Dylan was a perfect example of an alpha male who balanced being dominant without being controlling or a complete asshole. It helped that Sophie was incredibly resilient and self-sufficient. I loved her character, how strong and loyal she was. I also appreciated how the author address the give and take, the push and pull of their relationship. I thought their reunion was well done, as was the development of where t [...]

  • Great new paranormal romance werewolf author. I loved all the Celtic mythology. The romance in this story isn't real strong, but the rest of the story is very strong. I think that it will build well. I can't wait to see where we go from here.

  • There are NO words. Really. NO WORDS. This is one of the best PNR I have ever read. Especially for being the first in a series where a new world is introduced. My "go to" PNR are ones with Vampires, somehow it also means that in the "endless battle between Weres and Vamps" I will always choose the night walkers I don't know if it's because of that, but I was never interested in shifters and were wolves in the past, not as the main paranormal theme but this one came HIGHLY recommended so I did my [...]

  • I am driven to read and when I connect emotionally to characters in books I am thrilled. In Celtic Moon, a paranormal shifter book, I was invested in the characters emotionally. If you like the camaraderie that writer Nalini Singh has between her characters in both her urban fantasy series Psy/Changelings and Guild Hunters, then Jan DiLima’s Celtic Wolves series is a series to add to your to be read list. If you are like me I am always hunting up paranormal or urban fantasy series that really [...]

  • openbooksociety/article/ceBrought to you by OBS reviewer Heidiceltic-moon-celtic-wolves-jan-delimaSophie has been living her life on the run, always looking over her shoulder afraid that her son’s father, Dylan, will find them. But now she is forced to go to the very man she’s been running from for help. Her son is changing, proving he’s more like his father than she ever feared. In this, Sophie is helpless and knows that Dylan is the only one that can see Joshua through his transition saf [...]

  • After years hiding, Sophie returns Rhuddin Village and its wolf shifter leader for the sake of her son Joshua. Dylan has searched for 16 years for his human wife and child. Now that he has them where they belong, in his home, he fears losing them. His people are on the brink of war the eldest and cruelest of their kind and Sophie and Joshua are a weakness he can't afford but refuses to live out.The only person Sophie loves more than Dylan is their son and it was a combination of the obvious disd [...]

  • Read the full review, including Memorable Quotes and similar book recommendations at GraveTells here:gravetells/paranormal-roma(note: post will be available starting 9/11/13)My very first impression from the start of this book was that this was going to be an exciting, high quality story and with every page turned, that was proven as fact. Ms DeLima's style is lyrical and flowing with strong elements of character development and skillfully unraveling history and plotlines, with that extra je nai [...]

  • 4.5♥sCeltic Moon is an amazing debut novel by Jan DeLima. Okay, so she practiced on five previous novels. But she got it right on this one.Sophie has been on the run from Dylan since the night he gave her a graphic demonstration that he was a wolf-shifter. When their now teenage son, Joshua, shows signs that he might shift, she knows that she has to return to the pack--where she was mistreated. And even threatened with death.Sophie returns as a different person, a stronger woman who is skilled [...]

  • This was a lovely story that straddles the line between PNR and UF. On the surface it's a PNR about love and family, but it's all held together with the compelling plot point of a group of shifters just wanting freedom and peace from a self-appointed, overbearing and corrupted council of rulers.I liked all the characters because they acted like people with logical motivations. I especially liked the main characters of Sophie and Dylan. They start out with some major issues with each other, but t [...]

  • An interesting wolf shifter romance. It definitely has the whole plot vibe going on and the romance. I just loved the romance.To cut it short, Sophie ran away from her husband Dylan, who should have explained things correctly and not letting Sophie run off. That might have been the outcome but Sophie is one tough cookie, well, you know what I mean. It's the same for her son as well. It turned out that her son inherited the shifter gene and needs Dylan's help.I'll leave it to your imagination how [...]

  • 3.5 stars. I actually likes most aspects of this book EXCEPT I couldn't accept why the hero and heroine ended up the way they were . things went down. And later on, I couldn't feel the chemistry between themI think I enjoyed the plot otherwise but it's hard to say. I enjoyed the book though and I'm interested in continuing with the series. Haven't come across a good shifter book in a while.

  • Interesting world building. But I thought it was ridiculous that the heroine was able to hide from the hero so long. I guess I thought the hero should be smarter. Basically it was a good basis for a series but I think I'll enjoy the later books more. I really hate the second chance romance plotline.

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