The Queen's Governess

The Queen s Governess I could not fathom they were going to kill the queen Nor could I bear to witness Anne Boleyn s beheading As a favour to a doomed queen Kat Ashley agrees to become governess and confidante to the youn

  • Title: The Queen's Governess
  • Author: Karen Harper
  • ISBN: 9780091940416
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • I could not fathom they were going to kill the queen Nor could I bear to witness Anne Boleyn s beheading As a favour to a doomed queen, Kat Ashley agrees to become governess and confidante to the young Elizabeth Tudor Together they suffer bitter exile, assassination attempts, and imprisonment, barely escaping with their reputations and their lives intact But when El I could not fathom they were going to kill the queen Nor could I bear to witness Anne Boleyn s beheading As a favour to a doomed queen, Kat Ashley agrees to become governess and confidante to the young Elizabeth Tudor Together they suffer bitter exile, assassination attempts, and imprisonment, barely escaping with their reputations and their lives intact But when Elizabeth is eventually crowned, Kat continues to serve her, faithfully guarding all of the queen s secrets, even the one that could bring down the monarchy

    The Queen s Governess Karen Harper Feb , In The Queen s Governess, Katherine Champernowne Ashley loses her mother at an early age and under suspicious circumstances She comes from a poor family, but by helping Thomas Cromwell at the beginning of the story, she gains his respect and works for Cromwell as a spy of sorts. The Queen s Governess Paperback Barnes Noble The Queens Governess is the story of Kat Ashley nee Champernowne , governess to Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth I Kat, like the Tudors and Boleyns and Thomas Cromwell, for that matter , literally came from nowhere, plucked from obscurity by Thomas Cromwell and placed in the household of Anne Boleyn. The Queen s Governess by Karen Harper Dec , The Queen s Governess is a novel in the voice of Kat Ashley, Elizabeth I s famous adviser, friend, and mother figure I was so excited to read this book anyone who loves the Tudors is familiar with Kat Ashley, but she has never had her own book. The Governess Who Spilled the Queen s Secrets HISTORY Aug , The Governess Who Spilled the Queen s Secrets She helped bring up a future Queen Her loyalty and loving care were rewarded with royal favor and even a rent free home for life But in , Marion Crawfie Crawford, beloved Scottish governess of Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret and servant of the Royal Family, was expelled from court, The Queen s Governess Book Ocean City Free Public A fresh and intriguing historical novel told in the voice of Queen Elizabeth I s governess Katherine Ashley, the daughter of a poor country squire, happily secures an education and a The Queen s Governess Kindle edition by Karen Harper In The Queen s Governess, Katherine Champernowne Ashley loses her mother at an early age and under suspicious circumstances She comes from a poor family, but by helping Thomas Cromwell at the beginning of the story, she gains his respect and works for Cromwell as a spy of sorts.

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    A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Karen Harper is a former college English instructor The Ohio State University and high school literature and writing teacher A lifelong Ohioan, Karen and her husband Don divide their time between the midwest and the southeast, both locations she has used in her books Besides her American settings, Karen loves the British Isles, where her Scottish and English roots run deep, and where she has set many of her historical Tudor era mysteries and her historical novels about real and dynamic British women Karen s books have been published in many foreign languages and she won the Mary Higgins Clark Award for 2005 Karen has given numerous talks to readers and writers across the county Her most recent books include THE SOUTH SHORES TRILOGY CHASING SHADOWS, DROWNING TIDES and FALLING DARKNESS Her latest historical is THE ROYAL NANNY Please visit her website at KarenHarperAuthor and her fb page at facebook KarenHarperAuthor


  • I was quite intrigued by The Queen’s Governess initially. Harper creates an interesting background for Kat Ashley, and I was interested to see how she would get from these fictional beginnings to the position history tells us she later held. Through her interactions with Cromwell, an intriguing hidden world of secret agents and spies is hinted at, as is the sharp mind of Cromwell himself, and I definitely wanted to know more. Unfortunately, Harper’s Cromwell is not Mantel’s Cromwell, and t [...]

  • Really good retelling of Elizabeth Tudor's story as told by Kat Ashley. I've never read a story from her point of view before, which is a surprise as she was such a key part in Elizabeth's life .I liked that Harper had made Kat against Tom Seymour and Robert Dudley. I really don't like either of them. Elizabeth had a terrible taste in men. In some other books I've read, they've had Kat encouraging Elizabeth to be with Tom and I really don't think that would have been the case.I also loved that s [...]

  • This was an excellent book about Elizabeth Tudor's governess, Katherine Ashley, who stayed with Elizabeth for over thirty years as her faithful caretaker and honorary mother. This novel illustrates the time Kat spent serving Elizabeth's mother, Queen Anne Boleyn, and how her relationship with Anne made Kat feel especially close to Elizabeth, who dealt with so many hardships in her life. It is also a beautiful love story - showing the courtship and marriage between Katherine and John Ashley, a ho [...]

  • Review from FreshFictionMany know the history behind how Lady Elizabeth became the Virgin Queen. Few have dived into the lives of those who were closest to her from when she had the titles of princess, royal bastard, and thorn in Mary’s side. The Queen’s Governess gives us a view into the life of Katherine Chapernowne Ashley, a woman who spent most of her life at court serving some of the most famous names at the time. From her time as a spy for the ambitious Thomas Cromwell till she was nam [...]

  • Interesting. I didn't know much about Kat Ashley beyond that she was a favorite of Elizabeth's. As the author discusses in her notes, researching anyone in the Tudor-era can be challenging, and Kat herself is evidently quite a mystery; everything from how to spell her name to who her parents were and what year she was born in. So if the author played fast and loose with Kat's life in order to weave an interesting story, I think she can be forgiven. I did feel, though, as if plausibility was bein [...]

  • I always enjoy historical fiction with a fresh perspective. Katherine (Kat) Ashley has always been in the background, so I like how Karen Harper brings her to the forefront. She starts with her as a poor girl that Thomas Cromwell brings in as a spy. Then we see how she becomes Elizabeth's Governess and how their relationship withstands the good and bad. I enjoyed the part about Ann Boleyn's locket ring (with picture of mother and daughter inside.) The ring does exist, but no one really seems to [...]

  • I yield, this is just not the book for me. I can't handle all these *secrets* Kat stumbles across, let alone one more book with Jane Rochford sneaking around spying through keyholes. Ack. Others are waiting their turn at the library, it's going back.

  • LOVE historical fiction and I love reading about Tudor England so this book was great for me! I have read a variety of books on this time period by a variety of authors and seen many movies/tv series of this time period but this was the first time I have heard from Elizabeth I's governess's point of view! What a life she lead and to such extremes! She came from seemingly humble beginnings with tragedy in her life already and then to be a "lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn and to witness her tragedy [...]

  • There are several portrayels on Kat Ashley: Elizabeth's governess. One of strength and intelligence and a dear protector of Elizabeth even in times of Thomas Seymour's blatant flirtations and one of the usual drive for power in her young charge, striving to have Elizabeth reach the top. Harper's novel finds a middle ground and allows to see the motherly love that Ashley must have felt for Elizabeth, a youth who's mom was beheaded when she was merely about 3 years old. A smooth and cohesive story [...]

  • Although this story was well-written it had a number of americanisms which were completely out of place in novel about Tudor England, and this irritated me a little. Also, I felt that it just lacked a little something to liven it up a bit, but having said that I did enjoy it over all. 3.5

  • I've heard of Kat and her special role with Elizabeth and Anne, but I admit I know very little of the governess who helped raise one of the world's most famous queens. At first, I was not sure how I liked the format. The author decided to make it seem like Kat was writing a novel of her past. I grew to like it and it worked, but I did not like the random add-ins in the middle of paragraphs.It ruined the pace of the book I felt. I get that they were for further explanations or little snipbits of [...]

  • I don't know what it is about the Tudors that makes me want to read historical fiction books about them-espcially ones that feature Anne Boleyn. Everyone knows how that story ends-but I'm still captivated and love being tossed back through time. One of the things that drew me to this book was that it featured- Katherine "Kat" Ashley, the governess to Anne Boleyns daughter, the future Queen of England-Elizabeth. In almost every book I've read about this time her name has come up, but she's never [...]

  • That was an interesting reading. I didn't know much about who was Kat Ashley. Whenever i read something about Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth, i never paid much attention about Kat's devotion to them. Honestly, reading this book, i couldn't understand the "devotion" of Kat to Anne, because i think the writter didn't give much lines about it. I think her moments, during Anne Boleyn's court was too quickly! But of course, the focus here is: the relationship between Kat and Elizabeth. Of course, if she [...]

  • Another Entertaining History Lesson from Karen Harper(Look elsewhere for a summary.) I did not think I'd like this book although I really enjoyed The Royal Nanny and had faith that Harper could deliver. I simply did not want to hear any more about Elizabeth I, or I thought I didn't anyway! Yes, many of us know the story of Anne Boleyn and her famous daughter. So I braced myself for another overly sentimentalized take on Elizabeth and Robert Dudley, so on and so forth, but I was truly surprised b [...]

  • Often showing up as a supporting character in novels about Queen Elizabeth I, Kat Ashley, Elizabeth's governess, finally gets to tell her story. In "The Queen's Governess," Katherine Champernowne Ashley loses her mother at an early age and under suspicious circumstances. She comes from a poor family, but by helping Thomas Cromwell at the beginning of the story, she gains his respect and works for Cromwell as a spy of sorts. Her connection to Cromwell leads her to the Tudor Court at a time when K [...]

  • One of the reasons I love Karen Harper's books is that she chooses really interesting characters to base novels on (such as Mary Boleyn before TOBG). This one was Kat Ashley, someone who I knew of course, but didn't know anything about her. I was totally fascinated reading about her early life. I had no idea she was a Cromwell spy; I had no idea she had worked for Anne Boleyn. She must have had the most amazing real life, being at the Tudor court for such a span. I want to read more and more abo [...]

  • If you are going to write a book about the Tudor court, it is probably best to not include every cliche imaginable. The writing was so ridiculous. If you are writing about a Tudor period, you need to change the language a little bit to make sense when a character is speaking, but one character actually said "We have to stop meeting like this." Really!!! Kat Ashley was definitely important to Elizabeth I and did practically raise her, but the historical discrepancies in this book abound. Spoiler* [...]

  • This is the first Karen Harper book I have read (although I have Mistress Shakespeare waiting for me on my TBR shelf) and I loved it! I have read many fiction and nonfiction books about the Tudors but this is the first time I have read it from such a new and intriguing perspective: that of Kat Ashley, longtime governess and confidante of Queen Elizabeth I. She has played minor parts in other books I have read but in this one she is front and center, telling the reader her story of the tragic and [...]

  • Katherine Ashley was a long time supporter,favorite and governess of Elizabeth I and also as this book portrays her an educated and interesting woman.From Elizabeth I's earliest days to her escape from smallpox in 1560,Katherine acted as servant,teacher,friend and ultimately, substitute mother to the young queen to be.Here,Katherine first comes to the attentions of Cromwell and is placed in the household of Queen Anne Boleyn as a spy.As Katherine watches Anne's reign come to it's tragic end she [...]

  • For those of us with a love of Tudor history, this book filled a gap in the market. There was a lot thrown into this book - different times, different monarchs - and it would have been an interesting exercise to have them in a series so you weren't swamped with them all at once. I felt the book was too ambitious but I did enjoy it. In my mind Kat Ashley is always linked to Elizabeth I, so to place her under the guidance of Cromwell, in the court of her mother, and so on and so forth, was educati [...]

  • Elizabeth I was raised by the main character in this book, Katherine Ashley. Although she writes the story of her life, how she was brought to court and became first to Anne Boleyn who begged her to take care of her little Elizabeth. Once assigned to Elizabeth's household she only leaves her for short periods. I know so much of Tudor history that I was already familiar with the events in this book. I have given it a score of three stars. It is well written and would probably be a more diverting [...]

  • I enjoyed this historical story of royalty and those important players who are behind the scenes. It amazes me the overwhelming practices to move oneself to a higher status level. The relationships that held friendship, loyalty and devotion are a good example of strong character. Kat learns to observe, hold her tongue at the right times, and is a trusted confidant through difficult situations. I especially enjoyed Anne, Elizabeth, and John the horseman.

  • I honestly enjoyed this book. The character relationships were warm and book itself was well written. Its refreshing to see a novel about Kat Ashley and from her point of view as well. I also liked the portrayal of Elizabeth than the last book I read *cough Virgin Lover* Highly recommended

  • I am an avid reader of historical fiction and have a particular interest in Elizabethan/Tudor history, so this story about Kat Ashley, famous governess of Elizabeth Tudor definitely drew my interest.ially.The story follows the life of Mistress Ashley (née Champernowne), through her own point of view, from her childhood in Devon, to introduction into Court life and intrigue under the reign of Henry VIII, and throughout her time in the position as the Governess and companion of Elizabeth. Though [...]

  • “The Queen’s Governess” is fascinating as it is told from the perspective of Katherine Ashley who really was the one responsible for bringing up Anne Boleyn and Henry the VIII’s daughter, Elizabeth. Of course we know Henry was ready to move on from his wife Anne Bolelyn so he trumped up charges and had her beheaded. Anne trusted Kat completely to be her precious daughter’s teacher and protector, a charge Kat took very seriously. The Tudor reign of Henry was not a pretty time in England [...]

  • This is my foray into historical fiction and I absolutely love the detail, the vivid imagery, and the way the story is told that I felt myself right next to the characters, so immersed in the story. As I read, I wondered how real the story is - whether historical fiction has to relate to facts as closely as possible or if the writer can take big liberties! I wondered whether Queen Elizabeth I really had a governess! When I read the author's note and FAQ at the end, I was all the more impressed a [...]

  • A great historical fiction overview giving the history that follows from Henry VIII through to Elizabeth Tudor and all Elizabeth endured. It's actually amazing that this was true history and not a mini series. This story gives a good window into all of the players who surrounded the various Monarchs as they jockeyed for position during these unstable year.

  • This easy to read story of "Kat" Katherine Champernowne Ashley the close companion of Queen Anne Boleyn and later Queen Elizabeth spans the years of her service to the Tudor rein. Good story, characters are beautifully developed and an overall enjoyable read.

  • My first go at historical fiction after watching The Tudors and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice to read from the account of Kat, and the book moved at a good pace. Highly recommend!

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