The Courilof Affair

The Courilof Affair From the author of the bestselling Suite Fran aise In L on M the son of two Russian revolutionaries is given the responsibility of liquidating Valerian Alexandrovitch Courilof the notoriously br

  • Title: The Courilof Affair
  • Author: Irène Némirovsky
  • ISBN: 9780099493983
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of the bestselling Suite Fran aise.In 1903 L on M the son of two Russian revolutionaries is given the responsibility of liquidating Valerian Alexandrovitch Courilof, the notoriously brutal and cold blooded Russian Minister of Education, by the Revolutionary Committee The assassination, he is told, must take place in public and be carried out in the mFrom the author of the bestselling Suite Fran aise.In 1903 L on M the son of two Russian revolutionaries is given the responsibility of liquidating Valerian Alexandrovitch Courilof, the notoriously brutal and cold blooded Russian Minister of Education, by the Revolutionary Committee The assassination, he is told, must take place in public and be carried out in the most grandiose manner possible in order to strike the imagination of the people.Posing as his newly appointed personal physician, L on M takes up residence with Courilof in his summer house in the Iles and awaits instructions But over the course of his stay he is made privy to the inner world of the man he must kill his failing health, his troubled domestic situation and, most importantly, the tyrannical grip that the Czar himself holds over all his Ministers, forcing them to obey him or suffer the most deadly punishments.Set during a period of radical upheaval in European history, The Courliof Affair is an unsparing observation of human motives and the abuses of power, an elegy to a lost world and an unflinchingly topical cautionary tale.

    David Golder, The Ball, Snow in Autumn, The David Golder, The Ball, Snow in Autumn, The Courilof Affair and millions of other books are available for Kindle Learn Everyman s Library Irne Nmirovsky Each of us has his weaknesses Human nature is incomprehensible, muses the mysterious Lon M narrator of Irne Nmirovsky s novel, The Courilof Affair One cannot even say with certainty whether a man is good or evil, stupid or intelligent. Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky, Paperback Barnes Irne Nmirovsky was born in Kiev in into a wealthy banking family and emigrated to France during the Russian Revolution After attending the Sorbonne, she began to write and swiftly achieved success with her first novel, David Golder, which was followed by The Ball, The Flies of Autumn, Dogs and Wolves and The Courilof Affair.She died in .

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    Ir ne N mirovsky born February 11, 1903, Kiev, died August 17, 1942, Auschwitz, Poland was a Jewish novelist and biographer born in the Ukraine, who lived and worked in France.


  • MI PIACE QUESTA SOLITUDINE IRRINUNCIABILESecondo incontro con Irène Némirovsky, nel mio personale gradimento appena al di sotto del precedente.Anche questa volta il personaggio protagonista è un uomo: dalla sonnacchiosa provincia francese (che però era il classico fuoco sotto la cenere) si passa agli ambienti della diaspora rivoluzionaria russa a inizio Novecento, per concentrare l’azione tra Pietroburgo e la costa di fronte alla Finlandia.Attentati, terrorismo, rivolte di piazza, brutale [...]

  • In my view, this novel deals with some of the same material as "The Sympathizer", but so much better! This is the story of a second-generation terrorist, a boy who has seen his father deported and his mum die of untreated tuberculosis in the service of the revolution. Brought up to throw bombs by a doctor cum lunatic, Léon's first assignment is to execute Valerian Courilof, the minister of education under Tsar Nicholas II. Léon easily infiltrates the minister's household, but from there on thi [...]

  • I absolutely love Nemirovsky’s work, and will happily read any of her novels or novellas. In fact, I will happily read anything which she turned her talented hand to. Throughout The Courilof Affair, her writing is beautiful and its flow is marvellous, even in translation. Sandra Smith, who was responsible for rendering the novel into English, has done a wonderful job.The premise of The Courilof Affair would have attracted me even if I had not read any of Nemirovsky’s other work. It begins in [...]

  • Sfumature di grigioGrazie a questo breve romanzo, incentrato su un assassinio politico nella Russia al confine tra zarismo e rivoluzione, abbiamo la possibilità di avere una sconcertante rivelazione: il mondo, checché se ne dica, non è un ambiente manicheo. Tra bianco e nero esistono delle sfumature di grigio, nientemeno!: le persone cattive hanno dei lati buoni, e viceversa. Collateralmente, veniamo edotti sulla complessità dei piani dei ribelli - la Morte Nera ha un punto debole, mi sto co [...]

  • El caso Kurílov no está a la altura de Suite francesa, la obra maestra de Irène Némirovsky, ni de la extraordinaria El baile, pero esta escritora es un valor seguro, nunca defrauda. A pesar de que he encontrado bastantes inconsistencias (¿cómo es que León M. sabe tanto de medicina si no es médico?; ¿quién es Schwann, a quien se menciona únicamente en el último capítulo?, etc.), es un magnífico relato sobre los meses previos al atentado contra el ministro de Instrucción Pública de [...]

  • Tutto sommato un libro molto carino, ma non posso dire che rientri nell'olimpo dei libri bellissimi.Avendo letto la trama su internet, mi aspettavo qualcosa di più movimentato, trattando di una storia di attentati. Lo stile è, tuttavia, molto pittoresco, particolareggiato, molto calmo e rilassato. La cosa all'inizio mi ha un po' fatto storcere il naso, perché non potevo sopportare che la storia di un assassinio politico fosse così narrata, ma a lungo andare mi ha convinto e sono riuscito ad [...]

  • Irene Nemirovsky is one of my favourite novelists and that’s not just because she is an excellent writer but also because of the life experiences she draws from for her fiction. She is unlike nearly all the authors I read in that respect who are predominantly Australian, British or American. She was a Russian Jew that grew up in Kiev and spent a year in Finland before the family made their way to France to escape the Russian revolution. Later as a married woman with two daughters she was a fir [...]

  • Yo ya comprendo que no todas las obras de Irène Némirovsky pueden ser tan perfectas como 'Suite francesa', pero es que en mi opinión 'El baile', aunque de una forma totalmente distinta, sí que es tan perfecta como 'Suite francesa', y 'David Golder' y 'El ardor de la sangre' son dos novelitas notables e intensísimas, pero es que 'El caso Kurilov' me ha parecido de una sosería insoportable. Es como si Némirovsky la hubiera escrito con el piloto automático, poniendo buena parte de su buen o [...]

  • Fascinating, off-beat book. Set in pre-revolution Russia, the plot is set in the first sentence: "In 1903, the Revolutionary Committee gave me the responsibility of liquidating Courilof." The protagonist, writing in 1931, tells about how, in order to carry out his assignment, he embedded himself into the household of Courilof, the Minister of Education in the reign of Nicholas II, as his personal physician. In the months he lived with Courilof, he saw him daily, often sleeping in the same room. [...]

  • One word : disappointment!I was looking for "Suite française", it wasn't available at the library so I took this instead to experience Nemirovsky's writing. It's notd per se, it's just not very interesting. It's vaguely a murder mystery, quite short, very easy to read, with flat characters I couldn't relate to. Very few surprises in this quite monotonous storyline. The writing is nothing special, not what I expected. In my opinion it's more or less the literary equivalent of an episode of CSI ( [...]

  • I'm not sure if it's the writing, or simply the translation that causes this novel to feel lacking. Written as a memoir, the plot unfolds as is expected and dictated at the onset. A short little book with a big theme what is justice. Set in pre-revolution Russia, it is the memoir of an assassin, sent to kill the Minister of Education. With bloodshed on both sides, it's difficult to see who is right, and who is wrong just like in real life. It's a sobering story, but not something to relish and r [...]

  • So on one hand this is a delicate and grim character study, not in the least romantic, though if like me you like these things peppered with descriptions of rain on the streets or the first blooms of Spring or something you get plenty of that kind of thing too, but this is also a philosophical treatise on the hypocrisy, morality, and uselessness of terrorism and revolution, which really takes a lot of smarts to do well. Nemirovsky turned out to be a pretty sweet discovery for me this year

  • 'Wat een slachthuis is zo'n revolutie! Is het dat waard? Eigenlijk is niets wat waard, het leven niet en de rest ook niet.'

  • Némirovsky does espionage. Conrad's Secret Agent kept coming to mind, even though there aren't so many parallels.

  • Nemirovsky's short novel gives a fascinating look inside the life of a Russian revolutionary assassin and his intended victim. While the assassin works his way into Courilof's inner circle he finds that his target is not that different from the rest of humanity. At times attracted and at times repulsed by Courilof, he makes the error that all enemies want to avoid -- seeing their opposition as human.

  • The Doubting Terrorist: The Courilof Affair by Irène NémirovskyAbridged version of my review posted on Edith’s Miscellany on 19 September 2013Russia is a huge country with a rich history. Lamentably, it has also been a history of recurring violence. Outside Russia little is known today of the forerunners of the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 and the victims on either side. The Courilof Affair by Irène Némirovsky is a fictitious novel based on real events of Russian history. In 1931 the first [...]

  • Denise Epstein, the eldest daughter of the author Irene Nemirovskydescribed her mother as "having a cruel perspective".This "cruel perspective" did not grow out of personal crueltybut out of facing up to cruel experiences and and accepting harsh realities.She did not shun or pretend about Life but bit the hard bullet of Reality.Her writings reflect this as she probes the complexity of characterand of situation, both often unsavoury.This novel leaves plenty of scope for such a perspective,dealing [...]

  • Anatomia di un omicidio.Ho molto amato questa insolita (almeno per quanto letto finora) Irène Némirovsky.Dalla fredda e nevosa Svizzera, dove inizia il romanzo, alla fredda e nevosa Russia, dove tutto si compie: quello che mi ha affascinata di più sono i paesaggi, anche umani, i colori, accesi e allo stesso tempo monotoni, i suoni, assordanti e allo stesso tempo ovattati.Sul finire dei suoi giorni, il rivoluzionario russo Léon M rievoca i fatti che portarono all'assassinio di Valerian Aleksa [...]

  • Yet another gem of a book from the author of Suite Francaise. This story has a real resonance with the final days of Tsarist Russia, and focuses on a developing relationship between The terrorist groomed to assasinate Courilof the Minister of Education under Emporer Nicolas II, when working as his medical attendant in St Petersburg.From an original stance of pure hatred the code named Leon M learns of the savage grip that the despotic Emperor holds over his ministers on government policy but als [...]

  • Il breve libro della sfortunata scrittrice russa, figlia di un ricco banchiere ebreo ucraino - per stare in uno dei migliori clichè dell'antisemitismo storico -, sfuggita alle persecuzioni del comunismo stalinista per trovare la morte nel 1942 nel lager nazista di Auschwitz, racconta la storia della relazione che si sviluppa tra un terrorista infiltrato dal Partito Comunista russo e la sua vittima designata, un ministro dello zar.Sotto le mentite vesti di un medico svizzero, Leon M. si infiltra [...]

  • Intrigas, historias develadas años después, el frío y oscuro mundo de los inicios de la caida del Zar en Rusia pre-revolucionaria. Hasta ahora vamos bien. (Pág. 108).BuenoHoy lo terminé y me encontré con una buena novela que humaniza a los personajes. Por una parte, Legrand, un infiltrado con la misión de asesinar al ministro de educación de Nicolás II, Vladimir Kurílov (o Kuriloff), un personaje tirano, extrema derecha y principal adorador del Zar. Mientras va conviviendo con Kurilov, [...]

  • In the late 1800s and early 1900s, many Russian revolutionaries resorted to assassinations - and a lot of them - to help kill the old regime. The Courilof Affair is the story of one fictional revolutionary, the son of revolutionaries who was raised to be a part of the cause. His story is told from his perspective as an older man living in France under the name Leon M. In 1903 he was sent to infiltrate the home of the Minister of Education in Imperial Russia, Valerian Courilof, and await the orde [...]

  • Irène Némirovsky is a Russian Jew, that grew up in Kiev, spent a year in Finland before making her way to France where she build a family and home. She is an author that brings the world into your palms and leaves you wrapped in a blanket of words that need a while to settle down; to sink in and truly make sense. She makes the obvious mysterious and the mysterious mundane What I mean by that is that she summaries her entire novel in its very first sentence, yet it kept me glued to the pages, l [...]

  • Leon M is an old Russian Revolutionary - he was, as he says, born into the Party - both his parents were revolutionaries and after the death of his mother he was brought up by the local revolutionary committee.In old age he looks back to one of his earliest assignments - the liquidation of Courilof the ruthless Minister of Education - responsible for the arrest, exile and death of many students.In order to carry out his mission he has to gain entry to Courilof's household and as soon as he does [...]

  • I must admit that I am a real fan of Irene Nemirovsky's writing (especially Suite Francaise) and this did not disappoint. Leon M is the son of exiled Russian terrorists, living in Switzerland. He is sent back to Russia to assassinate the brutal Minister of Education in as public a fashion as possible. He is planted into the Minister's house as a personal physician while awaiting instructions. As he gets to know the Minister, he becomes sympathetic to the man, until a final brutal act changes his [...]

  • Picked it up because of the historical setting (early 20th century Russia), and on the back of having read her other novel. An interesting piece, as a novella and the study of the themes. It just didn't quite hit the spot for me, in much the same way that Russian writers of old don't quite. Big themes wrangled into long sentences where nothing much happens. Still I'm rating it that high because the technical aspects and greater purpose seem more important than personal taste. If you like Tolstoy [...]

  • E' la prima esperienza con questa autrice e di sicuro non sarà l'ultima, la sua scrittura mi piace, è molto evocativa ed è facile lasciarsi trasportare nella lettura. Sono rimasta meno coinvolta dalla trama, ma sicuramente per colpa dell'altro libro che sto leggendo in contemporanea, che mi ha letteralmente rapita. Avrei voluto dedicare a questo libretto tutta l'attenzione che merita, ma anche così ho saputo apprezzare soprattutto il carattere riflessivo, la mancanza di un giudizio fermo, ma [...]

  • Young revolutionary sets out to murder Minister Courilof in 1905 Russia, and becomes his personal doctor. But when the revolutionary gets to know Courilof, it becomes impossible for him to murder him. He bocomes too human. 200 pages seemed long, with all this resignation, sadness and tiredness. There were some really beautiful scenes, though. The writer is one of my favourites, but this is not one of her best books.

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