Fish You Were Here

Fish You Were Here The animals in Mr Venezi s pet shop are used to how forgetful he is Then he hires the perfect assistant Viola She does her job so well that Mr V hardly needs to be there In fact one day Mr V doesn

  • Title: Fish You Were Here
  • Author: Colleen AF Venable Stephanie Yue
  • ISBN: 9780761356301
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • The animals in Mr Venezi s pet shop are used to how forgetful he is Then he hires the perfect assistant, Viola She does her job so well that Mr V hardly needs to be there In fact, one day, Mr V doesn t come back at all But then Viola starts ignoring the animals Has Mr V given the pet shop to a villain Or is some other mystery afoot Sasspants, PI G fluffy but dThe animals in Mr Venezi s pet shop are used to how forgetful he is Then he hires the perfect assistant, Viola She does her job so well that Mr V hardly needs to be there In fact, one day, Mr V doesn t come back at all But then Viola starts ignoring the animals Has Mr V given the pet shop to a villain Or is some other mystery afoot Sasspants, PI G fluffy but determined guinea pig detective and junior detective Hamisher the hamster will soon fish out the answers

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      317 Colleen AF Venable Stephanie Yue
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    You might know me from such films as Colleen s Fourth Birthday Party and Colleen Falls Down Over and Over Again While Ice Skating I ve had a rock stuck in my knee since 1986 I eat cereal for almost every meal.I have a huge connect the dots tattoo I am often holding graphic novels, watching Phyllis Diller films, and covered in ink.I am a proud supporter and co creator of Lumberjack Day every Sept 26 lumberjackdaydotcomwastaken or I guess lumberjackday works as well It was later turned into National Pancake Day and is celebrated a crazy amount by strangers who I want to hug All of them nationalpancakeday I grew up in the trees of Walden, New York.well, not very high up the trees, since I always got scared, but I did carve my name in a lot of low hanging boughs I had an older sister, a dog, a cat, a million fish, and an imaginary pet hamster named, yup you guessed it, Hamisher Why have an imaginary friend when you can have an imaginary friend that can fit in your pocket I went to Wagner College and double majored in English and Studio Art, winning the award of biggest dork aka first in my class and writing plays which went on to be produced Off Off Broadway My whole life I always loved reading comics Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, and I wore out my copy of the Muppets Short, Green and Handsome but it wasn t until I started to get into webcomics that I also fell in love with the idea of writing comics Now I write graphic novels about a not so imaginary any hyperactive hamster named Hamisher The world is a very lovely place.During the day I work as the designer for 01 FIRST SECOND BOOKS, the best graphic novel publisher in the world I love it than I love having feet and I really do love having feet They keep my shoes on Pssst My name is actually spelled Colleen AF Venable No puncutation keeps telling me that is now how my name is spelled But it is my name, so I actually know it pretty well.


  • This series is always such a treat. It would appeal to kids who enjoy humor of the Amelia Bedelia style, with a pet shop owner who mixes up words [and animals] in such goofy ways, and fish who are all named Steve because that's the only name they can remember. Fish have terrible memories, you seeIn this case, the mystery centers on the pet shop's new teen employee, who works very hard under supervision, but not at all on her own. Unlike the owner, she knows and uses the correct names for the ani [...]

  • Five stars? Yep. I'm giving this book 5 stars. I've loved the books in this series, and with this one I think they've gotten EVEN better. Maybe it's just because I've gotten to attached to the goofy characters? I don't know. But my gut says 5 stars for this one, if for no other reason than reading it made me want to go right back and re-read all the others. AND put them in the hands of every 2nd - 4th grader I see! Plus at one point I snorted loudly on the subway while reading this one and am SU [...]

  • Another very cute book from Colleen Venable and Stephanie Yue! :)Mr. V interviews for a shop assistant, and decides on a girl named Viola. She seems to be the perfect assistant But is she? And things take a turn for the worst when Mr. V mysteriously vanishes!I liked this one - some very cute scenes with Hamisher and Sassy, and we get to know some of the other characters better as well, like the Chinchillas. We also meet a brand new character, brought in by Viola.

  • (Primary)Fish You Were Here: Guinea Pig: Pet Shop Private Eye #41. This was a fun book to read about two detective guinea pigs who solve the mystery of what happened to their beloved pet store owner. I do not think I would add this to my collection but again, I would recommend this to my media specialist. I think this book would be difficult to read with my preschoolers. I noticed myself jumping from speech bubble to speech bubble and I know I would loose the interest of my students. I would con [...]

  • Mr. Venezi is looking for an assistant, but he’s not having a lot of luck with his interviewing. He doesn’t seem to know how to ask the right questions, and none of the applicants know quite how to deal with his quirks. Until Viola walks in the door – she loves animals and knows a lot about them, but most importantly, she doesn’t give Mr. Venezi a chance to turn her away. But once Viola gets the job, Mr. Venezi disappears, and the animals are worried that he’s never coming back. Viola [...]

  • Mr. Venezi has the help-wanted sign out, but he's having trouble finding the perfect assistant for the pet shop until high-school freshman Viola walks in the door, full of energy and know-how. At least, she's full of energy until Mr. V's not watching her. Then she's more into binge-watching her soaps then watching the shop. Meanwhile, Mr. V thinks she's doing such a great job that he isn't even needed anymore.Sasspants and Hamisher have to convince the rest of the pet store to take some drastic [...]

  • This is the fourth mystery in the Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye series. We've enjoyed the series so far.In this story, Sasspants has to figure out what happened to Mr. Venezi. I love that Viola, the young girl Mr. Venezi hires, learns a lesson about responsibility in this tale. The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish and the narrative is entertaining. Sometimes the dialogue is a bit confusing, but on the whole, it's an entertaining story. Our youngest daughter and I read this book indep [...]

  • Fish You Were Here is the fourth installment of the "Guinea Pig, Pet shop private eye" series. Mr. V is looking for an assistant (what's with the hat, BTW?) and he hires Violawho may be up to something! It's up to our intrepid (long-suffering) hero's to figure out what's going ond save the shop! The Steve's and Not-Steve were my favourite - the illustrations were cute and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this series for early chapter book readers.

  • I really love this series.I read the first two volumes a while back and liked them, but now that I've revisited the story with volumes three through five I like them even more. The characters continue to develop, the same jokes and gags carry through without getting stale, and the whole enterprise is witty, funny, and smart. The little educational bits at the end of each book are actually interesting and enlightening without feeling either dry or patronizing. And the art is stellar. If only all [...]

  • (Review of an ARC):Absolutely hilarious. Mr. Venezi still hasn't got a clue about his animals, but he certainly loves them. Meanwhile, all of the animals have great personalities. I love all the fish named "Steve" and "not-Steve" and the confusion. I think my favorite bit is where Mr. V. leaves and comes immediately back in to say "Good Morning." His method of problem solving is absolute genius! :)

  • My four year-old and I really enjoyed reading this one together. The story line was interesting and the characters were vibrant and memorable (especially all of the fish named "Steve" and "Not-Steve". The comic book format was new for my daughter, but the pictures were easy to follow and really helped her to imagine all of the animals in the pet store. We loved the way Mr. V. solved the problem at the end!

  • November 12 2011Every bit as fun as the previous three. And totally flea-free, unlike the enormous cat in my lap as I type.***June 21 2012I couldn't remember whether I had read this one, so I had to re-read it to be sure. It was fun, and held up well. I guess that's the plus side of having a lousy memory.Library copy.

  • Mr. Venezi could use an assistant who knows that birds don't eat cat food - and 9th-grader Viola sure knows all about animals. But is she really as awesome as she seems? Another fine installment in this fantabulous graphic novel series. Grades 2 to 5.

  • This is a very cute comic-book style series about a pet store run by an odd character who doesn't know the correct names of any of the animals in his store. For instance, he labels the chinchilla cage with "Gorillas," etc. This one is the fourth in the series.

  • I love this series by Colleen AF Venable, that said this is my least favorite of this series. I guess it wasn't as funny as the first few. But these are written for the children, so I will say that my sons absolutely loved it. We are looking forward to the next book.

  • I think this series is cute, but merely okay. My son loves it and spent hours reading it this weekend. He enjoys the distinct humor and personality of each animal. The goofy fish are his favorite.

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