Relentless Lily Chandler lost her job and lost her apartment The last thing she wants is to lose her heart to a small town sexy cowboy who is known to love em and leave em Rud bad boy Luke Winchester needs to sh

  • Title: Relentless
  • Author: Cindy Stark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lily Chandler lost her job and lost her apartment The last thing she wants is to lose her heart to a small town sexy cowboy who is known to love em and leave em.Rud bad boy Luke Winchester needs to shed the reputation he hasn t earned if he wants than a stolen kiss from Lily Unfortunately, the scorned woman who stands in his way happens to be Lily s best frienLily Chandler lost her job and lost her apartment The last thing she wants is to lose her heart to a small town sexy cowboy who is known to love em and leave em.Rud bad boy Luke Winchester needs to shed the reputation he hasn t earned if he wants than a stolen kiss from Lily Unfortunately, the scorned woman who stands in his way happens to be Lily s best friend.Lily intends to steer clear of temptation and remain loyal to her friend, but Luke s subtle yet relentless pursuit weakens her with each encounter If she gives in, will she become another notch in his belt or find the love she s always longed for

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  • Lily the new girl and Luke.Not really a 4star but it just hit the spot. Romantic, good communication between MCs, nice setting, strong h, sweet-natured H.Lily and her bff Hannah get laid off at the same time. On top of that Lily had lost her cheating fiancee to her slutty sister. So she is a bit gun shy when she meets Luke, and it doesn't help that Hannah says he is a womanizing man-ho but is he really? Nothing is as black and white as I was expecting.The plot is simple but not as predictable as [...]

  • This was such as sweet story. I liked Lily and Luke a lot but hated Hannah the harpy. She was such a vile a vindictive person (and for NO reason). My only complaint with the book was that I wished that there was a resolution to Hannah and her lies so that Luke could have been publicly vindicated.

  • A simple, sweet and bland Novella - just 2 tiny stars.Twenty-five-year-old Lily moves along with her friend Hannah to her friend's tiny hometown. They live temporarily in a small house on Hannah's parents' farm. The very first day is Lily running on the local hottie cowboy, Luke. The guy who broke her friend's heart when they were teenagers. Luke flirts immediately with Lily and Lily can't help but get really interested. Lily hear some bad things about Luke from her friend, but what is true? Wha [...]

  • I am not sure what I was expecting when I downloaded this book, but it wasn't what I got- it was so much better! This was my first time reading anything by Cindy Stark, but it will certainly *not* be the last. I purchased this for free last night on a whim when I couldn't sleep. Based on the cover and the short description, I anticipated a nice "fluff" read with a good bit of sexy thrown in. This is a classic case of "do not judge a book by its cover". I was surprised and pleased to see an actua [...]

  • This is a terrible book. Boring. Cliched characters who lack any notion of depth (except for the over the top "friend" who was just ridiculous). Cliched plot (or maybe it's just a lack thereof altogether. Meh writing (at least it's 3rd person). Silly ending. Okay and minor rant. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, USE A FUCKING CONDOM. See, in this book, the female protagonist (if we dare to call her that) decides that no, it's a-okay to have unprotected sex with a guy she doesn't really know that well AND who [...]

  • A Great sweet short romance, and who doesn’t love a cowboyyyyyy!!! Considering the length of this story I found that Cindy has added all the goodies in. Relentless has lies, romance, betrayal, deceit and of course a small town with gossip and smexy moments to of course. The characters were likeable and the storyline intriguing. Recommended for an afternoon read or someone wanting to fluff that inner romantic. PST don’t cha just love the cover *** purr ** I’d love to have seen more and it t [...]

  • A fun, quick little read if you like sexy cowboys and sassy girls who fall for them this book is for you After losing their jobs, Hannah and Lily decide to go to Hannah's home town of Aspen, Utah. An itty bitty place where everyone knows everything about each other. When Lily meets Luke, she feels an instant spark, and wants to find out more. The only thing standing in her way is her friendship with Hannah. Luke is Hannah's ex and Lily has been warned that he. is. trouble and she should stay far [...]

  • This one was okay for a quick read. I liked the connection between Lily and Luke. There were definite sparks there. I liked the small town feel and the way the characters interacted. The only thing that I really didn’t like was Lily’s friend Hannah.My dislike of the scorned best friend had nothing to do with her being the ‘bad guy’ in this story. The problem was that readers weren’t given a really clear reason as to why she was the ‘bad guy’ and what caused her to act the way she d [...]

  • Original review at A Date with a Book After reading the holiday story of this series, Cowboys and Angels and loving it, I found that I had the first book on this series on my Kindle TBR pile and quickly read it. And just like the holiday story, this book was a quick read as well. Even though this is a novella, it definitely has enough substance to make a complete story, but definitely wanting more of the author’s work.This author sure knows how to write a romance story. I loved Lily and Luke. [...]

  • This was a good read. From the beginning of the story I could not connect with Hannah- she is seriously crazy and I'm hoping that the author isn't going to try and redeem this chick in a later book because I just can't see it. HATED her The h on the other hand was a likeable character. She had some iffy tendencies but I thought they were brought out by Hannah so they can be overlooked What I don't get is how come she never knew her friend and roommate was insane? I would have liked a little more [...]

  • Lies are the hardest things to out run & this is one story filled with them. Yet, none are true & they have taken on a life of their own. Hannah is the one that started the rumors about Luke out of anger over 6 years ago but she cannot let it go she truly believes them now to the point where when her & her friend Lily have to move home to her family's farm, which she has to after they lose their jobs. She is not happy about moving home, she gets caught up in the meanness of those lie [...]

  • Book 1 Luke and lily. This is technically the second book in series which is about Luke Winchester. Lily loses her job and with her BFF decides to more to her BFF hometown of Aspen. What lily doesn't know is hannah is vindicated and lier. Before Luke left for college he dumped hannah because it wasn't serious. Hannah started lies saying Luke raped her and by the time he came back it was impossible to get people to believe him. Lily is a good huge of character and she feels straight away somethin [...]

  • Relentless is based in small town Aspen and tells the tale of Lily Chandler and Luke Winchester as they try to overcome the small town gossip and rumours spread by Lily's best friend Hannah.Cindy Stark's writing style makes Relentless an enjoyable quick read. This is a great romantic story that has very likeable characters and from the first chapter it is easy for the reader, like Lily, to be charmed by Luke Winchester and the rest of Aspen town folk. As the electric sparks fly between Lily and [...]

  • Lily Chandler ends up in a tiny town in middle of nowhere America. She has always been a city girl, but with no job and little money she follows her roommate and best friend Hannah to her tiny hometown. Lily needs time to figure out where she is going and a new job. As soon as they enter the city she meets Luke Winchester, a hot rancher with a lot of history with the town and her bestfriend.Lily is in a bad position because she is staying with Hannah's family and she was friends first so she has [...]

  • This was a really enjoyable novella. Considering the length, I thought the two main characters were well developed; the antagonist less so. The ending was too abrupt for my tastes. Personally, I'd rather see a story end with the characters hopeful about the future and the potential for true love without it being declared after only a few days. That said, I really enjoyed the story, the connection between Luke and Lily, and the love scene. The barroom cat fight was a nice addition too. I'm not su [...]

  • Out of all Cindy Stark's stories, this one has to be my favorite. (and that's saying something!) Ms. Stark has a way of weaving a fantasy that you want to superimpose yourself into so that you can live the experience. Her imagery and setting is poetic and evocative and her characters are unforgettable. I fell in love with her misunderstood Hero right away and then, like Lilly's, my feelings just got deeper from there. This may be a Novella, but it reads like a full length novel leaving you utter [...]

  • A nice surprise! Loved Lily and Luke but hated Hannah and all her lies due rejection/insecurities. Best way to describe Hannah would be "vindictive bitch". I was a little disappointed that Luke was never publicly vindicated and that there was no mention of a resolution to Hannah and her lies. Nonetheless, this was a sweet story, well worth the read. Here you have the case of don't judge a book by it's cover, even though the cover does it for me too! ;)

  • Definitely a quick read, I liked the slice of small town life but I was a little taken aback by where Hannah's animosity with the town and her family came from. Lily was the typical big city girl in a small town. Luke had some surprising depth. Fun, but I think I would have got a little more out of it if Hannah's oddness had been explained more.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

  • This is the first time I've read Ms. Stark's work, but I really enjoyed the start of her Aspen series. I liked the premise of a "big city" girl coming to a small town on the grudging graciousness of her friend, who then turns on her because of a sexy man the friend never got to have. I liked Luke and Lily, and the situation between Lily and Hannah played out realistically. Great spicy read with plenty of sexual tension and adventure.

  • Good short read. Luke was a strong lead character although I wish the story was a little longer so it would have delve into more of his character. Lily was perfect in this story as city girl whose got a country girls heart. I enjoyed this story my only issue was I wanted the story to be longer with more details on the characters.

  • Cowboys ❤️I love Cowboys I am a southern girl through and through I didn't give this 5 stars because there where a few things I think should have been address like that crazy lying Hannah but other than that it was pretty good I am reading the next book in the series so I like the authors writing style !

  • Every time I read one of Cindy Stark's books, I think I love this hero best. No exception here. Luke melts everything. I think he's hotter than the cover pic personally. Lily I liked a lot but with Hannah being a complete crazy, Lily's loyalty seemed uber misplaced. Loved it when the girls have their come-to-jesus meeting in the bar though.

  • I got this free from .It has been awhile since I read this book.I remember it being exciting and interesting. The characters are not standing out to me at this point. Might be worth a re-read. I remember liking it and since more books have come my way from Stark, I find that her books are pretty good.

  • An easy read without much plot - but in a good way. The main focus is Lily and Luke's growing desire for each other. Nice. I will read the next in the series.See my full review on Romance Novel News - romancenovelnews/jooml

  • Romance Cowboy StyleAnother winner for Cindy Stark. She does cowboy romance like no other. This story pulls you in and won't let go until the very end. It has you from the first to very last word and leaves you wanting more. Hence the reason I am glad the Aspen Book series continues. Looking forward to reading book 2.

  • This book was a good little gem I happened to stumble upon. A sweet little romance story with my favorite a tattooed cowboy. Cant get any better than that folks. Lust, rumors, lies, humor, romance, and even a nice bar room brawl. Cute little short story, I only wish it had been longer.

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