What America Was Really Like in 1776

What America Was Really Like in New York Times bestselling historian and novelist Thomas Fleming takes us back to the days of the founders detailing the surprising facts of American life in including its resemblance to today

  • Title: What America Was Really Like in 1776
  • Author: Thomas J. Fleming
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  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New York Times bestselling historian and novelist Thomas Fleming takes us back to the days of the founders, detailing the surprising facts of American life in 1776 including its resemblance to today.

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  • Thomas J. Fleming

    Thomas J Fleming is an historian and historical novelist, with a special interest in the American Revolution He was born in 1927 in Jersey City, New Jersey, the son of a World War I hero who was a leader in Jersey City politics for three decades Before her marriage, his mother, Katherine Dolan Fleming, was a teacher in the Jersey City Public School System.After graduating from St Peter s Preparatory School in Jersey City, Fleming spent a year in the United States Navy He received a Bachelor s degree, with honors, from Fordham University in 1950 After brief stints as a newspaperman and magazine editor, he became a full time writer in 1960 His first history book, Now We Are Enemies, an account of the Battle of Bunker Hill, was published that same year It was an instant success, reviewed in than 75 newspapers and featured as a main selection of the Literary Guild.Since then, Fleming has published numerous books about events and figures of the Revolutionary era He has also written about other periods of American history, and has published than twenty novels, including several best sellers, set against various historical backgrounds.Fleming lives in New York with his wife Alice, a distinguished writer of books for young people The couple has four children and seven grandchildren.


  • You can't go wrong reading a Thomas Fleming America history book. What I really appreciate in his writings is his insight and attempt to provide context and perspective, not simply facts. And this book is precisely about context; it would serve best as a foundation to reading further on the subject. My only reservation is that the book is so short.

  • Not a book, but an essay sold by amazon as a book, but that's OK. As a trained historian, but not in the Colonial and Revolutionary period, I found the essay a review of American history that only gets taught on the university level. America and its history is mythology (says me, not Fleming), and this is a short remedy.

  • A fast read.If this book is true, it contains facts that I find mind boggling. Makes me wonder why not found in children's history books.

  • What America was Really Like In 1776An absorbing, treasure trove of historical insight into the very foundation and fundamental fabric of this great nation. Mr. Fleming's extraordinary research is a thrill to read. This information - and this volume in particular - should be mandatory reading in every "American History" class in our public school systems! His mastery of the subject helps the reader feel a commonality with our ancestors and Founding Fathers' generation which dispels the myths pro [...]

  • Interesting OverviewEasy to read, full of facts, and somewhat surprising, Thomas Fleming's What America Was Really Like in 1776 is a brisk flyover of life in the soon-to-be United States of America. While serious scholars will need to go elsewhere for details and depth, I found this short overview an enjoyable highlight reel of the culture of the time period. I recommend it as an on-ramp for further study, or as a sampler platter for lovers of history who enjoy a tasty snack without feeling too [...]

  • An unexpected historyThis book reveals an early America unknown by those who have been exposed to what is left of the teaching America's past. Most eye opening was the high economic status of America compared to Britain and Europe. There was a wide diversity of wealth among Americans of the time. The roles played by blacks and women were more than I had learned previously. It's a very interesting and educational read.

  • Great Story LineBut tremendously short on content! This could have been a great story but it stopped, by any measure, way to short of telling the tale and connect ing it to future generations.

  • Good, Short, but Lacked OrganizationI knew how short it use, but it still could have been better organized / planned. Very interesting though. For the length, the price was a little high.

  • Concise and to the pointA great read that does exactly what it set out to do with no filler. The author details the lives of Americans on the eve of the war without giving unnecessary information.

  • A pleasure to read If you're looking for details and long winded diatribes, then this book is not for you. I thoroughly enjoyed the succinct style that the author used to give us the big picture.

  • I had expected just a brief history mainly regarding political atmosphere but it also includes info about economy, population, diet, and other common everyday things that aren't normally mentioned in history.

  • Nice and short, but also very illustrative of the social, political and economic currents leading up to the American Revolution.

  • LousyNot worth the read. Not sure this should be considered a book. More of a boring magazine article! Save your money. Look elsewhere.

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