Duister kwaad

Duister kwaad Lincoln Nebraska Op woensdag juli vindt Ronald Jeffreys veroordeeld voor een serie gruwelijke moorden de dood op de elektrische stoel Drie maanden later wordt op een modderige rivieroever vlak b

  • Title: Duister kwaad
  • Author: Alex Kava Erica Feberwee
  • ISBN: 9789085500773
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lincoln, Nebraska Op woensdag 17 juli vindt Ronald Jeffreys, veroordeeld voor een serie gruwelijke moorden, de dood op de elektrische stoel.Drie maanden later wordt op een modderige rivieroever vlak bij het naburige Platte City opnieuw een lijk gevonden Er blijken zoveel overeenkomsten met Jeffreys werkwijze, dat toeval moet worden uitgesloten Gaat het hier om een copyLincoln, Nebraska Op woensdag 17 juli vindt Ronald Jeffreys, veroordeeld voor een serie gruwelijke moorden, de dood op de elektrische stoel.Drie maanden later wordt op een modderige rivieroever vlak bij het naburige Platte City opnieuw een lijk gevonden Er blijken zoveel overeenkomsten met Jeffreys werkwijze, dat toeval moet worden uitgesloten Gaat het hier om een copycat Of is de executie een gerechtelijke dwaling geweest FBI agent Maggie O Dell wordt te hulp geroepen om te onderzoeken of Jeffreys is terechtgesteld voor moorden die hij niet heeft begaan, en er dus nog steeds een levensgevaarlijke maniak vrij rondloopt.Wanneer een tweede moord en een vermissing dat laatste lijken te bevestigen, begint de tijd te dringen.

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    ALEX KAVA IS A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the critically acclaimed Maggie O Dell series and a new series featuring former Marine, Ryder Creed and his K9 dogs Her stand alone novel, One False Move, was the 2006 One Book One Nebraska Published in over thirty countries, Kava s novels have made the bestseller lists in the UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Italy and Poland Her novel Stranded was awarded both a Florida Book Award and the Nebraska Book Award She is a member of the Nebraska Writers Guild and International Thriller Writers Kava divides her time between Omaha, Nebraska and Pensacola, Florida.


  • Ooh, almost Christmas time. Tis the season. for murder! (make sure you say murder in a creepy voice in your head. What, you trying to tell me that you DON'T have a creepy voice in your head? Then, you are a liar!)Now that I have thoroughly offended anyone who has actually stuck around to read this review, here's the dealio:So, there's a serial killer who is killing kids in a small town. The town's sheriff is a good-ol-boy, a fuck-boy, and totally out of his league. Send in the FBI expert profile [...]

  • I found this book to be a bit of a mixture and therefore not easy to review. On the one hand it was very readable and I never actually put it to one side and went off to read something else! On the other hand neither did I wave it in the air at the end and say what a good book it was. The characters were somehow too flawed and Nick in particular never really redeemed himself at all. But the biggest problem was realising who the murderer was far too early in the book and then watching the so call [...]

  • When a young boy goes missing and is found brutally murdered in Platte City Nebraska days later, Sheriff Nick Morelli is advised to get help from FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell, especially after it appears to match previous crimes of a serial killer who was executed months earlier. O'Dell, however, is still reeling from a harrowing capture of a vicious killer a month ago where she almost lost her life. The case was extremely interesting and captured my interest immediately. However, I found the rela [...]

  • 3.5 stars but not really good enough for 4.A Perfect Evil is Alex Kava's first book in the series featuring Maggie O'Dell, a feisty and thorough FBI profiler. ODell is brought into a small town in Nebraska after a child murder bears the same signs of recent spate of seriel murders in the same town. The problem is that the murderer was executed. Is this a copy cat or did the town put to death the wrong person?O'Dell encounters the new Sherrif who is the son of the Sherrif who captured the killer [...]

  • A Perfect Evil is Alex Kava's debut novel and the 1st book in her Maggie O'Dell Series.We are introduced to FBI profiler, Maggie O'Dell, who has been tasked with investigating the kidnap/murders of three young boys in the small town of Platte City, Nebraska.Working with the town's sheriff, Nick Morelli, she becomes part of a very dangerous game when the devious and evil killer becomes obsessed with her and begins playing a cat and mouse game with her.The chemistry build up between Maggie and Nic [...]

  • It's hard to know where to start with this one. I thought I was on the verge of kicking off a new, smart female-centric series that I could get my teeth into. What I ended up with was a sub-par, not very thrilling thriller with a ridiculous Mills & Boon-esque romance simmering, panting, and almost but never quite cavorting in the background. I was surprised to find alleged series lead Maggie O'Dell relegated to one of many POVs, with the bulk of the initial plot being driven by blander-than- [...]

  • I did like the story but it did have some issues. I liked the character Maggie O'Dell. It did have good character development. I did not like the ending. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. I hear it is much better.There is animal cruelty.

  • This books was truly terrible. I wanted to quit by the 10th chapter, but I usually finish a book once it's started. In this case it's a decision I deeply regret. Time in my life that I could have spent reading something good, is now gone forever.None of the characters are at all likable and they are all downright stupid. The author had cops destroying evidence and bumbling around like fools. She somehow even made the poor little 10 year old victims stupid. Two children have been kidnapped and ki [...]

  • When I discovered I had won book 8 in this series in a drawing, my usual inability to read a series kicked in especially when I realized I had, in fact, already read book 3 in 2006. Yes, by itself and out of order! I don't know how I did it, or why, but I decided to rectify the situation. Thus, I acquired the entire series (except, strangely, book 3) and started at the beginning. And what a beginning!Kava's series features Maggie O'Dell, an 8-year veteran of the FBI when A Perfect Evil starts. [...]

  • I discovered Alex Kava back in 2007 when my husband bought it randomly as a birthday gift. I was always into mystery and suspense novels so I knew I would probably like it, but I had no idea I was going to love it this much. Maggie is an FBI agent - a profiler - who's on the hunt for a serial killer. It sounds like your average murder mystery I know, but no it's really awesome! This is the first book in the Maggie O'Dell series, but it doesn't read like one. The writing is great and the characte [...]

  • I finished 5 chapters. Then I said profane things for a while because I am disappointed that yet another book with good reviews, turned out to be such a cop out. Where do I even begin? Oh yes, the beginning. There we are, getting introduced to a man who raped and killed a little boy and is about to be put to death. Kids, do you know what time it is?? It is confession to Jesus time!! Dialogue(he strangled the boy): "I waited until he was dead before I cut him. He didn't feel a thing"Dead people d [...]

  • "A perfect Evil" started out really good but tetered out pretty fast. Overall it was okay, but it's still nowhere near a very good thriller.The story is pretty predictable --- even though there are several suspects thrown in throughout the story I daresay that anyone with half a brain will know after just a few chapters who the killer is.The characters are okay (nothing special, though). One thing that I found kinda strange is that even though the book is called "A Perfect Evil - A Maggie O'Dell [...]

  • I finished reading Alex Kava's new book, "Breaking Creed" last week and was immediately taken with character Maggie O'Dell. Super-excited to discover a new series that I haven't read yet, just enjoyed "A Perfect Evil", the first in Kava's Maggie O'Dell series. The book was okay, but I knew who was culpable for the heinous murder of the little boys by chapter 4 or 5. By the final chapters, things were pretty convoluted and bad guy gets away-cue the music for a follow-up book featuring this dastar [...]

  • Ugh, I quit at page 127. By then Kava has given away the murderer's identity, his motive, his next victim, the love interest. The next 200 pages would reveal how the good guys finally (if ever) catch the bad guy, along with, I assume, more detailed descriptions of child sexual assault, misogynist torture, bludgeonings, drugging, strangling, stabbings, desecrations of corpses. Not my idea of a relaxing summer night's read. I wanted to read it because it was a writer setting her action in Nebraska [...]

  • When a Death Row inmate awaiting execution confesses that he didn't kill two of the three boys he was convicted of murdering, Father Francis was not surprised. He had already heard the confession of the other killer. A few months later, a young boy disappears. Sheriff Nick Morrelli knows he and his deputies are not prepared for the situation and when the boy's body is found and another child disappears, he contacts FBI Criminal Profiler Maggie O'Dell to put together a picture of the killer.This [...]

  • Absolutely, truly enjoyed this book. Captivating, twists and twisted, difficult subject matter, very well written, really likeable characters, and a cliff hanger to boot!Alex Kava knows how to write a book and keep your attention - the killer wasn't always that obvious, she makes you think and second guess yourself - love it!A bit of romance, just enough and not over done - like that about this book. I don't need graphic sex in my reading - that is what your imagination is for if it is that much [...]

  • I love a book that keeps me up late reading and gets me out of bed early to grab just a few more pages before I start my day. Kava has done a stellar job building characters and settings and her Maggie O'Dell is my kind of strong if tortured protagonist.I liked the fast pace of this thriller. If the sign of a great book is that you feel like you are scrambling along a cold muddy river bank running and hiding for your life along side the victims and hunters then this is a great book. There are th [...]


  • I've just discoved the show "Criminal Minds" and it's become one of my very favorites. So when I picked up this book featuring Maggie O'Dell and she is a criminal profiler for the FBI I just jumped for joy.

  • 3.5 Stars rounded upI liked this book and the author's writing style. I liked the potential of the Maggie O'Dell character. Maggie has come face to face with a brutal serial killer and the experience has left its scars both physically and emotionally. Now she is in the small town of Platte City, NE helping an inexperienced sheriff by profiling a kidnapper/killer of little boys. Maggie becomes more wrapped up in the case than just a profiler as another little boy has been kidnapped and killed and [...]

  • The greatest mystery twist of this book is why my father foisted a library copy on me in the first place. I was mystified through out with a "Why, oh why, would you give this book to anyone to read but a family member on top?" ringing in my head. It also seemed reaaaaallly unlike him, since this book is 90% incompetent buffoons thinking lusty thoughts about each other while the other 10% (rape & murder of pre-teen altar boys) is taking place. It's virtually a romance novel. of the lightest P [...]

  • on the one hand, this book had kept me on the edge of my seat while reading it. and O'delle was great- with her fears, her problems, her past and her professionalism. then, what's the problem? i didn't take me long to realize who the murderer is. and i took me a long time to finish that book. it was(!) a good book, but at some point i felt like the end wasn't going to come. because it dragged. i'll be the first to admit, when deciding whether i love a book or not it is a question of: 1. the char [...]

  • The first book in the Maggie O'Dell series of romantic suspense although there really isn't much romance. I've read the first four books in the series, and so far Maggie has met, been attracted to, and deflected at least two very handsome and charming men. I like these books because the suspense is quite well done, and the mysteries are intriguing. Maggie's self-destructive behavior in the first three books was less attractive, but, aside from her serious issues with personal relationships, she [...]

  • This review has 2 parts: English and Türkçe:English:this is my first book of Alex Kava. I cannot say it was full of mystery, twists and turns, but I felt this criminal story which was about abduction and abuse, from within. this kind of stories makes you feel everything all together; you may thrilled, got excited and worried at the same time. in total, I enjoyed the book and the story, specially the end of it, that was not actually an end! one irritating thing that I can mention is the feeling [...]

  • Not very suspenseful, even if some reviews say otherwise.Nice romance, but way too much, and no real sex scenes.Ending saved it somehow, as I really liked the cliffhanger ending leading into the next book. Also not everything is solved with history repeating itself, not to spoil anything I will tell no more.What disturbed my reading-flow most, was the POV changing a lot, with POV from 5 or more different persons. The Killer could have been more fleshed out.But also, despite the solid 3 stars (wi [...]

  • Damn was this book good, I'd say Alex kavas later stories in her Maggie O'dell series are better But this was a great first novel and I enjoyed it.

  • ספר מתח קצבי ומעניין. היה יכול להיות מעולה לולא נחשפה זהות הרוצח בפני הקוראים כבר בתחילת הספר.

  • audio bookbarely made 4 stars because for me I am not fond of feminizing the male characters and too much romance when the atmosphere should have been utter horror and fear.

  • (3.5 stars). I thought it was a bit long. I thought that the character of Nick was written as incompetent. And as though he didn't have a clue how to do his job. I realize that this is a small town with only minor crimes. It's just that I really liked the character and wanted him to be portrayed as though he, at least, had an idea of how to do his job. The investigation was written in a sloppy way. Kind of all over the place. It didn't seem like they followed the clues or one clue led to another [...]

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