Window The effect human beings have on the landscape around them is the theme of Baker s most recent tour de force The artist s multimedia collage constructions are as ever fascinating in their realistic d

  • Title: Window
  • Author: Jeannie Baker
  • ISBN: 9780688089184
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The effect human beings have on the landscape around them is the theme of Baker s most recent tour de force.The artist s multimedia collage constructions are, as ever, fascinating in their realistic detail and powerfully convey the dramatic message Horn Book.

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    • Window ¦ Jeannie Baker
      445 Jeannie Baker
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  • Jeannie Baker

    Jeannie Baker is the author illustrator of a number of children s picture books, including the critically celebrated Mirror and the award winning Where the Forest Meets the Sea Born in England, she now lives in Australia.


  • I really liked this book and would definitely recommend it for children of all ages. The book consists of a series of pictures of a landscape, framed by a bedroom window. The bedroom belongs to a boy, and as he grows older you see how the landscape changes. Beginning as a rural, unspoiled setting, the view gradually transforms into an urban, built up environment.The illustrations are brilliant, and have a physical depth to them, that makes them seem almost raised from the page, as if in 3D.An in [...]

  • I personally like Home better than this wordless picture book since it is more hopeful. Of course on the other hand Window definitely realistically portrays what is happening with cities and the countryside. Baker's collages are extremely complex and even a bit freaky looking. I can't imagine how much time it takes for her to create a book like this. I read a little about her process and some of the books take years. She even uses real plant matter!!!

  • I just finished reading Baker’s book Home which I found uplifting. This book I found quite depressing. I am a city person but the humans overrunning these two landscapes I did not find appealing.This is the almost wordless story of a boy growing up in the country that becomes a much more populated area, has a baby of his own, back in another area that’s undeveloped, yet with development slated to soon start. As with Home, Bake uses specific age birthday cards and other objects and kids’ gr [...]

  • The summary really says it all. This is a picture only book that shows how the times change. And not always for the better. The lesson hits home, especially when the grafiit goes up, all the trees are gone, etc. but a bit unrealistic for many place to go the lonely country side to a major city in so few years. But it gets the point across. Would have worked better I think if we watched from being a baby to a older grandpa who maybe moves with is grown children into the countryside once more. I l [...]

  • What fascinated me about the book were the illustrations, which are done in 3-D collages. A boy looks out a window at the same scene over time, and we see the changes that take place in the landscape. Jeannie Baker is a master at this type of illustration.

  • This wordless picturebook has a powerful (and quite depressing) message, as summarized in the author's note at the end of the book: "We are changing the face of our world at an alarming and an increasing pace."Jeannie Baker's collage constructions in Window are as breathtakingly detailed as ever:

  • The most important children’s books combine entertainment and enjoyability with a more meaningful message; educating children not only in terms of literacy, but about the world around them.Window by Jeannie Baker is a picture book; its illustrations present the reader with the story of a boy and the view from his bedroom window of the landscape below. As he grows up, the area he observes gradually develops from a lush, rural wilderness to a highly urbanised scene. The message is clear: humans [...]

  • The author did a great job in raising environmental issues such as: deforestation concerns, animal extinctions and pollution, all by means of pictures. The illustrations were used to take the reader on a journey from when a family moved into a rural area overlooking a forest to now overlooking many more houses, cars, industrial sites, factories and much more. It showed how the world once was it comparison to what we are familiar with in present day. Each page is similar to the prior, but with so [...]

  • Window by Jeannie BakerISBN 978-0-7445-9486-7 Published by Walker Books 2002‘Window’ is a spectacular picture book. The illustrations in this book are truly mind blowing and have such intricate detail. It is amazing to see how much emotion is shown without actually using any words whatsoever. It delivers an important message very beautifully.‘Window’ is a story about changes in the environment that are shown through the eyes of a boy who is looking out of the ‘window’. Each time I we [...]

  • This is one of those books that simply cannot be given to Lifeline when the bookshelves start to collapse under the weight. It's one that will be kept for grandchildren, or perhaps even adult children will reach for it again. It brings back warm memories of bedtime cuddles and stories. The collage illustrations are beautiful, in a classic example of 'show don't tell.' They show the passage of time, and how development changes a rural landscape from pristine beauty to suburbia. This exquisite boo [...]

  • This is a similar book to Home by Jeannie Baker. They are both wordless books, and feature gorgeous collage illustrations. The biggest difference is that while Home depicts a bad neighborhood becoming fresh and green and revitalized, this book depicts a pristine wooded area becoming a city and becoming filled with people, cars, and buildings. We liked both books, but Home is our favorite.

  • I love the Australian fascination for place. This is a lovingly designed book about the changes that take place in the view out of the window of a house. I used to be fascinated with taking pictures out of windows, and this speaks to that fascination. The art work for this book is outstanding. Each page is a collage with an incredible amount of detail. It is a book to be poured over, not read aloud.The major detraction for me, is that it isn't MY place. I know it is irrational to complain about [...]

  • A wordless picture book that show the encroachment of urbanisation on the countryside and how people can work to remediate the damage it causes.I would strongly recommend any teacher to use this in their teaching, I did so alongside 'Belonging' and the children loved it, we got so much cross-curricular work out of it and without any words - it was amazing to see the different opinions and interpretations the children and other adults had.

  • A wordless book. Lovely, but it only demonstrates to me how much I connect with words, rather than pictures.

  • No words- only pictures Themes- changes in the environment, how this change takes place and how we personally affect the environmentEYFS- can get children talking about stores before they can fully read, introducing the physical qualities of books (turning pages etc)KS1 - Can be used as an example during a science or geography lesson (climate change, extinct animals etc)

  • Another childhood favourite rediscovered. It doesn't have any words (so perhaps it's cheating to include it as part of my 'reading' challenge), but the collages are beautiful, effective, and very poignant; both children and adults alike can enjoy this experimental classic.

  • I found this book really interesting and quite mesmerising at how Baker managed to depict the story of this boy’s life just by using pictures. The book is illustrated as a collage, giving it texture and bringing the book to life even more. This book can definitely be used throughout all Key Stages in Primary schools – in KS 1 you can use this book as a template for art and collages, and possibly bring a bit of History (so children can look back to see if they have moved house etc.). In KS2 t [...]

  • This book is a great teaching tool. I love how it shows the world changing around us in such a unquie way. And shows us a message about how we're expanding and how we are starting to lose our green areas.

  • Jeannie Baker did a wonderful job with the illustrations in this wordless picture book. The images are beautifully done and very open to interpretation. Any young child could look at this and come up with a story in their head about what they think is happening. Children love these kinds of books because each time it can be a different story. I would recommend this to young children such as preschoolers, but also in younger elementary grades as a teacher you could have them write words to go wit [...]

  • Title: WindowAuthor: Jeannie BakerIllustrator: Jeannie BakerGenre: Wordless Picture BookTheme(s): Evolution, Rural vs. UrbanOpening line/sentence: N/ABrief Book Summary: This book is filled with pictures of scenes through a window. The pictures are interesting because they do not appear to be paintings. They are different kinds of objects all put together to form a picture. The illustrations all appear to have a rural feel at the beginning and then it becomes urban-like by the end of the book. I [...]

  • Short synopsis The stories illustrated how quickly the environment can change around us, it also illustrates how people have different ideas and opinions of the environment. The book has a strong subject with a logical sequence of events.If there was text in the book it would be a story that is anchored together by talk of the environment, this book could be used in a lesson as a basis of discussion to discuss issues about the environment. Some questions that could be raised could be ‘what ben [...]

  • Windows is a picture book and I have chosen this as it is aimed to the older primary year students in year 3 and year 4. This is a book that has no words and is focused on exploring and responding. It is a book that gives teachers the opportunity to introduce the beautiful artwork of Jeannie Baker. the idea of Jeannie Baker artist/author is to convey to students to use language to describe what they see and feel. It creates discussion and will allow us to bring other people's artwork into the cl [...]

  • Window Jeannie BakerThis picture book shows the rapid change of the environment due to industrialisation in the last century and how humans have had a large effect on the landscape. The book shows the change of the view from one window during one boy's lifetime. The view from the window gradually depicts peaceful countryside changing with the introduction of roads, cars, electricity, housing estates etc. The book ends showing the boy move away from the view of the original window to share peacef [...]

  • Wordless picturebooks are such a big thing recently, it makes it fun to look back to when they were rare. (Go visit the great shelf here on with 333 titles, and notice how many are from the past 5-10 years!)Anyway, so much time passes between each scene that this growing-up story takes close 'reading' to decide what has changed from page to page, and what must have happened in between for that change to take place. The detailed collage work is just interesting to look at (like an I Spy or Where [...]

  • Window by Jeannie Baker is a wordless book that explores the increasing rate of change in our world. The cover shows a landscape unharmed but the effects of change. There are trees, wood house, and mountains that go off the page. The story begins with a mother holding her newborn child looking out the window to her untouched backyard. The backyard was wild and had no fence. Also, in the backyard was a shed. As the story continues, birthdays for the child come and go and the backyard begins to ch [...]

  • Jeannie Baker takes the reader on a 24 year journey through the “Window” in a boys life, which visually captures both the geographical changes occurring outside, as well as in the boys life as he grows from a child into a man. As each page is turned two years goes by in which a great deal of changes occur to the environment outside his home. For better or for worse?The book could be used to generate various discussions in a classroom including exploring the different environments in which we [...]

  • "Window" by Jeannie Baker is a great wordless book. Books without words are very hard to follow, but due to the great illustrations, readers are able to tell exactly what is happening with every flip of the page. Something, whether is be small or large, is added to every page from the very beginning. You know you are looking out the same window, but the environment looks different on every page. By the end of the story, you are looking at a completely different setting than you were on the first [...]

  • This wordless picture book follows the life of a boy named Sam. Each picture is a beautiful illustration of the view from Sam’s window and as he gets older you can see the landscape transform from a rural, wildlife haven to an urban city environment.Despite being a wordless picture book, this book is suitable for children of all ages, although I think it would particularly suit 6 – 9 year olds. The book is fantastic for helping improve children’s information retrieval skills – using clue [...]

  • Wordless BookThe first think I noticed about this book was the beautiful, realistic drawings. They look very 3-D and so incredibly detailed. I also thought the author's note was really shocking because it says that in 2020 there will not be any wilderness left, aside from the protected forest preserves. It also says that we can change that and make a difference. So I think that the authors message here is to save the environment and help the planet slow in development. Anyways this wordless book [...]

  • While Home focuses on urban renewal - this book examines the transformation from relative wilderness to a major town.Kids will love searching for clues as to how old Sam is, and noticing all the changes that occur through the years.I found the "Author's Note" to be preachy and unhelpful. "The facts are alarming. Scientists estimate that by 2020 no wilderness will remain By the same year, they estimate a quarter of our plant and animal species will be extinct." I don't want to niggle with these [...]

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