Murder in the 11th House

Murder in the th House Astrological detective David Lowell must use his charts and knowledge to solve the murder of a federal judge in a New York City parking garage Joined by his daughter Melinda a young defense attorney

  • Title: Murder in the 11th House
  • Author: Mitchell Scott Lewis
  • ISBN: 9781590589526
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Astrological detective David Lowell must use his charts and knowledge to solve the murder of a federal judge in a New York City parking garage Joined by his daughter, Melinda, a young defense attorney his hacker sidekick Mort vivacious assistant Sarah and bodyguard Andy, Lowell is a race against time to prove the innocence of Johnny Colbert, a loud mouthed bartender wrAstrological detective David Lowell must use his charts and knowledge to solve the murder of a federal judge in a New York City parking garage Joined by his daughter, Melinda, a young defense attorney his hacker sidekick Mort vivacious assistant Sarah and bodyguard Andy, Lowell is a race against time to prove the innocence of Johnny Colbert, a loud mouthed bartender wrongly accused of the crime Birth charts and street smarts help Lowell sort out the misdirections of a cast of characters, from the judge s clerk and her lawyer boyfriend to the judge herself, to trace the real reason of the crime back to a surprising source Murder in the 11th House begins a new series that introduces a unique character to the annals of detective fiction.

    • Murder in the 11th House : Mitchell Scott Lewis
      441 Mitchell Scott Lewis
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  • Murder, politics, hidden political agendas, and astrology are not your typical mystery components. However, Mitchell Scott Lewis successfully combines all of these and provides a unique mystery with Murder in the 11th House. Joanna Colbert or Johnny is head-over in heels in debt due to gambling. This quick-tempered bartender has been recorded threatening the life of a state judge. Later when that same judge dies a gruesome death, Johnny is the prime suspect and is promptly arrested. Her court-ap [...]

  • Had very much the feel of a first novel, and the politics were annoying (the evil Republicans find that one of their chosen ones is beginning to change her opinion- practically described as a conversion to the true way- so they have to take her out; lots of digs at conservative politicians, and while there was lots of hand-wringing over the state of the economy today, no mention was ever made of the fact that liberal politics have certainly exacerbated the situation in recent years). I wanted th [...]

  • Read by courtesy of netgalley David Lowell is a respected astrologer who helps his lawyer daughter, Melinda, with a pro-bono case. Bartender Johnny Colbert has been charged with murdering Judge Winston, who had previously put her in prison. Johnny is abrasive and foul-mouthed, and Lowell at first doubts that she is innocent, even after checking her charts. However, when the same charts tell him to pay attention to details, he begins to think there is more to the judge´s murder and enlists the a [...]

  • Do not read this book. It is ridiculous and mind-numbingly dull. I was desperate for an audiobook at work, and this was available. I didn't read the description because I thought I recognized the name. I had it mixed up with another book. I want this part of my life back.

  • I liked this book, but there were just too many parts that were amateurish. But, I think the author and the series have potential and I will give the next book in the series a try.

  • I picked this up randomly, not knowing it was an astrological mystery. This stuff is not really for me :/ I'm not necessarily doubting the science, butI find it hard to believe that he could tell that someone's birthday was a different year based on his personality.Other than the astrological stuff, the story was alright. Towards the end, I lost interest.Also, they solved the case not just with astrology, but with B&E, drugging a guy (who ended up getting run over after he jumped after their [...]

  • I really liked this story, regardless if I think Astrology to solve murders is a little hokey at best. If it were possible that would be awesome!! Still pretty interesting, and at least there was an attempt to explain how they thought it worked. I will most likely continue the series! Good Read!

  • Incredible. Lowell is fascinating, Melinda endearing, Johnny captivating.Loved the plot, the techniques he used to solve the mystery, and all the astrological descriptions were on point. Hope there's more to come!

  • Better than I'd expected. Not a simple cozy mystery. Over time I can see the main characters having depth and personality.

  • David Lowell is a private detective with the Starlight Detective Agency. His daughter, Melinda, is a defense attorney with a new client who is accused of murdering a judge. Her client, Johnny, had the motive and the means to kill the judge, but did she really do it? Melinda enlists the help of her father and his eccentric staff ~ Mort, the computer hacker; Sarah, the assistant; and Andy, the driver/security guard ~ to find out.In Murder in the 11th House, Mitchell Scott Lewis develops a unique d [...]

  • A team of intrepid and intelligent agents in league with an astrologer take on difficult cases of potential injustice. The feeling one gets from this debut novel about the Starlight Detective Agency is one of a small team of right-minded individuals with varied skills united around common goals. When government doesn’t get it right, the agency will. And they’re not above bending the law for all the right reasons. How that affects the lawyer/daughter on the team remains to be seen. The agency [...]

  • David Lowell is not your run of the mill detective. David is an astrological detective and is very good at his job. David has studied astrology and has become such an expert that he has used his knowledge of to buy and sell in the stock market and is now a wealthy man.When Lowell is asked to use his skills to prove the innocence of Johnny Colbert, a woman accused of murdering Farrah Winston, a Judge in the Debit Claims Court in Lower Manhattan, Lowell’s first inclination is to decline. The fac [...]

  • So, this book is a good mystery if you have an interest, fascination or basic working knowledge of astrology. I, other than knowing my birth sign can claim no working knowledge and ended up having to do some basic astrology research (like what is the 11th house) by page 62 just to feel, I at least comprehended the narrative. Once I figured out the Houses and did a bit of planet definition, I was more comfortable in following what main character David Lowell was discussing.A female bartender, nam [...]

  • I wonder if this book is best read in the tradition of occult detectives, something like The X-Files or Carl Kolchak. In a way, it very much doesn't fit this subgenre, because David Lowell doesn't investigate vampires or alien conspiracies. Instead, he investigates a murder -- but he uses what some might consider the supernatural to solve the crime. Specifically, he uses astrology.Approached this way, through, I have mixed feelings. On the plus side, it's a unique way to mix the occult with dete [...]

  • Astrology and murder Intriguing idea, certainly. A couple of chapters in, the astrology is seriously getting in the way trine this, square that, rising the other. Now, I don't “do” astrology. I barely read the daily horoscope, but I do know my sign, and what the major characteristics are, and how I exemplify them. I am the capricorniest Capricorn as ever was. Especially the rational and critical parts. Except I'm not always that rational and will sometimes go with my gut. I know why based on [...]

  • The position of the Moon, Sun, and other planets can tell us so much more about people than I realized. In this novel, Lewis uses laymen’s terms to depict an extraordinary way to solve a murder.Astrologer David Lowell is the father of Melinda, a smart, budding attorney who was given a case that appears as if it’s an open and shut situation. She calls on her father and his expertise for assistance. Johnny Colbert is accused of blowing up Farrah Winston, a federal judge. Johnny can be brash an [...]

  • This is the first book of a series, and I found it a fun read.I work hard, and when I come home from work I want to relax, unwind, and zone out, and murder in the 11th House helped me do this! I finished this book tonight while soaking in nice warm bubble bath.David Lowell is an astrological detective. I don't know anything about astrology, except that I'm a Leo. I've never been that interested in astrology, but I like the characters that author Mitchell Scott Lewis has created in this book. Low [...]

  • I regret not being able to give a higher rating to this, but I'm just not the right reader for the book. Rich, successful private investigator/astrologer David Lowell does a favor for his lawyer daughter. He agrees to investigate the case against her pro bono client, who will soon be tried for murdering a local judge. Soon David and his loyal staff, plus daughter and client, are under siege as sinister forces try to get them off the case. There are discussions that include material like "e's got [...]

  • David Lowell, licensed private detective and noted astrologer, has been asked by his lawyer daughter to help a young woman accused of murdering a judge. After he charts her astral aspects he learns that although she has a quick temper, Johnny Colbert probably didn't kill anyone. But who was behind the killing? And how does Johnny fit into the frame? There is an intrcate plat to set Johnny up as the culprit to protect the investments (and political beliefs) of a large group of very wealthy indivi [...]

  • My first exposure to an astrologist/detective story. Interesting, but not for me, I guess. I felt it was too easy for the author to make up personality traits, tendencies, physical ailments, etc of the suspects and other characters and tailor those items to fit the story. Not discrediting the art/science, just found it hard to "buy the premise," therefore hard to "buy the bit."I also felt the author's politics intruded into the story, which took me out of the story and made me wonder if the auth [...]

  • So many mystery series have a theme as well as a returning sleuth. Sometimes there are recipes or quilts or mystery solving cats that are used as part of the setting for the story. The Starlight Detective Agency mysteries are solved with astrology. I zipped through this novel in a day and liked it, but I had to slog through the planets' configurations in lots of detail. The writing, the characters and the plot were better than several mysteries I've read recently. It's a mystery, it's a series, [...]

  • "Easy listening" for a book. The astrology factor adds interest whether or not you're a believer, though sometimes it does seem a bit like a trick of the character (or rather the author) to be quite precise one moment and yet not in full possession of knowledge about how it all aligns until the end. The character has a stable of loyal and talented employees, plus plenty of money, so of course life for him is much easier than for, say, the character in The Silkworm or any other detective working [...]

  • 1st in seriesAstrological detective David Lowell must use his astrologer's charts and knowledge to solve the murder of a state judge in a New York City parking garage. Joined by his daughter, Melinda, a young defense attorney who believes the person arrested innocent; his hacker sidekick Mort; patient assistant Sarah; and bodyguard Andy, Lowell races against time to prove the innocence of Johnny Colbert, a mouthy bartender accused of the crime.Not really for me. A little too much astrology

  • This is a different murder story. The Detective Agency is run by David Lowell, an astrologer/detective who uses astrological charts to find the bad guys and solve cases. With the help of everyone's birth charts, David is able to sort out the good guys from the bad guys and find the real reason for the crime that will involve an interesting surprise ending. Very well written and the cast of characters is likeable. I'm looking forward to more from this author.

  • This book was a great surprise. I found it by accident in the library downloads section. It included an awesome and serious portrayal of astrology and a pretty decent mystery. The characters were interesting and the narrator was spot on. Inspired me to open up my astrology program and analyze my chartmething I haven't done in a while. Looking forward to listening to the 2nd book in the series.

  • Financial astrologer David Lowell has made a killing on the market and can devote himself to solving crimes astrologically. Good plot along with great descriptions of NYC vistas and historical info. I often don’t relate well to male protagonists, and such was unfortunately the case here - I would’ve liked to rate it higher.

  • This is a fun book and if you are into your "sign" the better to enjoy. Did not like the woman, Johnny, who is accused of the murder, found her a bit annoying. Oh, maybe our stars didn't align with each other. I digress, hope Mr. Lewis is formulating another Starlight Detective mystery -- or maybe he needs to wait for the planets to align for him.

  • Even though I was skeptical about the astrological threads, this book was a surprisingly fun read. The characters are likable even though many readers will not be able to relate to the posh lifestyle of the main character. I found the plot to be believable, yet not predictable--always a good characteristic in a mystery. I will be looking for more in this series!

  • Although a bit heavy at times with astrological explanations this was an enjoyable listen on a long trip and while I did handwork. The mystery was predictable but the characterizations were colorful and kept my interest. A tiny bit elitist.

  • This is the first book in a new series. It has an interesting premise and is a quick read. The only drawback is a slight sermonizing air regarding political viewpoints as in this particular case it must be determined who/what political agenda is behind a conspiracy.

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