The Invisible Chains - Part 2: Bonds of Fear

The Invisible Chains Part Bonds of Fear Is the strain becoming too much The threat of a barbarian invasion is imminent now and the resources to organize the defense meager to say the least Moreover the high king father of the princes b

  • Title: The Invisible Chains - Part 2: Bonds of Fear
  • Author: Andrew Ashling
  • ISBN: 1230000000836
  • Page: 491
  • Format: ebook
  • Is the strain becoming too much The threat of a barbarian invasion is imminent now, and the resources to organize the defense meager, to say the least Moreover, the high king, father of the princes, begins to worry that one of his intrepid sons might do irreparable damage to the kingdom by provoking a force, greater than they can handle Then there is the tortured relatioIs the strain becoming too much The threat of a barbarian invasion is imminent now, and the resources to organize the defense meager, to say the least Moreover, the high king, father of the princes, begins to worry that one of his intrepid sons might do irreparable damage to the kingdom by provoking a force, greater than they can handle Then there is the tortured relationship between Anaxantis and EhandarLuckily for him, queen Emelasuntha, his mother, has Anaxantis s back But will it be enough A lot of new characters, each with their own story, appear on the stage Young pages, some cute, some haughty and arrogant, a mysterious, barbarian prince and a ruthless baron are just a few of them.Between all the turmoil of a country in upheaval, there is still room for love, tenderness, and laughter.You can read sample chapters online here.

    • The Invisible Chains - Part 2: Bonds of Fear >> Andrew Ashling
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    I write mainly gay, m m, slash, yaoi stories I suppose, with a few exceptions, I should call them novels really You can read the first twelve chapters of the Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse series on my website,Ximerion If you d like me to send you an email when I release a new book, you can subscribe to my New Releases Newsletter I have no great literary ambitions I just tell stories, and I try to do it as good as I can, hoping other people will enjoy reading them.Most of them have explicit scenes in them, often of a rather kinky nature But they re only the raisins in the pudding, because as I already said I actually enjoy telling stories That means there always is a plot, or, often, several plots.I love exploring what makes people tick, what makes them do the often quirky things they do Also, I enjoy playing with expectations, boundaries, taboos even.I don t think I m going to send out friend requests myself I write stuff and people get the impression that you only want to befriend them to get them to read your work and write reviews.That s not to say I don t want friends or reviews, for that matter If you want to befriend me, just send me an invitation I will almost certainly accept.If you have questions, or remarks, or you need to contact me for another reason, you re very welcome to do so through this contact form.Andrew


  • So what happens in this second installment? Basically, everyone is even more badass and bloodthirsty and awesome. And the most amazing thing is that all this badassery and bloodthirstiness ring true, because we're in a pseudo-medieval world where if you don't shed blood, your blood is going to be shed. At this point, killing people seems like a perfectly logical course of action.The first book in the series was my first experience reading non-con; this one was my first torture scene. Both went p [...]

  • If part 1 of this series had me hooked, part 2 possessed me. Yep, I'm off the deep end. Every character is developed further, the plots all get more complicated yet you know exactly what is happening with each twist, just not where it's all going to lead. New characters, which must be central to the unravelling of the story, are introduced. Like another reviewer said, just meeting Ryhunzo is worth reading the book. What a jewel of a character. Every single time he talks, I end up laughing until [...]

  • 4.5 starsThis, the second book of the Invisible Chains trilogy, is a dark traditional fantasy novel that has an M/M romance theme underlying it. There is violence, rape, incest (hinted at in this book, but was very much in evidence in the first book), political intrigue, family betrayals and backstabbing royals, all set amidst a kingdom at war with neighboring nations.It is an intricate tale that revolves around Anaxantis, the fourth son of the reigning King, and the only son of the current Quee [...]

  • So in my review for book 1, I gushed over the plot, how intricate, solid and engrossing it was.Let's talk about the writing in the review for this book.(Oh, first I want to mention that I think this is the book where Ryhunzo is introduced? Love him SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read the books, you'll see why.) ;-)Anyway, the writing. The author must have done a lot of historical research because there's a wealth of detail in the books from the type of architecture found in a medieval society to th [...]

  • Such a lot of plots and the action starts immediately and I quickly got lost in the fast pace of the book! I knew I was going to lose sleep nights as I'd be staying up late reading. This is a hard book to put down. I almost felt I might miss something while I slept! Readers of fantasy books are going to love this story! It is a fantasy tale, predominantly! A morality tale even.Ashling creates a believable world as rich as that of the great fantasy authors. It's easy to see his world's complexity [...]

  • Plot 5/5Characters 4/5Writing 2/5Editing 1.5/5Oh for someone to keep a tight rein on Andrew Ashling and avoid sentences like;"Really?" Loduvant of Brynmark said, arching his eyebrows. "That still works?""Of course," Lorcko of Iramid replied casually.And at the same time this is someone who can write (view spoiler)[ poor Jerruth's short, tragic life: a political tool till the end. (hide spoiler)]

  • The second installment of this stunning series brings with it a story as compelling and fast paced as the first. A usual, the political intrigue and high fantasy-esque atmosphere is fascinating and frankly, makes the book near impossible to put down. It's difficult to describe and talk about a book such as this. Though it graces my 'gritty' shelf, there are a many chapters of relieving humor that helped me get through this book when times got tough.Mr. Ashling is astoundingly adept at making tan [...]

  • I had the good fortune of reading this story twice when it was still fully available online. I knew without a doubt that I would get the books as soon as they came out. Reading this again I found myself falling a little deeper and loving this story even more, still one of my unwavering top favorites.The plot thickens in Part 2. We delve deeper into the relationship between Anaxantis and Ehandar, always a source of tension there. We see more of the characters we have come to know, love and hate a [...]

  • You definitely need to pay attention, people! This second book of the series requires rapt attention in order to follow the intricate plot and subtleties woven into the story. Trust me, the rapt attention part shouldn’t be a problem because the writing is amazing, and you can’t help but submit to all the temptations that carry you away as you read this one. I love trying to piece together a puzzle and it often felt like that’s what I was doing in trying to figure out where the story would [...]

  • Wow, I thought the first book was good for the layers to the story, this one had so many characters and storylines brought in and amazingly, I did not find that it cluttered or derailed the main story, it really did add to it because you develop an attachment to each of these characters - which could be detrimental because in books like this, that means you could lose that character because they have become important to you. My hope is that the character and development of the multiple stories i [...]

  • I guess this story gets 3 stars.I started reading book one because I was very interested in Anaxantis and Ehandar's story. That there was also a plot about war/taking over the kingdom, etc was added bonus but my main interest was the relationship between these two. Book One was brutal, these two showed that they can be vicious, little brother twice-fold. Anaxantis was brutal over and over but the romantic in me wanted to see these two somehow make it and/or for Ehander to be rescued/set free. Th [...]

  • Just like Part I, Bonds of Fear suffered from that same huge problem of modern speech manifesting itself within a fantasy milieu. Even though I finished it, and for the most part enjoyed the darker turn, it's just that constant jarring of modern phrasing that ruins what is otherwise a well-conceived fantasy. Something about a fantasy character saying "my bad" just doesn't work. I loved Anaxantis' mother and aunt who here, in spite of not being as young, are shown as more than capable of handling [...]

  • The momentum continues to build with Mr. Ashling's second book in "The Invisible Chains" series. Anaxantis and his friends seem to hit their stride, but there are many elements working either directly against them or, oddly, in some sort of ill conceived conjunction. One of the true advantages about a series is that I, as the reader, get to learn and understand so much more about the characters because of their extended development. In this complex story of Royalty, family, impending war, and fr [...]

  • I tried. I really want to know what happens at the end of this series but there are too many characters too keep track of and side stories. I did make it to the end of the book but couldn't end finish the first chapter of the next book.

  • I wont even read that book - I just jumped to the end of the story and its still sex between brothers even if they are half brothers. SICK

  • This book was a slow one at least in the beginning because by the end my heart was thundering along with the pace of the book. And this had the worst not-cliff hanger, cliff hanger ending ever.I blame the slow pace on Lorcko of Iramid who goes through many personal developments, which I am sure tie into the story later but for now I just wasn’t that interested in him and worse he was taking all the pages away from the members of the House of Tanakhos who I really wanted to read about. But soon [...]

  • I enjoyed this book for the most part. The plotting was pretty good and that was what kept me reading. I really think the author should not have had his characters speak in such modern language. Maybe the author meant to do this in order to give the story a more light hearted mood? I'm not sure why the author chose to do this, but it didn't add anything good to the story. Also the author seems to spend time on characters that don't seem to be adding anything to the story thus far. I am particula [...]

  • Yes, I'm guilty of skim-reading in search of Ehandar/Tarno. I'll rate this if/when I ever actually read it.HmmI know what it is. Though it IS m/m, the rest of it is framed in a high-fantasy-esque style that right now, I'm just not in the mood of dealing with. Too overly complexSome stuff I found that I'd written in regards to the content:WARNING. MAY BE SPOILERS FROM BOOK THREEThe development of Ehandar/Tarno's character is interesting. It's subtly written but has all the more impact for that.In [...]

  • review to follow.“Don’t be impertinent. Kings don’t have sons. They have heirs.”And so the struggle for power continues. “Will there ever come a day when he will say ‘Come, it has been enough. It is over. I know you’re sorry, more than words can say. I know you love me, more than life itself. Let’s forget the past, my love, there’s a whole future awaiting us.’”The same goes for Anaxantis mind fucking Ehandar.What I can say about this book ► Too many characters to remember [...]

  • 4.5*Book 2 of this series continues the breakneck intensity of Book 1. I am always in awe of the imagination of fantasy authors and bow before their genius. All the battle strategies, subplots and political dealings at times leave me cross-eyed. Having said that, there is a lot to love here. Numerous secondary characters are introduced in this book and they are all lovable (well the male ones - I found most of the female characters detestable, especially Rahendo's foul mouthed sisters). There ar [...]

  • Could have been easily five stars, had there been more of Anaxantis and Ehandar in this book. I found myself skipping pages when the adorable (?) pages appeared because they pulled me out of the otherwise compelling story of love, hatred, betrayal, friendship, political schemes and war. I didn't like it when the author used modern languages like 'hey', 'my ass', etc when he tried to provide some light relief to this intense story. However, those who love the film 'A Knight's Tale' might actually [...]

  • One thing I really liked about this book was that there was some het romance! (Little but I was starting to wonder if there was going to be any)I know it's a m/m romance novel, but is an unrealistic portrait of reality (and now romance het novels have GLBT romances, yay!) I also like (even though I would like more sexy times u///u) the character development of everyone, the novel doesn't focus only in Anaxantis and Tarno, it shows glimpses of the lives of all the other characters, in situations [...]

  • I don't think I'm ready to write off Anaxantis and I'm certainly not ready to sympathize with his father. Sure, members of a royal family must exist in a different world especially when the pattern set before them has been nothing but treachery and back stabbing. Bonds of Fear is a continuation of the saga where Anaxantis faces a grave attempt on his governorship in the north as well as on his life. This book significantly backs away from Anaxantis's viewpoint and shows his development and actio [...]

  • A fantastic continuation of the first novel, written in a consistent style. Again, the characterisation is intense and well done and the plot continues where we left off in Book #1. The taste of betrayal will sting your tongue as you flip your way through this book. Both my admiration and my frustration with the main character kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. High recommended.

  • This book goes to a very dark place, but don't give up. The series conclusion is marvelously satisfying.

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