The Color of Family

The Color of Family A poignant and provactive novel of truth race and religions

  • Title: The Color of Family
  • Author: Patricia Jones
  • ISBN: 9780060509651
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • A poignant and provactive novel of truth, race, and religions.

    • The Color of Family « Patricia Jones
      466 Patricia Jones
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  • The story opens in New Orleans, LA in 1957 and the subsequent death of a young black man in a car accident. The story focuses on interracial relationships, then and now, as well family relationships. His twin sister Antonia firmly believes that that before being killed, he fathered a child with a white woman. Her tenacity to prove its truth, affects the lives of every character in the book over the next 50 years. For me, it was a story of decision making and how those decisions made by mothers r [...]

  • This book wasn't exactly what I thought it would be when I first picked it up. I thought it would focus mainly on race but instead it was more about general family drama, insecurities and memories that could take place with anyone. When I first started reading it, I didn't really like the main character Antonia. I found her to be a bit too nosy and pushy. However as the book went on, I started to understand her motivations a bit more. I also thought some of the other characters should have been [...]

  • This book was so bad in so many ways: it was boring & slow. I had to force myself to read it. I don't like how it ended with a group being demonized - so "out there" from anything I've experienced or could even create in my head. I mean really? A mother actually leaving her husband and CHILDREN after finding out part of their blood is "black"? Horrendous. And this book was written in 2004? Get a grip, Patricia. #realitycheck I recycled this book instead of donating it like I usually do, lest [...]

  • It is a very provocative book that leaves you with a big what if at several turns like what if Emeril was saved? what if Agnes' reputation wasn't that of a sleazy teenager? Although some parts of the book was constructed with only her notes for a guide, due to Ms. Jones' untimely death, the book is a wonderful legacy retelling the age old theme of how love can conquer all obstacles, because deep inside we are all the same in God's eyes.

  • I loved this book! it was one of those pleasant family stories, with no stress and just the right amount of drama to be believable. I found the subtle intertwining of racial issues and tensions to be refreshingly honest. Black and white story lines are often just divided rather than mingled together, I think.Apparently the author died since this book was written, so I will track down her other 2 and see how they read!

  • I loved this book. It was very nicely written. It's amazing a secret like that was kept for so long. I liked Antonia. She was who she was regardless of what was said about her. I understood her obsession with unveiling the truth. The ending revealed just how ignorant some people are.

  • I just started this and so far I am already interested in the plot and story line. Will update and give a rating when I am finished!

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