Chamelia and the New Kid in Class

Chamelia and the New Kid in Class Chamelia is a chameleon who loves to stand out in a crowd She s always the star of the show especially at school But when a new kid in class becomes the center of attention Chamelia feels left out C

  • Title: Chamelia and the New Kid in Class
  • Author: Ethan Long
  • ISBN: 9780316210423
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Chamelia is a chameleon who loves to stand out in a crowd She s always the star of the show, especially at school But when a new kid in class becomes the center of attention, Chamelia feels left out Can she figure out how to beat her competition Or will she learn to share the spotlight and make a new best friend Join the fabulous Chamelia in this funny and charming stChamelia is a chameleon who loves to stand out in a crowd She s always the star of the show, especially at school But when a new kid in class becomes the center of attention, Chamelia feels left out Can she figure out how to beat her competition Or will she learn to share the spotlight and make a new best friend Join the fabulous Chamelia in this funny and charming story about friendship, school, and the true meaning of being a star

    • Chamelia and the New Kid in Class BY Ethan Long
      437 Ethan Long
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    Ethan Long is a popular, award winning and internationally recognized children s book author and illustrator with over 70 children s books, a Theodor Seuss Geisel Award and an Emmy nominated television series to his credit Just about all of his awake time is spent writing stories, drawing pictures and spending time with his family Since graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design in 1991, Ethan has never stopped evolving, challenging his creative approach with each new project while constantly honing his instantly identifiable style Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, his childhood memories serve as inspiration for many of his drawings and stories He currently lives with his wife and three children in beautiful Orlando, Florida, USA and flip flops seamlessly between being a world famous children s book author and a stay at home dad.


  • I enjoyed the first Chamelia book in which the irrepressible chameleon was introduced, and this one was equally delightful while containing important messages about how to treat others. Used to being the center of attention, Chamelia is understandably miffed when new boy Cooper quickly becomes popular. After enduring being ignored by her classmates in favor of him, she decides to give him a hard time during his presentation on rocks. But when he falters, she feels guilt and changes her tactics. [...]

  • I liked the topic of this book- it's about a new child joining Chamelia's (a feisty little chameleon) class and how she, the start of the class, is now outshone. Sort of a different take on the "new kid" story. Chamelia struggles at first but then decides to be friends with the new student. That said, for some reason, we weren't as engaged as with other stories. The kids didn't ask to read it twice and I didn't love it either, for whatever reason. I think possibly it could have just been better [...]

  • Oh dear. What do you do when you are a quirky kid (Chamelia) and a new kid arrives who is just as quirky (the new kid in class)? Oh dear. It’s trouble for Chamelia as she competes with the new kid to be the quirkiest, until she finally realizes that it can be fun to have a new friend who is just as quirky as you are.

  • I would use this book not only to talk about friendship, but also about change. I am at a small school and so when new students come in not only do they have a hard time adjusting but the "veterans" to do. This is a good book to open the discussion of that competition.

  • Chamelia is used to being the star of the class. When the new kid, Cooper, comes to school, he becomes the new star. Chamelia doesn't like how Cooper is taking all of her friends so she shows him no attention at all. On show and tell day, Chamelia gives her presentation and is the star. Cooper gives his presentation over rocks and everyone loves it. Chamelia tries at first to wreck Coopers show. Chamelia realizes that that wasn't the right thing to do. Chamelia then cheers on Cooper and they bec [...]

  • I give this book a 3 star rating. This story is about Chamelia and a new kid who came into his class. Just like in any story, the new kid doesn't fit in right away. But the new kid takes the attention from Chamelia. This make its so that they become friends afterwards. This leads to become friends.Ways to use this in a classroom1) Lesson about why students may not expect a new students and what we can do to change that?2)Lesson about friendship and why we need to have friends3) Plot parts of the [...]

  • It's not quite about starting school, but there was a new kid in school. It wasn't necessarily focused on him, but it was still a cute book for my child that will be starting preschool in a month. I liked that it showed the jealousy of the girl but how she realized that the new kid was actually pretty cool.

  • Chamelia is jealous of Cooper, the new student, because he seems to steal her thunder in every way. So, she plans to distract him during his show and tell presentation. That will show him who the real star is. But Chamelia instantly regrets her actions and decides to become Cooper's friend.

  • Chamelia the chameleon learns that sharing the spotlight can lead to finding new friends. A new kid joins their classroom and everyone thinks he's special. Chamelia is jealous and isn't friendly. She discovers that it's more fun to share enjoy others too.

  • I really liked the mixture of regular pictures with fabrics and photos of objects. I only wish the fabrics would have been texturized.

  • This book would be good for teaching acceptance; kindness to others; being kind to new students; plot twist; brainstorming for reading and writing(about how to accept a new student).

  • We read the book Chamelia by Ethan Long three years ago and we liked the quirky chameleon. When I was looking for some 'back-to-school' stories, I realized that there was a sequel. So I just had to borrow it from our local library. The story is entertaining and shows how we can all have different talents and be special in our own way. I like that Chamelia learns to be more accepting of Cooper, despite the fact that he was competition for the attention she normally received. But I didn't like tha [...]

  • Chamelia and the New Kid in ClassBook 4 Text SetNarrative:We’ve been learning about friends and how to include one another. We read the book, The Invisible Boy earlier this week. Justin was the new boy in class and he became a good friend to Brian. This book is about Chamelia who is the shining star in her class. Along comes the new boy in class, Cooper. Chamelia feels like Cooper is trying to steal the spotlight from her. Will Chamelia find a way to be friends with Cooper?Opening Moves:*Activ [...]

  • I wasn't familiar with the Chamelia series of books, so this didn't really hit home for me. But the message of the story rings true, and the illustrations are supportive of the story and exciting for kids. Not my favorite, but if you are in need of something to fill space in a "Back to School" storytime, this could work in a pinch.

  • I guess I should have read the other Chamelia books to completely understand this one, but it sounds like Chamelia is a bit of a diva who likes to be the star of the show and DOES NOT like to share the lime light. She is a little mean to the new kid who looks like he just wants to be a friend to her. He is super talented and all the kids like him but that takes away the spot like from our little Chamelia. Finally she sees Coopers Qualities and decides to be Cooper's "Cheerleader" instead of bein [...]

  • This book immediately drew me in by the vibrant colors and unique characters. It was a fun story that a had an important message for the readers. I enjoyed the way the characters were styled and the way the story was written. It was easy to read and follow and the message was one that was simple to find. I could use this book in my classroom at any time but especially at the beginning of the school year when new students start school. This book would help to see how important it is to be nice to [...]

  • Really cute book about getting over petty jealousies, egos, and assumed 1st impressions. I think Chamelia is a really cute character and this book really showed growth. She had misplaced jealousy of a new kid and it caused her to be not so nice. She always assumed that she had to be the center of attention, but attention can be shared. I like picture/storybooks that teach children the importance of learning lessons from their wrong assumptions towards others. In the end she made a positive decis [...]

  • the book itself was a good book. I liked how they talk about a little girl who was always the center for attention, until a new kid comes into the classroom. books like this interest children, because kids can most likely relate to books like this, because we have all been there once or twice on being jealous of someone else new. so I kind of felt what chamelia was feeling while I was reading the book.

  • Interesting digital artwork that mixes fabrics and photos. Chamelia doesn't like it when a new kid comes to school and draws attention away from her. She is unkind to him during a presentation causing the students to laugh. Then she realizes she's being mean and becomes his cheerleader. Her puppet classmates just follow her lead. This was too didactic for me. I like a more nuanced story. Grade 3 students discussed the artwork more than the story.

  • Long, E. (2013). Chamelia and the new kid in class. New York: Little, BrownA Children's Choice 2014Choice BookChamelia is a charming little book about how she wants all the attention for herself. However, when a new kid comes to school, the attention isn't all on her anymore. This book teaches children how being popular at other's expenses just makes you mean. Has a great story line to keep readers engaged and amazing illustrations. One of my favorite books I've read so far.

  • Cute story about not prejudging people and jealousy. The illustrations didn't do a whole lot for me, but I enjoyed the storyline. That overweighs everything, in this reviewer's humble opinion, since many kids choose to "point out" the new kids in town.

  • Chamelia learns she doesn't have to be the only unique one in her class and that making a new friend is good.

  • Good story about a new student and choosing to lift someone up instead of tearing them down. Really cute pictures. Lots of different topics in which to use this book!

  • Use for teaching character education and choosing kindness. I love, like its predecessor, that is uses real textiles to build color, movement & texture in the illustrations.

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