Neko The neko are a cat like race that live separate from humans When Dharsha a young neko is captured and enslaved he learns just how cruel humanity can be Sold to a group of brutal woodsmen who despise

  • Title: Neko
  • Author: P.L. Nunn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 228
  • Format: ebook
  • The neko are a cat like race that live separate from humans When Dharsha, a young neko is captured and enslaved he learns just how cruel humanity can be Sold to a group of brutal woodsmen, who despise his differences, he becomes less than human, an object for them to sate their frustrations and lust Only when a passing trapper frees him of their cruel ownership, does heThe neko are a cat like race that live separate from humans When Dharsha, a young neko is captured and enslaved he learns just how cruel humanity can be Sold to a group of brutal woodsmen, who despise his differences, he becomes less than human, an object for them to sate their frustrations and lust Only when a passing trapper frees him of their cruel ownership, does he discover that not all humans are evil And in a new land, he discovers as well, that he can find love and clan with the one man who needs him as much as he is needed.Hard core non con, fetish and bdsm situations.

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  • Posted at Hearts on Fire ReviewsI would not have read this book if several of my friends have not already read and enjoyed P.L. Nunn’s work. Since I have read many books that explore the darker side of humanity and the evil things people do to each other, I wasn’t going to let a few warnings like, “bestiality, torture, and exaggerated scenes of humiliation, sadism and bondage” scare me away. In Chapter 1, a young Neko named Dharsha was captured and sold as a pleasure slave. He went throu [...]

  • How I felt when I got to the scene with the dog.I instantly wiped the book off my computer. I'm sick, but not THAT sick. The line has been drawn.Bestiality this side this side and never shall cross againOSS! DISGUSTING! WRONG!I feel violated having read this.

  • If you are not into non-con, physical abuse or manimal sex, this book is better left alone.*I scrolled through some new reviews and can't stop wondering - WHY? Why do people ignore warnings and tags and decide to read the book anyway?Peeps! READ THE TAGS! Don't start the book, unless you think you are OK with all that's listed in the warnings! It's not fair to the author and/or the book. I don't like ghost stories or m-preg, so I don't read them, hence no unfair one star ratings, no "bleach for [...]

  • Yea I did this I was too curious not too. So blah blah blah WARNINGS blah blah. So yea the first half was all torture and sex, however it didn't particularly affect me, I think because the torture started straight away I didn't really have time to connect or care about Dharsha. There was just no reference to him being free so it was hard to care deeply about his situation. Obviously it was terrible but I could read it fairly detached.Then the change in story with Caled and it was nice to see som [...]

  • READ THE DESCRIPTION! DANGER AHEAD, WILL ROBINSON!!As my predecssors metioned in their reviews, read the blurb and seriously don't read this if ANY of them are not your thing. Don't try to think you'll get over it.You probably won't.Don't try to force yourself to read it.You won't like it.It's one of those reads that make or break you.Heed the warnings!That being said, I read this in less than 24 hours. And kudos to P.L. Nunn because you got dark really quick and pretty constantly (graphic, extr [...]

  • I don't know how to rate this, so I won't.I've wanted to read this for a while but waited until it was finished. The reviews that urge caution before reading Neko should be taken seriously. Everyone has limits, kinky or vanilla and this pushed A LOT of mined I have VERY FEW limits. The first 127 pages are fucking HELL. They will make you angry, sick to your stomach and test your countenance. The story does get kinder after that but there isn't a balance. I wanted Dharsha to have his spectacular [...]

  • WARNING: This book includes non-con, torture, humiliation, bestiality & violence. WOW, UMMM, EWWW, ICK, OWIE, YAY, BLAH, BLAH, SERIOUSLY!*Picking my jaw up off the floor*Did I really just like that?! I think i might have. :)I'm shocked with the fact that I found myself turning page after page in the beginning, not able to look awayke it was an accident of some kind! So why after things started looking up for The Neko, did I find myself a bit bored with the storyybe I do have more of a DM tha [...]

  • 3,5 stars.Cruel,nasty and extremely sadistic.Just for hard-assed readers!Take the warnings seriously or you`re marred for life

  • 3.5 starsIt's pretty well written, though the prose is a bit on the pedestrian side. The cruelty got repetitive even for me--and that's saying a lot ;-p The villains kind of spent the whole story twirling their mustaches. The ending was so abrupt I was trying to flip the page on my Kindle and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. I realize those are all negative things, but I actually did rather enjoy this story. Plus, it's free, which is great. God knows it pushed all my kinkarific buttons [...]

  • Hmmm goes with out saying, DON'T ignore the warnings.This is a disturbing book. Beyond the sadism and humiliation, which are unrelenting and extreme, there is the colonial rhetoric validating slavery via the subversion of Darwin's "Origin of Species". I found this to be far more agonizing, the debasement of a race and alleged superiority of another. That said, I reaffirmed some of my personal limits painfully.Some say that the violence is gratuitous, but I disagree. It actually forces the reader [...]

  • Hmm. This story was only recently completed, so it's been awhile since I've read the bulk of it. The first 10 chapters are pretty rough. All the warnings you see, you should take to heart. Torture, cruelty, bestiality, gratuitous violence and extreme humiliation goes pretty much non-stop for the first 50% of this story. It was hard for me to read, I'm not gonna lie, but I got through it with the expectation that the story was going somewhere betterat the fantasy world and storyline would be furt [...]

  • So, I'm a little worried that I'm giving this four stars, based on what the first 8 chapters read like, but I guess that's what the DMC (Depraved Minds Club) is all about.First I have to say that the 20 chapters are basically two stories, depending on where your interests lay. The first 8 chapters deal with Dharsha's sale to a group of five woodsmen, who are tasked with 'breaking him' and teaching his place as a true slave. And boy, do they! Do yourself a favor and heed the warnings. This book i [...]

  • OH GOD DAMN IT!!! AHHHH WHY WHY?!?!? WHAT THE HELL!!! DUDE THERE'S BESTIALITY IN THIS BOOK!!!!AHHH MY EYES!!!!Essentially a dog raped this guy.ewwwthe problem isn't just the dog rape, it's the fact that this torture scene drags on and on and on taken up most of the book. Whereas the previous book like Bloodraven only had torture as a small part.I don't understand why this one is just torture and torture and torture. least in bloodraven the halfling felt certain love and protection toward the fae [...]

  • This is more like 3.5*This book felt very curious, as if it had been glued together using two different books. First half was non-stop extremely boring, extremely extreme sadism--the second half was an m/m adventure story with even some romance thrown in. Occasionally parts were erotic, most times not. The second half was quite engaging plot-wise. What really miffed me was the fact that this book was rather badly edited. I'll be intrigued into reading more from this author, but I hope her other [...]

  • 3.5 starsThe first half was brutal, and the second half seemed a bit slow. It's definitely in need of editing, but the story is pretty good.Dharsha's progression from rebellious slave to completely and utterly broken animal, then (view spoiler)[to confident hunter (hide spoiler)] is very well done. I'd like to have seen more development of his relationship with Caled though.I was in the mood for something difficult to handle, and this worked nicely.

  • Oh, God. Very gruesome, but also difficult to abandon. I found the abuse scenes hard to get through, but P.L.Nunn is a fantastic writer, and I knew there would be more to the story than sickening torture. Like all Nunn's stories, I wanted another couple of chapters at the end, just to ease my mind, but you are left with just a whisp of hope.

  • Paraphrasing a very well-known introduction to a show with a rabid following, this story brings the following to mind:"To boldly go where few have dared to tread"-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-&-& Hmmm Beware of the warnings, they all apply, many times over. If you're still intrigued enough to consider reading, here's my t [...]

  • Well, this was different… Despite the many horrible reviews and ratings this story has received, I mostly enjoyed it, both parts. Most readers seemed to prefer either the violent beginning or the slow-growing romance towards the end. Being a strange person, I enjoyed both parts.That being said, there were certainly moments that made me ill. The warnings didn’t deter me from reading this story. In fact, they encouraged me cause that’s just the way I am. I was one of those kids that would to [...]

  • I read the warnings, but I did not heed them. 'How bad could it be?', I asked myself. 'Pretty fucking bad', is the answer. Not the actual book, which I enjoyed very much, but rather the balls-to-the-wall sadism that is the the first 100 or so pages of this book. And it's not the kind of sadism that has an acronym and a safe word and carefully sterilized equipment. No, fellow readers, this sadism is stripped bare of everything that makes BDSM sexy and is basically just torture porn. But here's th [...]

  • Вот так живешь и думаешь, что читал всякое, что тебя не удивить Да я ведь с удовольствием читала Fallocaust! Чего я там не видела в унижениях и жестокости?! *нервно курит сигаретку* Дохуя не видела. Читайте предупреждения! Отвратительно и прекрасно. Для знатных извращенцев ;)

  • I don't really know how to begin, so let me just say this: I was so disappointed.The summary sounded pretty nice, and though the tags promised some freaky content, I decided to give it a shot. But thenWell, the violence wasn't even what bothered me. Sure, there was rape and torture and lots of nasty stuff, but I can handle that well enough. And it didn't really make me sick or anything no, what happened was much worse than that.The detailed descriptions of rape and torture that went on for page [...]

  • I'm always fascinated with who the f✖ck writes this material. That actually intrigues me more than the story itself.Right. Not my point. But so I was actually unaware this little dude 'Neko' is some sort of hairless half human/cat-tailed mofo until I started reading this. Now-I don't like to think of myself as being prejudiced of a fictional species but I actually have a hard time stomaching long-haired MCs in my fiction and pretty much DON'T because they make me think of Fabio. SO-nothing to [...]

  • If - like me - you became a huge fan of P.L. Nunn after reading Bloodraven, DO NOT READ THIS! I don't think this is Mrs. Nunn's best work, for I certainly didn't enjoy it nearly to the same degree. It was mindless, for hte most part, built only to horrify you with little to no plot line, the climaxes fizzled, and then the whole thing ended extremely quickly without any sort of focus. While Yhalen and Bloodraven were beautifully fleshed out characters, Darsha and Caled were flat. The whole thing [...]

  • Being an avid dark reads fan, I have a lot of dark reads GR friends. I can't think of one that can or would tolerate this book. I don't remember walking away from a book due to content and I don't remember walking away from this one due to content. I did pick up another book though about 3/4s of the way through and have decided against picking this one back up. Why? My hard limits are scat and water sports. I'm not a fan of humiliation either but it's more tolerable to me than scat and water spo [...]

  • If you decide to give this one a try, make sure you heed the warnings first. It contains some very extreme, graphic content. I've got a pretty strong stomach, but parts of this story still made me feel quite nauseous, and wanting to bawl my eyes out at the horrific abuse that was inflicted on poor Dharsha. However, if you can get through the first 6-7 chapters, the story changes dramatically after that, once Dharsha meets Caled.I really loved this story, and my only gripe is that it's too short! [...]

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