Bitterroot Crossing

Bitterroot Crossing A love triangle that crosses centuries For Nick Crush the only thing cool about his town Bitterroot Crossing is the gang of outlaw ghosts that rise occasionally from the town s swamp But when he fi

  • Title: Bitterroot Crossing
  • Author: Tess Oliver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A love triangle that crosses centuries For Nick Crush, the only thing cool about his town, Bitterroot Crossing, is the gang of outlaw ghosts that rise occasionally from the town s swamp But when he finds himself competing with the most notorious spirit and his own ancestor, Zedekiah Crush, for the affections of Jessie Sterling, suddenly the whole ghost thing isn t sA love triangle that crosses centuries For Nick Crush, the only thing cool about his town, Bitterroot Crossing, is the gang of outlaw ghosts that rise occasionally from the town s swamp But when he finds himself competing with the most notorious spirit and his own ancestor, Zedekiah Crush, for the affections of Jessie Sterling, suddenly the whole ghost thing isn t so cool Jessie Sterling inherited her great great grandma s shorter left leg and incredible beauty, a beauty that a century and a half earlier sparked a love triangle that ended in tragedy Now Jessie leaves the safety of her grandma s farm to attend high school in town and Bitterroot Crossing will never be the same.

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    Tess Oliver is a teacher and writer who lives in California with her husband, kids and a small pack of pampered dogs She loves horses, chocolate and Jane Austen books.


  • Let me explain the Sapp-o-Meter Reader, before I get on to my review. These are all books that involve romance and when romance is done correctly, without being overdone, it gets a zero, hence Angelfall. Now, when a book has overdone the romance to the highest possible extent it gets a ten, so there we have Hereafter. In my opinion a book should never, and I mean NEVER, have to go above a zero, but sometimes, it happens, and we live with it. This book, scored a 4.5 on my Sapp-o-Meter because of [...]

  • I really liked camille by Tess Oliver but these last 2 books, which are more modern day stories are just filled with terrible language.

  • *WARNING: Review may contain minor spoilers.*Due to the fact that my gift card turned out to be not nearly as endless as my Kindle wish list this is another book that I found myself borrowing from one of book lending sites for Kindle. I did not purchase this book nor was it gifted to me by the publisher/author. I'll admit that the whole love triangle thing has been a bit overdone as of late but Tess Oliver managed to write one of the ones that I enjoy. The kind where you love both of the guys f [...]

  • There are a couple of reasons that I chose this book as my next from Tess Oliver's back list. Firstly, I had fallen in love with Tess's writing in her book Freefall so I decided that I would choose something a bit different - and this certainly fit the bill and secondly, the dude on the front caught my eye when Tess posted the new cover on twitter.The story is about the town of Bitterroot Crossing and the legends living on through descendants of the original families but also the ghosts of a not [...]

  • Loved, loved, loved this book! First let me say that I love a good ghost story when there is a twist. Bitterroot Crossing is all of that and more. I was so intrigued with the storyline that I finished the book in one setting.Back in the 1800's a bandit named Zedekiah Crush and his men were hanged in the town of Bitterroot for terrorizing the citizens and the accidental murder of Zedekiah true love Rebecca. After their deaths their bodies were paraded around town and eventually thrown carelessly [...]

  • This was an off-beat one for me, it's a ghost story, flat out. It's told in a shifting pov between the male and female mc's, who struggle with some malevolent ghosts, and the great-great grandfather of the boy, who's back and competing with him for the affections of the girl. This was a fun read, with some moments of real emotion, but mostly just kind of wacky for me. I kept expecting Scooby and the gang to show up, it was that kind of omg ghosts are chasing us around, what's really going on, ho [...]

  • I don't know if I set my expectations too high because I just finished (and loved) Safe Landing, but Bitterroot Crossing fell a bit short for me. I liked the idea of a love triangle between Jessie, Nick and the ghost of his great great granddad Zedekiah, whose been dead for quite some time now. Even the tragic backstory of Zed and Rebecca's love was a draw, but the whole Crush gang terrorizing the citizens Didn't care much for those parts. Tess Oliver's writing was consistent with the two previo [...]

  • OK Zed or Nick? I absolutely adored this book! It had totally aww moments that left me smiling and giggling like a girl. It had humor the I actually laughed outright at (and that is rare that a book can do tat for me). and there were still the sad or heart wrenching moments that had tearing up! Mrs. OLiver did an amazing job with this book and I look forward to reading more of her books.See more of my reviews at my blog: Reading and ThingsHappy Reading!!!

  • Rates somewhere between a 2 and a 3. I'll go with a 3 based mainly on the inclusion of multiple characters with disability and the exploration of themes like prejudice and inclusion vs. othering. Points for "scenic" creativity; minus points for predictability. Both books by this author that I've read seem perfect for middle grade readers, though very concerned with "true love", which may or may not be the best reading material to promote to the impressionable

  • Honestly, it's just too unbelievable. To think that there are ghosts haunting a town and the whole world takes no interest? And they are so supposedly dangerous, yet they never seem to hurt anybody, just occasionally cause some damage. I think you either need to build a new world or come up with a reason that the rest of the world isn't noticing, like haunting only a few members of the town. But seriously, the town has a ghost alarm?

  • First time round reading the blurb, the story didn't really appeal to me as it had a historical presence in it. But then reading the views for it just pretty much made up my mind. Must say I loved every curious moment of it. A story Totally filled with anticipation and love and hate towards the ghosts.

  • Well, this is the first ghost story i have read. To be precise about Zed, who happened to be back from his swamp and competing with his great-great grandson for affection of a girl named Jessie. This is fun read with some moments that left me smiling and giggling. And i enjoy it that the story is told from both Nick and Jessie's pov. Plus zed and nick is great haha

  • This story takes place in a small town where long ago a love triangle turned horribly wrong and caused several lives to end. Now in the present day these ghosts haunt the town causing trouble. Most of the story is about the descendants following in the foot steps of their family. It has romance, action, and humor. A good read!

  • It took me awhile to read this book, not because it was long, it was actually pretty short. I just could not get really into it. It was an okay story line but nothing really popped out to me. It also ended pretty fast.

  • Unique story for the ages!! This book was wonderful! I couldn't put it down. I bought it on this afternoon and just finished it. It is definate MUST READ!!!!

  • Bitterroot crossing is fun, easy and a nice read. The story is sweet and the writing is beautiful The only thing that i didn't like that the story was short and there is no sequel But nonetheless it was great.

  • Jessie and nick fight for their feelings for eachother and their lives against a ghost gang. whom have come back to wreck havoch around town but its not that it seems to be the gang doesnt work together as once believed.

  • Great read! Ghosts usually do not interest me, but I loved it. I could relate on how Jessie felt about being different, and how Nick had an instant pull to protect her. Overall you should take the time and read this!

  • this book was funny, really it was, despite the "ghosts trying to destroy the town thing" i mean it was GREAT i laughed and was tense and then it was all good cuz the ghost-ies all got de-ghostified and the good ghost got his rest! yay! plus Nick is great haha

  • So this author wrote that last book I read and there was a two chapter teaser at the end of the book for Bitterroot Crossing. It caught my interest. Easy, entertaining, quick read. A little bit of language, there are some punk high school kids.

  • Good overall story. I really liked Tess's other book Camille so I decided to give this one a try. Unfortunately it had teen swearing and talk of sex. So that kind of hurt the book for me. The story was fun to read but nothing too different from a lot of the other teen reads lately.

  • I thought this might be better than Camille even though it's by the same author. It was worse. Camille was more realistic than this and Camille was about WEREWOLVES. Anyway. I'll be avoiding Oliver in the future.

  • Fabulous! This is the first story I ever read by Tess Oliver and has proven not to be my last. It reading this story makes me smile and laugh. It makes my day brighter. The love between th ose of the love triangle are sweet and funny. This is a story you wont soon stop thinking about.

  • Good book, very neat idea. It could have used more world building. Is this a world where ghosts wandering about is normal? Is it only in this town? The movement to the climax was a little slow as well, but otherwise a well thought out well written book.

  • I bought this book because it was so cheap on my Kindle and I ended up really liking it. The story was fun and the dialogue between characters was engaging. It had a lot of unexpected twists and turns and I couldn't put it down. Great, fast, fun read!

  • I loved the story line. It was really good, and the two Crush boys were amazing. I just was not crazy about some of the language.

  • I love it, I love it, I love it !!!It gaves me goosebumps in the end LOLIt's like ' Wuthering Heights ' but than in the year 2011, did I say I love it?

  • I liked it. Some parts were funny, others were romantic and so on. The whole love triangle was a little out there, but to know that even death can't conquer over love is always a good thing.

  • Tess Oliver writes great fast-paced love stories that are awesome when you're looking for a quick read! Plus, you can't beat $.99 for the kindle! I love all of her books!

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