The Wishing Hill

The Wishing Hill What if everything you knew about your life was wrong Years ago Juliet Clark gave up her life in California to follow the man she loved to Mexico and pursue her dream of being an artist Now her marri

  • Title: The Wishing Hill
  • Author: Holly Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780451415943
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • What if everything you knew about your life was wrong Years ago, Juliet Clark gave up her life in California to follow the man she loved to Mexico and pursue her dream of being an artist Now her marriage is over, and she s alone, selling watercolors to tourists on the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk When her brother asks her to come home to wintery New England and care for thWhat if everything you knew about your life was wrong Years ago, Juliet Clark gave up her life in California to follow the man she loved to Mexico and pursue her dream of being an artist Now her marriage is over, and she s alone, selling watercolors to tourists on the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk When her brother asks her to come home to wintery New England and care for their ailing mother, a flamboyant actress with a storied past, Juliet goes reluctantly She and her self absorbed mother have always clashed Plus, nobody back home knows about her divorce or the fact that she s pregnant and her ex husband is not the father Juliet intends to get her mother back on her feet and return to Mexico fast, but nothing goes as planned Instead she meets a man who makes her question every choice and reawakens her spirit, even as she is being drawn into a long running feud between her mother and a reclusive neighbor Little does she know that these relationships hold the key to shocking secrets about her family and herself that have been hiding in plain sight CONVERSATION GUIDE INCLUDED

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    Holly Robinson is the author of The Gerbil Farmer s Daughter a Memoir as well as several novels, including Sleeping Tigers, The Wishing Hill, Beach Plum Island, and Haven Lake Her essays, articles and columns have appeared in a variety of national publications She also works as a ghost writer and book doctor on celebrity memoirs and other nonfiction books Holly holds a B.A in biology from Clark University and is a graduate of the MFA program in Creative Writing at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst She and her husband have five children, two cats and one very stubborn Pekingese They are crazy enough to be fixing up two old houses in Massachusetts and on Prince Edward Island one shingle at a time.


  • The Wishing HillHolly RobinsonWow!! I truly loved THE WISHING HILL from the very first page. Holly pulls you right in and never lets you go! I was totally caught up in all the characters lives and found myself cheering for Juliet along the way! She learns some deep secrets about herself and her family. Everything she thought was her life was a total lie. From her idiot, soon to be ex husband to her own mother.  She has been dealt a pretty harsh hand and now must find a way to deal with it and l [...]

  • Description- What if everything you knew about your life was wrong?Years ago, Juliet Clark gave up her life in California to follow the man she loved to Mexico and pursue her dream of being an artist. Now her marriage is over, and she’s alone, selling watercolors to tourists on the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk.When her brother asks her to come home to wintery New England and care for their ailing mother, a flamboyant actress with a storied past, Juliet goes reluctantly. She and her self-absorbed [...]

  • This was a great read for me. I love books about relationships, particularly those that have characters who are strong and determined. This was one of those books. The characters in this book were immensely strong women - in different ways. The plot follows Juliet as she learns about her family and the secrets surrounding her birth as she is preparing to give birth to her own child. Desiree is one of those flamboyant personalities that you love, sympathize with and know would make you crazy. Cla [...]

  • No one is perfect. It is our flaws that make us human. Holly Robinson creates some very human characters in The Wishing Hill: A Novel. Narrated by two women, Juliet and Claire, this book drew me in within the first few pages.An artist in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico we first meet Juliet 5 months after her husband left her. She is 40 and pregnant by someone not her husband. She is vividly drawn and an intersting woman. Her brother Will calls her to return home to help him take care of thier mother who [...]

  • Bathed in the lush, golden hues of Puerto Vallarta, Juliet Clark spends each sitting on the beaches of Mexico's Pacific Coast, painting landscapes and vaguely feigning a Mexican heritage to the tourists who come to buy her work as the waves lap at the shoreline. When faced with unexpected desertion of her husband, Juliet Clark is at a loss; her tranquil bliss comes to an abrupt halt. Like the native Huichol Indians performing breathtaking ritual, the dance of the flyer, her life has taken on the [...]

  • I had high hopes for this book due to the many positive reviews, however, I thought the book was just ok. I really couldn't identify with any of the characters. In fact, the character Claire, I found to be just down right annoying. She is an extremely negative individual who judges those around her with every conversation and meeting.The book was written well enough in its prose, but I felt that it dragged along and the storylines weren't very interesting. I would not recommend this book to anyo [...]

  • What I liked: It's a story about generations. There are a couple of geriatric protagonists and a few other geriatric characters each of which the author blesses with a unique personality and role to play. Some of the settings, hospitals, nursing homes, elderly traveling among the young are presented in a thoughtful way that attempts to explore the world from a geriatric point of view and create sympathy in a younger reader. I am not sure how these scenes read for older readers? Do they feel shal [...]

  • Juliet Clark is an artist, living in Mexico where she sells her paintings to tourists in Puerto Vallarta. She has recently separated from her husband and finds out she is pregnant but her ex husband is not the father. Juliet's brother Will convinces her to come home to Massachusetts to help care for their aging mother who recently fell and broke her hip. She agrees even though she has a strained relationship with her mother, Desiree. She plans to help her mother get back on her feet and then ret [...]

  • The Wishing Hill by Holly RobinsonThis book is about Juliet, a painter who comes back to Boston to care for her mother who fell and broke her hip. In the nursing home she develops an infection and that puts her back in the hospital.Juliet's brother comes from CT to help out. Desiree, their mother was an actress and is now in her 70'saire the next door neighbor remembers Juliet and saves her from going through the icy pond. The story tells of her life and marriage.Love what the title means and re [...]

  • I liked this book but didn’t love it. I thought the story was basically good but parts of it really dragged for me. I really like the author’s writing style but I was never really invested in the story. I didn’t feel as though I couldn’t wait to pick it up again when I had to put it down. The ending is what really disappointed me. There was a lot that was left completely unresolved for me and this caused my opinion of the book as a whole to slip drastically.The characters in the book are [...]

  • I went to our local book store to hear Holly Robinson talk about her latest book "The Wishing Hill". I enjoyed listening to her speak about her process and the areas that inspired this book. This is a chick-lit book and is about family, secrets, love and difficult choices. There are several story lines to keep you interested and I did like the character of Juliet and was drawn in to see what was going to develop with all the different unresolved issues she has found herself facing. I generally r [...]

  • I won a copyof this book through a First Reads giveaway.I'd give it 2.5 stars. I love that Puerto Vallarta was one of the locations that this story took place. It actually added some color to a gray book (both through location & plot). I had a hard time liking any of the main female characters but still admired their survival despite their complicated histories. Ian & Giles were great though I felt like their characters existed only to provide some romance to a bland story. Not a horrib [...]

  • Loved, loved this book. Holly Robinson does a terrific job in creating memorable characters that you fall in love with.

  • uliet has been dumped by her husband, is pregnant, and now has to return to her home in New England to care for her mother whom she ran away from years ago. What Juliet doesn't realize is that going home will reveal secrets that will forever change how she views her family and her future.The setting begins with Juliet, a successful artist living in Mexico. Her husband, Michael, has left her and she has recently found out she was pregnant. As she struggles with how to handle the chaos in her life [...]

  • Contemporary Fiction is such a broad category that to label the book as such is really not telling the reader anything. On the other hand, I am always a bit leery of labeling a book as Chick-Lit because I think that many readers make assumptions about the book based solely on that. In fact, I used to think that I was not a big fan of "chick-lit" but as I have read more and more books in this genre I realized that I do like chick-lit, but that I am just picky about the books I read. I find that i [...]

  • Review Copy Provided By Author via Sisterhood of the Traveling BookI have to admit that I found it hard to write a review for this book. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it – but I have so many thoughts going through my mind that I almost need to sit down and write out my thoughts before writing this review (of course, i’m actually not doing that). So after stepping away for a few days to think about what I wanted to write (but still not really knowing for sure), i’m back to attempt [...]

  • I began The Wishing Hill late one afternoon and finished it the next morning. What a compelling read, what complex and fascinating female characters! Both plot and character motivation hinge on the keeping and unraveling of family secrets, and this reader was on edge until the very last chapter wondering if the exposure of lies and coverups would be this family's undoingor its salvation.Forty-year-old artist Juliet must return to Massachusetts from Mexico to help take care of her aging mother wh [...]

  • The Wishing Hill is about three strong and complicated women – Juliet, Claire, and Desiree – whose lives were shaped by a family secret. Throughout of her life Juliet felt her flamboyant mother was absent. Desiree put her theatrical career and the men she loved first in her life, and Juliet and her brother Will were often left to fend for themselves. Claire was the mysterious neighbor who never interacted with Juliet until Desiree was hospitalized. What was their secret?Juliet had a successf [...]

  • Memories can be a strong influence on how you feel and think. What you think you know and remember from an old memory may in fact not be accurate at all? The older we get, the more our memories can, in fact, fool us.The author has created a story that takes a seemingly typical family, and exposes the secrets of who they really are. A mother that is flighty and flamboyant; a brother that is close yet so far away, and a strange, yet kind, neighbor that Mother has had a long standing feud with that [...]

  • Holly Robinson’s The Wishing Hill caught and held me from its first page to its last. The novel is a subtle exploration of the themes of deception, responsibility, and family. Holly tells a compelling and fast-paced story in clear, effective prose. The settings are vividly evoked; the characters are complex and believable. Juliet is a painter in Puerto Vallarta, who has been betrayed and abandoned by her husband. She is confused, lost, pregnant, and mostly alone when she is called back to New [...]

  • This was a good book, although I didn't read it as quickly as the last book I read (Save The Date). It made me sad, and it made me happy. The storyline was very relatable as family goes, and I wasn't expecting the main plot twist either, which is nice for a change. The Wishing Hill made me want to forgive, make amends, and do things that truly make me happy. I would have given it 5 stars, but the ending left me hanging. I don't know if the several page 'Acknowledgment' section that followed the [...]

  • A friend gave me a copy of the book recently, saying I would like the Puerto Vallarta setting. Most of the book takes place in cold New England, but Mexico sure did sound nice—especially the idea of being a painter and making a living off that. The book was an easy commercial read à la Kristin Hannah and Luanne Rice, but I didn't really engage with the characters and all their secrets and melodramatic reactions to things. A little too TV-ish, meaning a person flounces out or the camera cuts a [...]

  • Juliet married a man she met and then moved to Mexico he was a good few years older been married before and had grown children and really didn't want more. But Juliet wouldn't let up on it. Unbeknownst to her he had a vasectomy with out telling her. He eventually asked for a divorce and caught up in her grief she started a hook up with the gardener next door who was Mexican. She always thought r was infertile so to her shock she turned up pregnant after the gardener had said his goodbyes he was [...]

  • First, disclaimers: I know Holly and live in the area she used for her setting. This only added to the pleasure of the book's experience.This book greeted me each morning like an old friend. The characters are expertly crafted and the story unfolds beautifully in an unhurried and confident way. The characters breathed for me and I loved them for their faults as well as their strengths. Holly has a gift in telling a story about a small slice of life in a way that champions all of us. As readers, [...]

  • I would give this a 3.5 if there were half stars. Although it is well written the plot was all too predictable. Also, the "old folks" in their early 70s are nothing like the 70 and 80 somethings I know. Too easy on a 40 year old having a first child and negative about the abilities and thinking of older people. Although all the 70 somethings are really quite capable in their behavior--hiking,biking,swimming,traveling,and taking care of their own homes--the auther constantly focuses on them being [...]

  • The Wishing Hill was one of those books that is a lazy summer day read if you cannot find anything else to read. The story is interesting, but I was always one step ahead of the writerways knew what was going to happen next. I do not recommend this one because the hyperboles and comparisons are forcedunded like she went to writing school. The main character has kicked out her no-good husband, gets pregnant by the gardener, and must leave her artist home in Mexico to take care of her pompous moth [...]

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