Miriam We know about Moses lifebut what about Miriam

  • Title: Miriam
  • Author: Lois T. Henderson
  • ISBN: 9780060638696
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • We know about Moses lifebut what about Miriam

    Miriam Miriam Mir y m is described in the Hebrew Bible as the daughter of Amram and Jochebed, and the sister of Moses and Aaron.She was a prophetess and first appears in the Book of Exodus. The Torah refers to her as Miriam the Prophetess and the Talmud names her as one of the seven major female prophets of Israel Scripture describes her alongside of Moses and Aaron as Miriam Jewish History Miriam, the daughter of Amram and Yocheved, and older sister of her two famous brothers, Aaron and Moses, was born in Egypt just when the Jewish people were reduced to slavery, oppression and hard labor.This was in the year after Creation , eighty six years before the liberation She was born four years before Aaron and seven years before Moses. Miriam, leader Women In The Bible One of the great women leaders of the Bible Miriam saved her brother Moses, challenged his decisions, led the Hebrew women out of Egypt What a woman Miriam Name Meaning, What does Miriam mean How popular is Miriam Miriam is a very prominent first name for women out of , Top % but an unusual surname for all people U.S CENSUS Miriam Name Meaning, Popularity, and Similar Names The name Miriam is a girl s name of Hebrew origin meaning wished for child. The oldest known form of Mary, serious and solemn Miriam has been a particular favorite of observant Jewish parents But we can see it extending beyond that sphere into the next wave of Old Testament names post Rachel, Rebecca, Sarah, Hannah, and Leah. Miriam Definition of Miriam at Dictionary Miriam definition, the sister of Moses and Aaron Num See . Miriam Bible Jewish Women s Archive Negative as well as positive traditions about Miriam testify to her prominence, power, and prestige in early Israel She participates with Moses and Aaron to lead the Israelite community during the exodus and the wanderings Her role in saving her baby brother and in celebrating the crossing of the sea highlights her concern for her people. Who was Miriam in the Bible GotQuestions Jul , Question Who was Miriam in the Bible Answer Miriam in the Bible is Moses older sister She is called Miriam the prophetess in Exodus She plays an important role in several episodes of Moses life and in the exodus of Israel from Egypt. Miriam Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Wiki FANDOM Miriam is generally a brave, selfless, and determined individual who uses her gift in demonic magic to see to it that those whomst she holds dear is safe from harm. Lesson Miriam Bible Vickie Kraft Mrs Vickie Kraft, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, served as Minister to Women at Northwest Bible Church in Dallas for over years.

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    Lois T Henderson is an American author of Christian novels, many of which are dramatizations of Biblical narratives about women


  • This book is very disappointing in that early in the story there is a blazing error in the facts: Aaron is already a priest and wears his priestly garments before Pharaoh when he goes with Moses to try to free the people from slavery! The Aaronic priesthood actually wasn't established until after the people had been delivered from Egypt and quite a while after Moses was given the Law on Mt. Sinai and the tabernacle was constructed. Unfortunately, the error remains throughout the story. It is ver [...]

  • Interesting novel with a fiesty but imperfect character who is the sister of Mosespicts the lowly status of women and their struggle to be noticed in the male world of Hebrews as they head for the promised land. Although based on the Bible stories of Moses, the book is a novel so the author has created Miriam as she sees her, creating situations that only "may have been". Still the book is a pleasant and thought-provoking read.

  • Wonderful book!! In the Bible He marries Zaporah, then further in the Bible it says that Miriam was mad that he married a Cushite women, the people who wrote this book thought it might mean that Zaporah died so he took a new wife, They think Zaporah wasn't Cushite, so, thy couldn't have meant her. It's a neat theory, but we will never know till we ask Moses face to face.

  • An interesting novel where the writing style is concerned. HOWEVER, the author has taken great "literary license" in stretching Bible facts. In addition, she has made some errors in the telling of actual Bible facts which I have listed at great length in my personal copy of the book.

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