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  • Title: Conan
  • Author: Robert E. Howard L. Sprague de Camp
  • ISBN: 9780441114818
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    • Conan : Robert E. Howard L. Sprague de Camp
      407 Robert E. Howard L. Sprague de Camp
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  • Robert E. Howard L. Sprague de Camp

    Robert Ervin Howard was an American pulp writer of fantasy, horror, historical adventure, boxing, western, and detective fiction Howard wrote over three hundred stories and seven hundred poems of raw power and unbridled emotion and is especially noted for his memorable depictions of a sombre universe of swashbuckling adventure and darkling horror He is well known for having created in the pages of the legendary Depression era pulp magazine Weird Tales the character Conan the Cimmerian, a.k.a Conan the Barbarian, a literary icon whose pop culture imprint can only be compared to such icons as Tarzan of the Apes, Count Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, and James Bond Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.


  • AaaaahConan!I struggled with my star rating for Conan because, despite any mitigating factors, I really love the character of Conan, particularly in the hands of his progenitor, Robert E. Howard.Howard had a fiercely creative mind and a burning work ethic that enabled him to crank out some of the most amazing pulp heroes and anti-heroes, including Kull, El Borak, Solomon Kane, the humorous Breckinridge Ellis, and, of course, Conan before taking his own life at thirty years old.It is an impressiv [...]

  • This book is a copy I bought secondhand many years ago and only decided to start it (finally!) when I participated in a group Conan read in the Sword & Sorcery: "An earthier sort of fantasy" forum at .The book opens with L. Sprague de Camp’s introduction and a letter written in 1936 by Robert E. Howard to P. S. Miller, which explains his conception of Conan. This is followed by Howard’s ‘The Hyborian Age – part I’, an essay outlining the origins and broad historical sweep of Conan [...]

  • I was a teenage barbarian. I grew up in a world of might and magic, sword and sorcery. I learned at an early age what violence could accomplish, and that nothing gets you out of danger as effectively as brute force. I lost my parents at a very young age and wandered the land, living off of whatever I could salvage and slaying those who stood in my way, be they man or beast. It was a time of uncertainty. It was a time of evil. It was a time of adventurearezart

  • Based on a recommendation from my dad, I first read this series when I was eleven. I was pretty much sold as soon as I saw the cover paintings by Frank Frazetta. So, I decided I would re-read all 12 books to see if my general impressions had changed at all since then. Here’s some observations about the 7 stories that appear in book 1.The Thing in the CryptAs a kid, I only had a vague notion about why three different authors were credited on the cover. Over the years, I think I tried to block o [...]

  • I read Robert Howard’s Conan something on a whim. That probably means that at the time I had something really important to do that I really didn’t want to do. However, let’s pretend that I had been wondering what the book would be like, having seen some of the films when I was younger during the age when Arnold Schwarzenegger was an object of my masculine admiration as I made my way up the foothills to the Land of Men. But still, reading the book as a man, would such a series of stories in [...]

  • First time reading any of the Conan books. I liked it. Maybe because they're short stories, or because they were written so long ago, I kept getting the feeling like I was sitting around a campfire listening to someone tell a story -- instead of being inserted into the story as if I were there. Something kind of auditory/oral about them.Conan is described as having a thick alien accent. This made me wonder if the decision to not dub over Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice acting was a conscious decis [...]

  • Det är inte sällan jag blir överaskad av en bok. Jag har sällan allt för höga förväntningar och därför blir jag lätt positivt överaskad. Conan är lite av ett undantag. Visst blev jag positivt överaskad. Men att säga att jag hade låga förväntningar om honom är som att påstå att Indiska oceanen är aningen fuktig.Vad vet jag om karaktären? Han är en korkad barbar från nordländerna som löser alla sina bekymmer med våld. Är det konstigt att jag aldrig lockats att läsa n [...]

  • I had several series of fantasy books that I read with friends and loved when I was a young teen. As I re-read some of these authors in my thirties I am sorely disappointed at their quality. Piers Anthony and Terry Brooks come to mind (although I do still like Magic Kingdom for Sale despite its faults). I have been lugging the original 12 Conan books with me back and forth across the country for 20 years now and decided it was time to actually read them again--put them to the test, as it were. A [...]

  • The first of the little white books series. Fantastic stuff. Howard had a way with words that made everything sound so much more . . . daunting. . . so much more heroic. . . so much more brooding. The man was a poet.The Hyborian Age - Alternate history that shows the reader just how much imagination, fueled by history, Howard put into these stories. You see the historic inspiration for the various peoples, rooted in history and using some information that wasn't available at the time, but wasn't [...]

  • Surprisingly fresh, entertaining, and even tender at moments. I guess having seen just clips from the Arnold movie, I expected a campy cheeseball -- but now I can understand why Conan has endured as a literary figure. With one exception the stories don't even contain objectionable racial epithets, which is pretty amazing considering they were largely written in the 1930s.The best of these stories combine every genre of pulp fiction known at the time: Westerns, detective, science fiction, horror, [...]

  • Me encantó leer las aventuras de Conan, un Cimmerio, que vive metiéndose en problemas debido a su "trabajo" que es ser ladrón, a pesar de ellos siempre cumple con su palabra y rescata a la damisela en peligro. Sus aventuras están llenas de magia, terror y suspenso. En un mundo habitado por dioses y muertos que vuelven a la vida, no hay un segundo de respiro ni palabras de relleno, es pura aventura. Tiene muchos momentos divertidos o al menos a mi me causaron gracia. 100% recomendado para aqu [...]

  • This is one of the Lancer Conans. Some of you will hate them because they are not only NOT the pure Howard stories, but they also include stories made from notes and pastiches by other authors. I enjoyed them, maybe not so much as the pure Howard stories, but they are good. I don't have all of them anymore and they are hard to findif you can find them they are worth a try. Wish someone would reissue them.Okay! This is the first one!

  • Simple and direct sword and sorcery stories that have all the positive and negative aspects of pulp fiction. But their worth is more than the historial birthplace of so much of our modern concept of the fantasy hero, they are entertaining and satisfying short stories.

  • I have a ridiculous nostalgia for Conan as I read this series in my childhood. I decided it was time to revisit and collect all the original novels. Conan is a very simple minded hero with almost supernatural strength and cunning. I still found the character enjoyable after all this time.

  • Great adventure in the form of seven short stories with transitions which link the stories into a good group. The earlier stories were better than the later stories in the book.

  • Reading Conan is like listening to the story of a really good session of Dungeons and Dragons. And for me, while there is so much fun in the act of playing it, there is just as much fun in the recounting of the stories. So reading these was a real delight.I initially started reading Conan with 'Conan the Usurper,' based solely on the fact that its cover is my favorite Frazetta painting, but after researching the publication and character, I determined that reading the series in chronological ord [...]

  • Though not the first of its kind Conan is the character that all following Sword and Sorcerer stories owe their lives. Tightly written stories with great descriptive elements and not overly burdened with character development or dialogue, Conan fights his way through an intricately developed world filled with fascinating places, each unique in its own way. Conan is no hero. He starts his life as one of the rampaging hordes who come over the hill and ravage the village, plundering, burning, killi [...]

  • Howard is a GOD.Why have these stories been popular for 100 years?AWESOMENESS GALORE!!!in your face action but not overdone like zombie moviethe atmousphere, the world building the feel n tone are unique among fantasy writing wonder its bene copied 1000 times! Ladies you will feel a bit of male fan serivce if you will but its done well and not overdone like GOR or other things but hey in all honesty when men fought with swords hey u ladies were not the fulcrum of eventsd could get beheaded quick [...]

  • Des histoires simples voire simplistes, mais racontées sans prétention et avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme. Énormément de copier/coller d'une histoire à l'autre. Curiosité historique qui en première approche pourrait ravir des petits garçons de dix ans.

  • A great escapism set of stories. This is not Hemingway, but I loved it all the same. It's a great collection of Conan stories and I'm glad I made the purchase as it was my first experience with the character in the written form. I absolutely suggest it to others, but don't expect anything too deep and definitely expect lots of glossing over and omitting of some facts. Enjoy it for what it is: escapism

  • I decided to actually read the Conan series since it is among the great fantasy canons. It is actually quite fun, and I can see why the character remains popular even today. The introduction by L. Sprague de Camp is a nice introduction as I would expect from the man who wrote Lest Darkness Fall & Related Stories. That is followed up by an equally interesting letter from Conan creator Robert E. Howard to another author. "The Hyborean Age Part 1," also by Howard, is okay but unnecessary. The b [...]

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