Straight Silver

Straight Silver Commissar Gaunt and his men undertake a seemingly suicidal mission in the blood soaked trenches of the st Millennium On the battlefields of Aexe Cardinal the struggling forces of the Imperial Guard

  • Title: Straight Silver
  • Author: Dan Abnett
  • ISBN: 9781844163281
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Commissar Gaunt and his men undertake a seemingly suicidal mission in the blood soaked trenches of the 41st Millennium.On the battlefields of Aexe Cardinal, the struggling forces of the Imperial Guard are locked in a deadly stalemate with the dark armies of Chaos Commissar Ibram Gaunt and his regiment, the Tanith First and Only, are thrown headlong into this living hell oCommissar Gaunt and his men undertake a seemingly suicidal mission in the blood soaked trenches of the 41st Millennium.On the battlefields of Aexe Cardinal, the struggling forces of the Imperial Guard are locked in a deadly stalemate with the dark armies of Chaos Commissar Ibram Gaunt and his regiment, the Tanith First and Only, are thrown headlong into this living hell of trench warfare, where death from lethal artillery is always just a moment away The only chance for Gaunt and his lightly armed scouts to survive is to volunteer for a mission so dangerous that no one else dares accept it.

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    Dan Abnett Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Straight Silver book, this is one of the most wanted Dan Abnett author readers around the world.


  • Welcome to World War 1, set in the universe of Warhammer 40k. Lasguns, Artillery, Trench Warfare, Barbwire, Corpselight, and every horrible thing you can think of from pictures of WW I are in this story. Abnett throws the Ghosts into the demanding meat machine of trench combat to save a planet that has been doing this particular war for 40 years.Oh and by the way, it is not what he does is what he doesn't do! Those are his words. And what he doesn't do, drives you up a wall.Another great Ghost's [...]

  • 3.5Jo, mistr Abnett je geniální architekt titěrných detailů, které se odehrají jako nic ve 2 3 větách nebo vtipných hláškách na dva řádky a jsou to vlastně jen zanedbatelné částečky celého příběhu. Ale dodají mu neuvěřitelné kouzlo a šťávu. Poctivě si buduje začátek každého story, aby mohl rozjet akci ve velkém. Ale do háje Obraz Ibrama se mu sype jako špatně poskládané puzzle, sotva tu je možnost oblíbit si nějakého Ducha, bam, už není A ty konce [...]

  • Decades ago the forces of Chaos overran and conquered the Sabbat Worlds, a star cluster of over one hundred inhabited planets which had been won for the Imperium six millennia previously by Saint Sabbat, a formidable general. One of the few worlds not to fall outright was Aexe Cardinal, too marginal for even the endless legions of the Warp to waste time attacking. Instead, a local, ambitious nation was reinforced and induced to attack its neighbours, unleashing a horrendous trench war the likes [...]

  • I was introduced to the Warhammer 40K Universe while shuffling through the Fantasy and science fiction shelves, glum again as they had yet to transfer books and bring a few new ones in to freshen the stacks. A small pocket book caught my eye as it had not been there before. In fact, staff must have just stocked it. The front cover displayed a crowd of fully armored men fighting with chainswords and las-rifles. At the back one soldier was endowed with wings of flames. He stood looking as if to wi [...]

  • By far the best in the series to date. Each of these books focuses on a different aspect of war, and this one harkens back to WWI with trench warfare. Abnett's writing brings you into the gritty battle and the war scenes are so much better written than anything previous in the series. Beyond that we have some incredible character development. We finally get more involved into the guard itself and it develops many of the minor characters that we just glazed over in previous books, while driving f [...]

  • Na dovolenou jsem potřeboval něco malého, tak jsem sáhl po dalším Warhammmeru od Abnetta. A nezklamal. Žádná velká literatura, ale dobře napsaná akční komerce. S důrazem na masivnost a jatkovitost. Už se začínám i pomalu orientovat v postavách, i když se mezi nimi hodně skáče. Každá kniha v podstatě zachycuje jednu bitvu - v téhle se podíváme do zákopů evokujících masakry první světové války. Jediná spojující linka jsou osudy postav, kdy některé získá [...]

  • I dove into this straight from Guns of Tanith, with only the slightest of breaks to sleep, shower, and do enough work to get paid. Abnett maintains his decent stride in Straight Silver, improving his character work and continuing to nail the action and pacing. The world building was excellent as always. I tore through this one as well and within moments of finishing it, I'd started on Sabbat Martyr, the next in the series.Again I'll say I'm giving it 4, but with the caveat that this won't make y [...]

  • Is this it? The best Gaunt’s Ghosts novel? It very well could be. First I want to talk about the weaknesses, because having read six of Abnett’s novels now, I’m starting to notice some patterns.Every book he painstakingly re-introduces us as the reader to each and every character. It’s as though he has a folder full of character names and underneath each are some stock phrases and characterising events he recycles every book. Maybe this is an unfair criticism. This is a lengthy series, a [...]

  • I've said it before, and I will say it again. If there's one thing Abnett knows how to do, it's character interaction and conflict.Straight Silver is no exception. Throughout the entire book, we are treated to the various interpersonal relationships between members of the Tanith First and Only. Out of all of them however, is the continued problem of Cuu and his conflict with Larkin. This is something that we've been watching for awhile now, and in this book it gets amped up to an incredible leve [...]

  • Straight SilverStill under the command of Van Voytz, the Tanith First is deployed as part of the Imperial Expeditionary Force to Aexe Cardinal, where a deadlocked land war has been raging for forty years between the Aexe Alliance (a handful of loyal nation-states) and the Chaos-corrupted Shadik Republic. Warmaster Macaroth insists that the Aexe Alliance is to remain in command of the campaign, with strained success. The Alliance employs methods of warfare considered obsolete and inefficient acco [...]

  • My favorite thing about the 40K universe are the WWI overtones. I especially enjoy when a book or story pushes that to the forefront ("15 Hours," for instance). This is a book told against the backdrop of trench warfare.My favorite character in the Gaunts' Ghosts series of books is Hlaine Larkin. I've nervously turned every page he was on since one specific scene in "First & Only" made him jump out to me. (Nervously because, obviously, no one is safe in these books - Gaunt, I guess, at least [...]

  • Gaunt Six.Somehow Abnett made this book about Imperial Guardsmen fighting a trench war, complete with infantry stalemates and arbitrary gas induced death. It is sort of cool and ridiculous to see the super advanced military-centric world of Warhammer 40k reduced to tactics used in World War I and Abnett makes sure that you are aware that the main characters in the story think this is a terribly ineffective way to fight, which manages to make the situation more believable.There are a couple of co [...]

  • At first I didn't think I'd enjoy this one as much as the others. The tension it was setting up between the idiotic leadership and Gaunt seemed a bit too awkward. After all the Ghosts have been through you expect other forces to learn from them and give them freedom but in reality that wouldn't be the case so why should it be the case in the story? This was an excellent story. It truly exceeded my expectations. The only thing that threw me off a little was Gaunt acting more like a Commisar than [...]

  • A hard-hitter.The war on Aexe Cardinal is an important point in the First and Only's history, but the real meat of the story (in my opinion) would be the parts that connect it to the rest of the arc that starts with Honour Guard and ends with the next book, Sabbat Martyr. I really liked how Abnett threw in warp phenomena in a believable way, while maintaining a sort of wonder or mystery to it.The pacing of this book is the main reason this book didn't get a 5; sometimes it feels like the book is [...]

  • A pinnacle of SF action, combat never looked betterThe 4 books which make up this second series of the Gaunt's Ghosts stories are in my regard the finest so far, Honour Guard has to be my favourite of the bunch as it's epic ending and highly interesting sub plots which make up the main lines of future stories, As I have said before, Dan Abnett does action better than anyone I’ve yet read, yet in these he brings real skill in other areas also, you begin to see the real trauma behind the regimen [...]

  • Otra vez, estamos ante un gran libro de acción. Las batallas son abrumadoramente bestias y llenas de tensión, la cantidad de personajes mantiene el conjunto muy fresco y la historia es de las más absorbentes de toda la saga, especialmente con los “cambios de ambiente” entre el frente y la reserva. Así da gusto seguir alargando una saga, especialmente este libro, que además de viciar, te prepara para el colofón finalitnerio/2014/05/

  • I will give most things by the black library five stars largely because I love the world and I find them to be wonderful reads. I get lost in them every time. As far as Imperial Gaurd novels go I am a huge fan of the Dan Abnett's Tanith First and Only books. Dan does such a wonderful job with his characters. I always feel like I know them personally and they a;ways have enough progression to keep things interesting. It is a wonderful creation idea as well

  • What can I say other than.WOW! This was a trench-warfare tale that made you feel muddy, wet, and tired. I gave it an 8/10 on my personal scale.If you like war stories you should be reading these books.-tpl

  • For me this book was so good, Abnett delivered one of best reads i have had in a good time, great development for characters, gritty, atmospheric, and enjoyable.

  • Slightly abrupt ending again, with another important character death right at the end. Seems to be becoming a theme. But, very evocative of the Great War.

  • I loved this meatgrinder of a campaign. Abnett is obviously channelling 40K through the horror of WWI trench warfare. Great action and great characters on an epic scale. Loved it.

  • Guant is thrust into a war that is already 40 years old and as he fights for the right to deploy his men in their best capacity, Sgt. Kolea's unit is getting used to a new women in charge.

  • Entertaining. Intelligent writing. Too much of the same thing, for me -- Blood and guts and evil vs. good.

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