I fantastici libri volanti di Mr. Morris Lessmore

I fantastici libri volanti di Mr Morris Lessmore Mr Morris Less ama i libri e le storie Un giorno mentre sta scrivendo il racconto della sua vita arriva un terribile uragano che lo porta lontano in un paese fantastico Un racconto che rende omaggi

  • Title: I fantastici libri volanti di Mr. Morris Lessmore
  • Author: William Joyce Joe Bluhm Elisabetta Tramacere
  • ISBN: 9788817060783
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mr Morris Less ama i libri e le storie Un giorno, mentre sta scrivendo il racconto della sua vita, arriva un terribile uragano che lo porta lontano, in un paese fantastico Un racconto che rende omaggio a chi dedica la propria vita ai libri e a tutti i lettori Et di lettura da 6 anni.

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    • I fantastici libri volanti di Mr. Morris Lessmore : William Joyce Joe Bluhm Elisabetta Tramacere
      294 William Joyce Joe Bluhm Elisabetta Tramacere
    • thumbnail Title: I fantastici libri volanti di Mr. Morris Lessmore : William Joyce Joe Bluhm Elisabetta Tramacere
      Posted by:William Joyce Joe Bluhm Elisabetta Tramacere
      Published :2019-02-03T14:55:17+00:00

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  • William Joyce Joe Bluhm Elisabetta Tramacere

    William Joyce does a lot of stuff films, apps, Olympic curling but children s books are his true bailiwick The Numberlys, The Man in the Moon, Nicholas St North and the Battle of the Nightmare King, Toothiana, and the 1 New York Times bestselling The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Less, which is also an Academy Award winning short film, to name a few He lives with his family in Shreveport, Louisiana.


  • A perfect picture book for book lovers! A reminder that no matter what happens in life, books will always be there to bring you comfort.

  • Must. Have. This. Book.My students are writing their own versions of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. I started by showing my students the first couple minutes of the short film that is based on this book. The students then began writing their story. Each day since, I have played a bit more of the film for the students. After each section, they continued their own story. I cannot wait for the students to complete their stories and share them. Each is incredibly unique and amazi [...]

  • I was reading Within a Budding Grove recently, and the copy I have is an older one, the dust jacket worn and ripped in places. I like to read hardcovers of books the best, so I can use the dust jacket as a bookmark, and so I feel like the book is solid and less likely to get creased and broken by my reading. But, this copy was delicate, and every time I touched it, I could feel it crumbling in my fingers. The book itself was a beautiful, delicate thing, like the writing and ideas on its page, li [...]

  • I've been reading this one to my littlest human for a couple of weeks now (thanks to a dear friend who gave it to me- thank you!)and it comes closer than many other books about reading, books, and libraries in expressing my feelings about these things to the people I've made. For me, a place with books is kind of a sacred place. I can't fully explain it. Perhaps I think this way because when I was sporting a ponytail like Rainbow Brite, books were the only things that I could carry that could in [...]

  • Love love loveAdore adore adoreBeautiful beautiful beautifulA book lover's book. An object to be cherished. A story meant to be told again and again.It softened the edges of this librarian's cynical soul for a bright wondrous moment.

  • “Everyone’s story matters.”Joys, sorrows and everything that we hope for in life can get so confusing, mixed up or lost. We have to hold on and keep working and searching for our path and purpose in life. Keep looking for peace and inspiration. I found inspiration here.Welcome to the library. Welcome to The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore“Morris slowly walked inside and discovered the most mysterious and inviting room he had ever seen. It was filled with the fluttering of c [...]

  • I first fell in love with the Fantastic Flying Books and Morris Lessmore's story from the beautiful Academy Award-winning short film based on Joyce's book. I was so excited when my library finally got a copy of the book itself so that I could enjoy the original.And what a gorgeous book it is!I love the story so much and it's so beautiful and touching and full of meaning that I don't really want to say too much about it. I think it is open to many interpretations. I know I had my own idea of who [...]

  • Mr. Morris Lessmore loved words. He loved stories. He loved books. As a young man, he was enjoying writing his own story until the winds came and scattered his book and all his words across the land. This little gem is perfectly illustrated. It clearly demonstrates the love of books and how they transform lives. This is not just a children's favorite but will appeal to everyone who loves the written word.A charming and captivating read that quickly became a favorite for all ages. See the short f [...]

  • I usually try to separate my children’s book reviews on and my book feed on . This book is the exception. Everyone—no matter the age or genre interest—should read this book.Sometimes we are fortunate to have a story medium transcend the barrier between what is called a children’s story and what is a story for adults. In books, I would liken this to something like Where the Wild Things Are. For movies, this is like Toy Story; it is something that can be enjoyed and appreciated by people [...]

  • I’m a sucker for books about books, and this is a fantastic book. For me, it was 5 stars all the way, up until toward then end, then it lost me a bit, but I still really liked it. I particularly liked the books as characters. I liked the lending library setting. I liked so much.The story is sweet and amusing and inventive, and sort of sad too. Most of the pages had me smiling.The illustrations are fabulous to view, so detailed and creative and unusual.I can recommend this book to fans of books [...]

  • *squeals in joy* A bibliophile's book, if ever I have read one. I don't think I can put into words how lovely this book is; how charming and heartbreaking and true it is*. Only a book lover would understand, which is why I do think that as much as children might enjoy the book, they probably won't find as much meaning in it as someone older. And it has layers. The more I read it, the more I see in it. But no matter how old you are or how many books you've read, it's a lovely story.Oh, and the sh [...]

  • My love of reading began when I was fairly young, and although I've always loved being read to, I think even from a young age, I've loved the magic of falling into a book and being enclosed in its story, wrapped in its words. Long before I started school, my older brother had taught me to read, and my world was forever transformed, unseen doors opened and this charming book, "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" brought the memory of all that back to me in mere moments.The illustra [...]

  • My rating is a little biased because this is clearly a love letter to librarians from Mr. Joyce. Dear Mr. Joyce you flatterer you!!. I accept.

  • ”Povestea noastră se încheie așa cum a început. deschiderea unei cărți.”O cărticică minunată pe care toți iubitorii de cărți o vor iubi!

  • To check out my reviews: dancinginth3darkBeautiful and HeartbreakingWe meet Mr. Morris Lessmore who is constantly reading books and every day he imagines his life as a book and with every new day comes a new blank page for him to write his joys and sorrows. Then one day a storm comes blowing and destroys everything and takes Morris off to a parallel world where he sees a girl flying away with books and he's angry that his books aren't magical. The girl witnesses this and sends one of her books t [...]

  • موریس با خودش فکر کرد که شاید کتابِ او هم بتواند پرواز کند؛ اما کتابش نتوانست. فقط توانست با صدای «تلپ» ناامیدکننده‌ای روی زمین بیفتد.عجب کتابی بود. یه داستان از دنیای بوک وورما. کسایی که با کتاب زندگی کردن بزرگ شدن و عاشقش شدن. نگاه موریس و تنهاییش برای همه مون آشنا و ملموسه. س [...]

  • If you've seen the (Academy Award winning) short film of this, you already know how gorgeous the illustrations are, and that the charming story is a love letter to both books and their readers. Perhaps the silent film is even better than the book, but that doesn't take anything away from it. It's a lovely keepsake, and mine is autographed!

  • I love love love this book!! I get emotional every time I read it!! I can't find the words.It's a book that can make anyone love books!!! The illustrations are amazing and meaningfull!!!I m thinking of giving it as a gift to my daighters' school for the school library!!!!Great for every age!!!!!

  • Hey all! This is not only an interactive book, it's the #1 "app" on the Igadgets. And my friend Joe Bluhm designed it. That's right, my friends are mega talented!

  • This is way more emotional than I thought it would be. It's heartwarming and heartbreaking and just basically essential to everyone who loves to read. What a beautiful book.

  • I liked: the entire touching story except for that part where I teared up at the ende liked the flying books, the talking books, and all the books.

  • This picture book deserves the same praise I have only said one other time this year, which is, if there's only 1 picture book you're able to pick up this year THIS IS THE ONE! William Joyce is one of my favorite children's storytellers and illustrators. His talent for creating imaginative worlds, and his brilliant story telling goes beyond introducing children to the limitless possibilities of imagination. As an adult he reminds me of that excitement I first felt when I was a child and was intr [...]

  • Willam Joyce has done it again, he has created another masterpiece.The story of Mr. Morris Lessmore is heart-felt and inspiring. Mr. Morris Lessmore loves books, so much so that he is nearly devastated when a disaster strikes and scatters all his beautiful books. Fortunately, he is able to find his way back to books and he spends the rest of his life sharing the stories of books with others. The illustrations are dark during the disaster and brighten up as the books are once again able to share [...]

  • The picture book of all picture books, this one's gone straight to the favourites shelf! Its words and pictures tell how books transform lives, lifting people up from where they are and helping them become everything they could be.Every family should have a copy of this delightful book in their home to introduce children to the joy of reading. GoodReadingGuideAnd do watch the short film, it's delightful: youtube/watch?v=Adzywe

  • Un hermoso libro, donde nos muestra que cada hoja nos muestra una historia y que cada personajes nos narra una vida.Todos iniciamos a vivir cuando abrimos un libro, y todos morimos al cerrar un libro. La edición es preciosa y las imágenes son una obra de arte.

  • A beautiful and poignant children's tale about the transformative and enduring nature of story through life's varying seasons, from one generation to the next.

  • I cry every single time I read this book. I'm not kidding. Every single goddamn time. To have created such a gentle, supremely beautiful tribute to the glory and wonder of books, library's and reading is the crown jewel in William Joyce's already epic career. At least I think so. Aimless Morris Lessmore wanders through a grey world when he sees a beautiful young woman flying through the air being pulled by a bunch of flying books. Her favorite flies down and leads Morris to an ancient and magica [...]

  • I wanted to give this 4 stars, because I loved the illustrations so much. I would love to find a library where books fly and rest in piles and on shelves everywhere, and read them all. I especially loved the four pictures toward the end of the book showing Morris reading under a tree in front of the library--very atmospheric. However, the story just didn't make any sense to me. Why were the books flying? Where did the lady with the alphabet skirt come from, and who was she? Why, whenever the pag [...]

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