The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength

The Introverted Leader Building on Your Quiet Strength Offers a straightforward four step process for succeeding in the extroverted business world Includes a unique Introverted Leader Quiz to help you get started Filled with inspiring personal stories In

  • Title: The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength
  • Author: Jennifer B. Kahnweiler
  • ISBN: 9781576755877
  • Page: 257
  • Format: ebook
  • Offers a straightforward four step process for succeeding in the extroverted business world Includes a unique Introverted Leader Quiz to help you get started Filled with inspiring personal stories In our outgoing, type A business culture, introverts can feel excluded, overlooked, or misunderstood, their reticence mistaken for reluctance, arrogance, or even lack of intelligOffers a straightforward four step process for succeeding in the extroverted business world Includes a unique Introverted Leader Quiz to help you get started Filled with inspiring personal stories In our outgoing, type A business culture, introverts can feel excluded, overlooked, or misunderstood, their reticence mistaken for reluctance, arrogance, or even lack of intelligence But Jennifer Kahnweiler shows that not only can introversion be managed, it can even be a source of strength Ask Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, two of the leaders she cites as shy introspectives who have developed ways to thrive in a challenging environment It is estimated that as many as 40 per cent of executives are introverted to at least some extent Based on conversations with over 100 of these men and women, Kahnweiler lays out a progressive four step strategy for succeeding in an extroverted world First, preparation carefully devise a game plan for any potentially anxiety producing situation Then presence knowing that you re prepared, be completely focused on the present moment or activity Next, push with a firm foundation of preparation and presence, go beyond your comfort zone And finally, practice, practice, practice After a revealing Introverted Leader Quiz to help you deepen your understanding of where focused improvement will produce maximum results, Kahnweiler shows exactly how to apply the four P s approach in six areas that are particularly difficult for introverts, such as public speaking, heading up projects, participating in meetings, and The goal, she emphasizes, is not personality change you work with who you are, not against it In fact, she shows that introversion can actually be a plus in areas like listening skills and written communication But as a result of reading this book, leaders and aspiring leaders who find it intimidating to be around people will learn to embrace the experience, rather than see it as something to be avoided or endured, and as a result advance their careers and contribute fully to their organizations.

    • The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler
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    Jennifer B Kahnweiler is an international speaker, executive coach and author who specializes in developing and coaching introverted leaders She holds a doctorate in counseling and organizational development from Florida State University.Her latest highly anticipated book, The Genius of Opposites How Introverts and Extroverts Achieve Extraordinary Results Together Berrett Koehler, August 2015 , offers a five step process that will help introverts and extroverts understand and appreciate each other and work together to achieve than they ever could on their own Blending their two points of view allows both partners to see and act on things neither would have separately Her previous book, Quiet Influence The Introvert s Guide to Making a Difference Berrett Koehler, April 2013 , shows how introverts can harness their innate tendencies to make a real difference As Kahnweiler proves in this book, introverts can be highly effective influencers when, instead of trying to act like extroverts they use their natural strengths In a world where extroverts seem to rule, Kahnweiler shows readers how introverts can use their quiet influence to challenge the status quo, provoke new ways of thinking, effect change and inspire others to move forward.As a learning and development professional working inside leading organizations such as General Electric Co ATT Inc NASA and the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Jennifer deepened her knowledge and appreciation for introverts and through the course of this journey developed into an introvert expert Through keynote speeches and seminars on the topic that include her characteristic humor, poignant stories and practical tools, she transfers the lessons introvert teach us across cultures In recent years she has spoken to leaders in Vietnam, Spain, Japan, the UK and the Netherlands Jennifer has also written articles about introverts in the workplace for Forbes, Bloomberg Business Week and The Wall Street Journal and has been quoted on the subject in over 50 international news media outlets Kahnweiler is a recipient of the 2012 Certified Speaking Professional CSP designation, The National Speaker s Association s highest earned credential and is a Board Certified Coach She has also served on the board of the Berrett Koehler Author s Co op and is currently on the board of the National Speakers Association of Georgia.


  • The Introverted Leader was written by an author who is an extrovert. She qualifies this fact by stating that her husband is an introvert and so she knows how to deal with us introverted types. Ouch. The premise of this book is that introverts can learn to be extroverted. They just need to know what to do. Follow step A- meet and greet; step B- get some business cards; before long you are cured, as if being an introvert is something you catch while reading in the library. Sprinkled lightly are a [...]

  • I was frankly disappointed as it seem to focus on how to make an introvert not be an introvert rather than helping introverts use their introverted-ness to their advantage.

  • In my own work with the DISC behavioral styles, I have found that many people do not value the quiet power of introverts. With society placing value of the outspoken extrovert, The Introverted Leader is perfect for the introverts themselves, as it can help them to tap their hidden strengths and for extroverts to better appreciate what introverts can offer.The Introverted Leader offers a practical guide that identifies four key challenges for introverted leaders: stress, perception gaps, derailed [...]

  • From the title, one would think that the author would focus on the strengths of an introvert and how to enhance those in the arena of leadership. One would be wrong. The author seems to think that introversion is the same as pathological shyness and while introverts make good listeners because they apparently don't talk (not true), they should really push themselves to grow out of their terror of speaking in public to become a better leader. Admittedly, I am over-simplifying, but as an introvert [...]

  • Tenká knížka, která by měla pomoci introvertům nahlédnout do světa myšlení extrovertů. Možná si díky ní uvědomí, jak moc těžší to mají co se týče kariérního růstu (když extrovert a introvert odvádějí práci stejně dobře, ale extrovert dává najevo své úspěchy, tak je větší pravděpodobnost, že extrovert bude povýšen, protože je stále na očích šéfa). Myslím si, že knihu by si měli přečíst i šéfové firem, protože si díky ní mohou uvědom [...]

  • Yes, this book is written by an extrovert. Yes, it is also kinda stating the obvious (don't ALL self help books do this?). The whole point is that, rather than floating through life/meetings being overlooked, you need to take some time to evaluate yourself and be prepared to work on your weaknesses. This book gave me a kick in the rear to do that. It provides specific, practical suggestions for how to improve your weak points. As a young, recent graduate flung headfirst into a leadership role, I [...]

  • This caught my eye at the library so I grabbed it, but it did not turn out to be very good and I abandoned it less than halfway through. Quiet by Susan Cain is much better. A few concerning things right off the bat: the book is by a woman but has a picture of a man on the cover, and the author openly admits that she herself is an extrovert! Basically although it claims to be talking about building on an introvert's strengths, it spends a lot of time dwelling on perceived weaknesses of introverts [...]

  • Unfortunately a book telling introverts how to succeed at work, written by an extrovert, wasn't overly helpful. I get that she interviewed 100 introverts for this book, but it just didn't quite hit home. I'm not sure that tips like "get to know your team" and "work on your public speaking skills" were all that ground breaking :)

  • I rarely ever not finish a book, but this was one of those times.I may have developed a bias the minute she said she was an extrovert, but the entire time I listened I was annoyed and frustrated. The title of this book feels misleading, and all of a sudden her suggestions and comments felt like every other well-intentioned extrovert I know telling me to get out of my shell.Instead of playing off of introverted strengths that would help in leadership she focuses on ways for an introvert to act ex [...]

  • A great book to see the growth path for introverts. It informed much of my thinking in this article on the difference between extraverts and introverts

  • This week’s headline? grasping the obviousWhy this book? because I’m introvertedWhich book format? kindle — discovered bookmarks!Primary reading environment? plane to phoenixAny preconceived notions? introverts buy booksIdentify most with? Mr. Michael ScottThree-word quote? “politics with integrity”Goes well with? clear plastic cupI’m now firmly entrenched in the first job I’ve ever kept longer than a year. In fact, I read this book during the week of my anniversary with this emplo [...]

  • I had high hopes for this book. It's hard being an introvert in what seems like a world full of extroverts, I've often wished that I could be gobby too or at least get a word in edgeways. There are some interesting methods in this book but it felt like she was saying that if you want to build on your 'quiet strength' you have to work really ridiculously hard at it, at something that comes naturally to many people. Everything seems to require so much effort and advance planning; who has time for [...]

  • El libro para conocer cómo lidian los introvertidos con los retos de la oficina en un mundo cada vez mas interconectado. Un libro cuya lectura esperaba con altas espectativas que no fueron alcanzadas. Este texto no me gustó tanto como el ejemplar que la autora sacó despues, Influir silenciosamente, el cuál leí antes que El líder introvertido.Un libro repleto de referencias a testimonios, anécdotas y vivencias de introvertidos que la autora estrevistó para documentar y nutrir las páginas [...]

  • Dry but fairly practical book discussing the different speed bumps that classic introverts in leadership positions should be ready for, and how to prepare. I'm not sure that anyone would (or should) follow the rigid steps in this book as they are outlined, but it does promote a general awareness of why leadership roles can be commonly problematic for introverts. Before this book, however, you might consider reading Party of One and The Introvert Advantage. I have small issues with both of those [...]

  • "This book is very practical and resonated with many in our Women In Technology book group. Personally I saw many connections to other management books I have read and/or interventions I've conducted. One of the best features of the book (if not the best) is the author's application of her 4Ps process in every chapter. It is a great organizing and connecting principle and the reader gets practical help in many areas introverted leaders face. For example, public speaking, meeting management, buil [...]

  • There are several misconceptions about introverts. Sometimes these misconceptions come from introverts themselves. Recently I heard someone say "I'm an introvertI can't be a leader!" In her book "The Introverted Leader: Building On Your Quiet Strength" author Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph. D. takes steps to show the introverted reader that he or she can definitely be a leader and how to make it happen.One of the ways that the reader discovers that an introvert can be a leader is by using the 4 P's [...]

  • I was somewhat disappointed with this book I guess maybe my expectations were too high for a book of this type and duration.The beginning of the book had some interesting ideas and tips, however by the middle of the book the author had started to repeat herself continually. And while repetition is needed to drive home the point in a lot of cases, it almost seemed like the author was using repetition to fill space rather than drive home anything. By the end of the book, I was bored and just want [...]

  • I was extremely looking forward to this book, but sadly it left me disappointed. First, you should know that the book is written by a self proclaimed extrovert. It was very evident throughout the book that she didn't really understand introverts very well. Besides that, the book was simply poorly written. She did not treat each chapter or idea creatively, but instead used a cookie cutter formula and stuffed each idea into it. I am surprised that I pushed myself to finish it, because it was extre [...]

  • Very practical, may be more suitable for business people than academics. Also, many of the strategies are a little bit like 'be more extroverted', although its not what the author intends. I personally found it useful for thinking about my behaviour in meetings and networking, and how to be more intentional in that part of my work. But I am relatively extroverted. My introverted partner blanched when he read some of the ideas inside!

  • Nice model - Preparation, Push, Presence, Practice - that would be useful for anyone wanting a better game - whether for meetings, leading, projects, or career management. Framed around the particular needs of the introvert - the reluctance to go into unfamiliar situations, tendency to be anxious around small talk or off-the-cuff conversations - Kahnweiler presents solid strategies for preparing to be graceful in each.

  • Teaches excellent skill sets with easily understood success tactics. Gives actual principles that you can use and apply. Simple with out being simplistic. This is the kind of business book that we should be paying attention to rather than the dumbed down "fable" books. Thanks to Ms. Kahnweiler for writing this.

  • Not real impressed with this book; in fact not even going to finish it. Frankley, I'm tired of the 4 P's process the author pushes in this book. Written by an extrovert in a manner I find almost patronizing and condescending, the author uses generic examples of things that felt made up. I'm an introvert, not an idiot.

  • The first 25% of the book was good. She made a good case about introverts in the workplace being quiet giants. The premise then was to recognize if you're an introvert, and do something about it. Then the book devolved into advice that was mostly not specific to the premise, i.e. take special action to thrive in an extroverted world. Most of it was just project management best practices.

  • Para superar la barrera de la comunicación en la empresa, el introvertido puede trabajar en mejorar los siguientes puntos: Hablar en público, dirigir y liderar, dirigir proyectos, gestionar hacia arriba, manejar las reuniones, desarrollar relaciones y todo ello explicado en tres minutos con un buen "elevator pitch".

  • I'm disappointed. I was hoping for a book that showed how to be a leader while drawing strength from introversion. Instead, this is a book that just tells you how to pretend to be an extravert and reinforces the management stereotype. I already do this. A waste of time due to a misleading title.

  • I found this book pretty interesting. We live in an extroverted society in the U.S. As an introvert working on an office setting every day, I found the advice helpful to advancing my career and managing the extroverts.

  • It was ok. not as much as i loved Quiet. This is more of to-dos as an introvert. not in the mood for some self-help at the moment. but i will probably read it again when in need.

  • In this book you will understand how being an introvert can make taking on leadership positions challenging, but there are ways of overcoming the obstacles.

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